Reader deals 9/13/13

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Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

Big favor: If you mention other sites, online coupons, etc, please include the link. Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.


  • Outlander says: “For Amazon cheap S &S those little Dixie plates above are still on that sale Buy 3 get 1free, so definitely buy 4 for the best deal. I did it twice already, for my August and September orders. I’m tempted to do it again. They are the small ones- perfect for serving cake at parties.”


  • Cari says: “Dentyne gum is $0.99, use the $1/1 from Nabisco book to score some free gum!” Coupon is misprinted — it says $1.00 on the front but $1.00/2 on the back where the barcode is. Not free gum :(


  • Betty noticed: “I saw in my Jewel that the Puffs basic tissues were .50. If you were like me and weren’t able to get in on the BIG cheap Puffs deal last week cuz they all sold out, these come to about .42 each with the .25/3 Q. These were much needed in my home as my kids are coming home from school with all the germs!”
  • Some information from feelgood: “This is for those who got rainchecks for P&G products last week and have Save $5 on 3 written on them. I went to 2 Jewels tonight, both stores now have a sheet with a Fail-safe scan to use with P&G rainchecks. I got 12 more Puffs with a raincheck in one transaction, the cashier was able to take $20 off my purchase by scanning the Fail-safe. It does not have to be done in separate transactions of 3. Be sure the cashier uses the Fail-safe to take each $5 off, that eliminates the tax on the $5, which is around 40 cents on every 3 products you buy. If the cashier manually enters a store coupon for $5, you will pay high tax on the $5.”


  • From Shandelle: “There’s also a $1.50 printable for 1000 pts available from Kellogg’s Rewards, good on one box of Pop Tarts or a box of Kellogg’s cereal (8.7oz+). I redeemed points for 2 of those last night. They email you a printable link.”
  • And Suzann found: “Lawry’s marinades are part of this mega deal–after $1.00 off they are $0.49 each.”
  • Shandelle also shares: “I just planned out a couple Mega Event transactions to help out my mom and there are a few decent cereal deals. I don’t know if all these Kroger ecoupons are still available to load since I loaded them on her card a while ago. Cinnamon Toast Crunch – $1 printable on ($.99 each) Honey Nut Cheeries or Medley Crunch – $1 printable on ($.99 each) Golden Grahams – $.75 Kroger ecoupon ($1.24) Cocoa Puffs – $.50 Kroger ecoupon ($1.49)”
  • Julie adds: “The Cinnamon Toast Crunch coupon is either still working or reset. I was able to print 2 from each of our computers this morning. Also, YMMV, but if you pair up 4 CTC with 4 Colgate mouthwashes and the Colgate coupon gives you overage, you basically get $.16 CTC and free mouthwash!!!”

Reader requests

  • Kari O. is curious: “Did anyone score the free tickets from United? I’d love to know if they honor them….”
  • From Sharon: “Two people in my household take Miralax daily. If your familiar with Miralax, that can get quite costly. I was wondering if anyone else had a strategy for purchasing/stocking up on Miralax that you could share? I usually get the Walgreens brand when it is on sale, then try to accumulate some points prior, so it brings the cost down a bit. I hardly ever buy the brand name Miralax, as it practically never goes on sale and none of my stores double coupons. Thanks so much, much appreciated! Btw, the main ingredient is the same in all of them, so I will happily try another brand :)”
  • Kari O. also asks: “I’m looking for any suggestions for internet. We’ve been in our small home for nearly 2 years and have yet to get real internet. For awhile we siphoned WiFi from my husband’s neighboring restaurant, but now he has a different job. So, we’re hoping to find a decent deal. We are not in need of landlines and would consider TV if its cheap enough. But our main concern is internet (25mbps of better). We prefer to download and stream HD quality.”
  • One from JenniF: “I have a random Target question. Today was the first time I tried using the Target Cartwheel App and I did the Always deal. Is there some particular order you are supposed to give your coupons in? When the cashier scanned my phone to take the 5% off nothing came off. I also bought UP & Up Ibuprofen and nail polish remover. When she scanned my phone the mobile coupons for those didn’t come off either. She gave me the discount for the Up & Up products and she scanned my phone again for the Cartwheel but it said the savings were already applied. SHe asked me what the Cartwheel was for and I told her so I thought she applied 5% off but I have been over and over my receipt and I can’t see where and extra 5% was taken off? Does it show any where on your receipt the cartwheel savings when the app works correctly? Does anyone else have these issues with the Target Cartwheel App or the mobile coupons?”


  • Mayur shares: “ says you can get 7 Ulta brand makeup items for $8.50 with coupon and sale this week!”

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  1. Matt says

    Comcast can do up to 25 mbps with the basic package, but it may be necessary to get the more expensive package if you want HD streaming ability.

    • Charlotte says

      We streamed HD quite well with the basic internet. Also contact your local Comcast office to see if they can connect you to a local sales rep. We got a 1 year deal on Performance internet with basic cable for the same price we were paying for our basic internet. No contract or anything. The sales rep at the time came to our door to offer it, and we verified it with Comcast HQ. However, Comcast HQ did NOT have that deal on file to offer us. Lupe Rocha, who was the sales rep, told us this were deals that only the local Comcast offices offered.

  2. jen says

    if you watch the computer screen it will say a % applied and $ savings after you scan the cartwheel at target. it will also print as cartwheel savings on the receipt after each product like coupons do. I’ve been having trouble with mobile qs recently-not getting accepted or accepting for things I didn’t buy. Customer service has always given me the discount when I go to them. i printed a cartwheel barcode thing one time and it will always give you the same code and number, so you can reuse it like a discount card and just keep loading the new deals(that’s easier than juggling the different mobile qs and cartwheel on the phone).

  3. Kristen says

    Costco carries their own brand of miralax- not sure of exact price, but I know it’s a pretty good price,my daughter uses it

  4. Kate says

    We stream HD and regular– we don’t have TV because we use our Roku, so it was really important that our internet would be able to handle the streaming and downloading. I also do a fair amount on the internet, normally at the same time that husband is watching a show on Roku, so we needed the possibility to multitask. I read and researched online, and tons of people said that the ECONOMY internet that comcast advertises only as up to 3MBPS is plenty for what we needed. Obviously that SOUNDS wrong, and even the comcast people tried to upsell me, but it is only 19.99/month so we really wanted to try it out. Hooked up the internet and wifi when we got our install kit and haven’t had so much as a single glitch yet! It is JUST as fast as any extreme internet we’ve ever had. No problems when we have the roku streaming, DH is on his kindle, and I’m on the laptop. Love it! :)

  5. grandma g says

    Thanks for the reminder about the Buy 3, Get 1 free. I changed my order to 4 and comes out great. Thanks again.

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