Reader deals 9/20/13

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Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

Big favor: If you mention other sites, online coupons, etc, please include the link. Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.


  • Charlotte says: “By the way, the ground beef seems to be back next week at Aldi, starting 9-25” And she clarifies: “The organic, grass fed one :)”


  • From feelgood: “Read some really good reviews on the Philips Noreclo hair clipper at Amazon. It’s $39.97, and there’s a $15 coupon to clip on the Amazon site, makes it $24.97 shipped. I’ve had a Wahl for a year and it’s been great, but I’m thinking of getting a Philips Norelco, too.”
  • Don on Facebook found: “”I see the Kleenex Facial Tissue, White – 8 3 pks of 210 tissue has gone down slightly since that awesome deal on these was posted here the other day – might want to check that deal out – with my 20% off S & S I am at $25.98″


  • Laura shares: “I recently made a donation to the Epilepsy foundation and they picked up at my home , and on the receipt was a $3 off 10 to Savers.”


  • A use for the coupons expiring tomorrow from Silviavm: “I bought EE tomato sauce for .39 and EE canned veggies for .69 a can like this 4 cans of tomato sauce 2cans of EE veggies for .69 cents each Total 2.94- (2) EE qs cuz that’s all I had left Paid .94 + tax for all = .16 each. If you wanted less oop and had more coupons great! I just wanted to absorb the overage and needed canned veggies!”
  • Clearance finds from liz: “jewel in the brickyard had pampers and huggies for 4 dollars a bag and the big boxes of diapers 13 a box and k cups folgers maxwell house and twinings ice tea a dollar a box a dollar a box yesterday”
  • A few more, sent over by Kitty: “La Tortilla Factory mini soft wraps are on sale this week 3/$5.  Some of the packages have coupons attached for $1 off of produce WYB 1 package. Watch the exp dates…some were close or already expired. Most varieties of Minute Maid 59 oz orange juice have neck tags that say “Love it or it’s Free” offering a full price refund with the register receipt mail-in offer (x10-30).  They are regular price now, $3.69 at Northfield Jewel.”


  • A deal to look for from Suzann: “The Carnation evaporated milk is always included in the Kroger 2 week mega event in mid-November–at least it has been for the last 5 or 6 years. We will not discuss the size of my stockpiles other than to say I will probably avoid this mega event.” There is a $.55/2 coming in this week’s SS.


  • Some finds from Outlander: “Oh yeah, speaking of Meijer clearance: back packs and other school supplies are on clearance, and all the stuff in the English/ Irish section. I bought tons of stuff already, but might go back for more.”
  • A deal from Ashley: “Mio and Crystal Light powder drink mixes are a money maker after catalina and in aisle tear pad coupons :)” She adds: “The $1/1 I used in my scenario is from the Rubbermaid canisters earlier this year, it’s for powder Buy five cl powder for $4.95 and use 2 $1/2 and 1 $1/1 Buy two mio for $3.98 and use 2 $1/1 Buy one kraft singles for $1.49 and use $1/1 All prices above after instant savings Pay $4.42 and get back a $4 and $1 onyo”
  • Sent over by feelgood: “Meijer Mperks deals 9/20 & 9/21 5% off Grocery and Health & Beauty Buy 1 pair of Athletic Shoes for the family, Get 1 FREE. Shows New Balance, K-Swiss, asics and Reebok”

Online deals

Reader requests

  • From Deanna: “HELP !! Parents are ” downsizing” and they have an “extraordinary” amount of “stuff” ! What’s the 411 on getting boxes, boxes and more boxes?????? There may be a length of time between the old selling and the new buying and most will have to be stored *gulp*. Any info appreciated as buying a box to an avid recycler is, well, uncomfortable. :) Many thanks !!!”
  • An idea from Samantha: “Try liquor stores, craigslist -post your own ad or other people sometimes post trying to “recycle” their moving boxes, free cycle, look around your neighborhood and see if someone has just moved and ask them -I see moving boxes by recycle bins on garbage day a lot in my neighborhood. Maybe your local school? If your kids attend one you could ask them if you could pick up the boxes from any shipments of books, or when I worked in a school the cafeteria women saved me some boxes.”
  • And jen says: “I work at Walmart and we are always giving our boxes from the merchandise put on the shelves through the night. I would suggest to come in the morning about 5:00/6:00. You can get nice size boxes for free!”
  • Outlander shares: “We used to get them mostly from Jewel or other grocery stores. The egg boxes are the best, good size and have handles. Ask them and say when you’ll come pick it up, otherwise they break them down as they go.”
  • Ann agrees: “I second what Outlander said. At Meijer the other day, I saw a man stick his head in the back room by the dairy dept. and ask if they had any boxes he could have!”
  • Charlotte comments: “I see them offered for free on Craigslist all the time.”
  • Andrea adds: “Pretty much any store in the mall usually has extra boxes. I work for finish line and I always have tons extra from shipments.”
  • Don on Facebook asks: “I am looking for a deal on replacement filter for my Blueair 200/300 Series Particle filter and see it is on Walgreens and of course Amazon both at $50 – I am wondering if by chance anyone else might use this filter and if so do they get it at a deal any better then $50 – OR – is there a Walgreens coupon, maybe 20% or something of the sort – these filters are great but as you can see, very expensive imo – TY TY TY”
  • A question from melissa: “does anyone have any suggestions for keeping track of store cards? i hate keeping them on my keyring because they weigh it down. I used to have a separate key ring just for them that i kept in my purse, but it was so small that i lost it. I have a mix of key ring and full sized cards, and i carry an accordian folder type coupon holder, not a full binder, so there is no room for them in there. I dont want to clutter up my wallet or my keychain but i dont want to lose them again! Thanks for your help!”


