Reader deals 9/14/13

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Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

Big favor: If you mention other sites, online coupons, etc, please include the link. Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.



  • Kim reports: “Just got back from dominicks and fyi-the $3.00 came off of the fruity pebbles before I rang up the coffee.”

Internet service

  • Matt says: “Comcast can do up to 25 mbps with the basic package, but it may be necessary to get the more expensive package if you want HD streaming ability.”
  • Charlotte shares: “We streamed HD quite well with the basic internet. Also contact your local Comcast office to see if they can connect you to a local sales rep. We got a 1 year deal on Performance internet with basic cable for the same price we were paying for our basic internet. No contract or anything. The sales rep at the time came to our door to offer it, and we verified it with Comcast HQ. However, Comcast HQ did NOT have that deal on file to offer us. Lupe Rocha, who was the sales rep, told us this were deals that only the local Comcast offices offered.”
  • Kate’s experience: “We stream HD and regular– we don’t have TV because we use our Roku, so it was really important that our internet would be able to handle the streaming and downloading. I also do a fair amount on the internet, normally at the same time that husband is watching a show on Roku, so we needed the possibility to multitask. I read and researched online, and tons of people said that the ECONOMY internet that comcast advertises only as up to 3MBPS is plenty for what we needed. Obviously that SOUNDS wrong, and even the comcast people tried to upsell me, but it is only 19.99/month so we really wanted to try it out. Hooked up the internet and wifi when we got our install kit and haven’t had so much as a single glitch yet! It is JUST as fast as any extreme internet we’ve ever had. No problems when we have the roku streaming, DH is on his kindle, and I’m on the laptop. Love it! :)”


  • From Ashley: “The Lawry’s would be free with coupon at kroger!” The coupon is a hangtag being found on the bottles.


  • Mary Ann warns: “If you use the $5/$50 Menards coupon on rebateable items, your rebate check will be $5 less. I’m hanging onto mine in case I ever buy something without a rebate attached.”
  • News from Mary T: “Menards in Mundelein is closing on Oct.18th :(“

Shop and Save

  • MamaHan sends over: “At Shop and Save until Tues., 9/17, Green Giant baby carrots are on sale for 3/$1. The first Big Book of Savings from Jewel had a $1 coupon for any Green Giant bagged vegetable that doesn’t expire until January. I was able to use it towards my three bags at the Schaumburg store to get them for free. You could probably also take the ad to Walmart for a price match and get overage with the coupon, but that would require you to try and price match with a coupon. YMMV, and I’d rather just get three free bags than argue about .67 overage any day of the week. This is a fresh produce item that I believe most food pantries would happily welcome and be able to pass along to their guests.”
  • And letsshop was thinking the same thing: “Shop&Save has  GG fresh carrots on sale 3/$1 ,we can use Jewel’s coupons for these there or MM at Walmart  ?”


  • A deal from Lisa: “Seriously good deal on cat food at Target with this Sundays coupon. The Sheba Target coupon is BOGO and there is a B2GO Manufacturer coupon to team with it. So translates to buy 1 get 5 free. I am hopping on that:)”


  • One to look for from Ashley: “And the accucheck nano has a $5/1 manufacturer coupon in the diabetes care books”
  • She also points out: “For the glade there’s a $1/2 glade in the IVC making it a money maker” The coupon is in the monthly coupon book.
  • Something to look for from tangela: “Look through your paper. I bought mibe at walgreens and there were 10 free coupons for Dr Pepper.”
  • Andrea asks: “Does anyone know which Kelloggs cereals are $1.67? It just says “select” in the ad.”

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  1. Melissa says

    I have been using the $5/50 coupons for Menards since they came out on rebate items and my rebate is never less. I am not sure why yours is.

    • Lisa says

      I always use the $5/50 and get back a full rebate. My last transaction was about 30 days ago that I received my rebate so probably about 60 days since my purchase. I bought a ceiling fan which rebated about $60.00 which is a nice number to keep turning these deals while being able to use your coupon as well.

  2. e. says

    Whole Foods has Kettle Chips on sale 2 for $4. Use $1/1 printable from plus Whole Foods coupon $.75/1 from July/August booklet and get it for $.25.
    If you get 12 and receive 10% case discount net cost $.05 each. Also Harvest Snaps scan at $1.52 so $.76 each with bogo free from

  3. Jean says

    I don’t remember who was asking, but at Whole Foods in Evanston (Church & Chicago), they’ve restocked the Avalon shampoos and conditioners on sale for $4.99 until 9/17. So with the $4 WF coupon, only .99 each. The coupon was in the Whole Deal July/August book.

  4. jane says

    I need new glasses with progressive lenses. I know rachel has recommended Coastal online. Does anyone else have a recommendation for decently priced eye glasses? Thanks!

  5. Beth says

    FYI: The Mundelein Menards stopped taking returns on 9/15. Quickly walked through the store on Sunday. At least a few aisles was already cleared out. They are selling everything, including fixtures, cash registers, etc.

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