  • SoapboxTray commants: “In regards to school supply clearance, there is a Purell $1./1 8oz or larger in 7/28 SS exp. 9/22 they have the 2 packs on clearance in Mundelein for $1.78 there is an end cap full near the hand soaps. Also Zevia soda, posted on Totally Target, price cut $3.33 there is a $2. off IP Q to make it $1.33 for 6pack or 7/28 SS $1.50 off 1. Yum.”
  • A find from juli: “Don’t know if anyone has posted this, but the Gurnee Target had (as of yesterday)a Dash yogurt maker for 70% off clearance. It was around $9.00! Other appliances also clearanced. These were in regular aisles. I remember a discussion recently on MUM about making your own yogurt……”


  • Patty says: “In the past when I’ve had trouble with the Starbucks website, I tried calling them. They were very gracious and took care of everything. It was so refreshing to find REAL Customer Service.”


  • Melissa emails: “Just wanted to share that if anyone has those 5k bonus points coupons that printed earlier this week at walgreens and need a wipes deal I have one!  Buy 4 huggies refills wipes for $7.99. These are buy one get one half off, so they will run up for 23.97 total. Use the 5k points coupon plus 4 .50 off huggies wipes (from the pick your values website). That brings you to 21.97 with 5000 points plus a 3$register reward for buying 3 huggies . Net cost, 3.49 per pack, or  .019 cents per wipe.” There is also supposed to be a wipes coupon this weekend.

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  1. Christine says

    I received a cute little Vera Bradley coin purse that I use for all of my loyalty cards and store cards. I keep it in my purse and know exactly where those cards are in a flash. The purse was so little I didn’t know what to do with it, but it fits credit cards and those little cards perfectly.

  2. Sarah says

    Deanna, does anyone in your family, friends, neighbors work somewhere with a warehouse, foodservice industry, etc.? If so, they may be able to get you extra boxes for free. Depending on their setup and industry, they may be able to place a personal order with a supplier they use and you would pay wholesale for extra strong boxes and even bubble wrap.

  3. chris says


    I use a coinpurse type thing that came with I purse I bought many years ago. It is circular and has polka dots on it and is very easy to find. I would suggest something along those lines.

  4. Katie says

    I’ve started carrying all of my keys on a carabiner (one of those clip things). I got tired of losing my keys and I attach it to my purse strap. Instead of attaching to your keys, you could attach the cards to a key ring and then the key ring to the carabiner Attach it to your purse or whatever. The carabiner can be found at hardware stores I think or sport stores.

  5. Outlander says

    I was just at Dominick’s and saw those South Beach Diet Good to Go bars were on sale 3/$5 too. Probably $5 Friday thing. Use those $1/1 Qs from inserts, for $0.67/ box. Chocolate flavor also has peelies on it $0.55/1.

  6. feelgood says

    Just got back from Meijer. Did two transactions, each one consisting of 6 Crystal Light, 2 Mio, and 4 Reach floss. Got a $4 cat for the Crystal Light, a $3 cat for the Reach floss…but NO $1 cat for the 2 MIO in either transaction. CS walked me to the register and tried several varieties of Mio but none generated the cat.

  7. Jennifer says

    If you have a smartphone, you could scan your cards onto google wallet. If they are too worn to scan (I had a few of those =), you could type the number in as well. There are other apps that will do that, too, if you’re not a google user.

  8. Shandelle says

    A lot of store cards have “alternate ID” numbers you can associate to your account that you type in. Usually your phone number. I have this feature set up for virtually every store with a loyalty card so I never have to remember to bring cards at all. This even works for store cards attached to a Saving Star account, as I’ve gotten my offers from both Jewel and Kroger and I never scan cards at either store. For Kroger, I know I had to call customer service to have the alternate ID setup, though.

  9. Susan says

    Melissa, I’ll echo Shandell’s comment. I don’t keep those little keytag cards. I throw them out. I keep the standard credit-card sized version of loyalty cards in a rubber-banded bundle in a little pocket of my purse in case I ever need one, but I rarely pull it out. Every store and restaurant I shop accepts a phone number, so you don’t need to physical card.

    The only exception is my Albertsons loyalty card (SuperValu affilitate in my area, like Jewel) for gas. Albertsons accepts a phone number in the store, but requires an alternate ID number at the gas pump. So I keep that card handy since I can never remember the alternate ID number. If you go into the gas station to pay for your gas the cashier can pull up the loyalty card on a computer using the phone number. It’s only if you pay it you pay it yoursef at the pump that you need the alternate ID number.

    My Kroger affiliate store accepts my phone number at the register and also the gas pump.

  10. Judy S. says

    I used the 5000 point bonus from Wags when you spend $20 when I bought the meter for $19.99 and some sardines to put me over $20. I’ll send in the rebate for $15 and I received 10000 points, 5000 from the coupon and 5000 from the meter.

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