Reader deals 8/4/14

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Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

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  • *** Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.


  • Charlotte shares: “I have the older model Kindle, and even with that ancient one, I can loan books from the library and have them sent directly to my Kindle. I just have to hook it up to my PC for the book to be transferred. The ads are not intrusive at all, imho.”


  • From ellen: “i got a one page cvs flyer with the spend $12 get $3 eb and on the back there are p&g coupons for those items they are mfg coupons with the cvs logo on them but dont say redeem at or redeem only at. they expire 8/30/14 I also got a one age flyer with a $1.50/1 crest prohealth rinse 473ml or larger exp 09/30/14 both were in my papers from menards and home delivery” I got those in my home-delivered papers as well, but not the ones I got at Dollar Tree.


  • Cesar discovered: “This [Redbox] code will also work on Blu Ray movie rentals. Worked for me!”


  • Finds from feelgood: “Jewels in my area (Homer Glen, Lemont, Lockport, 159th Orland Park) have special pricing this week. 1 lb pkg Strawberrries $0.79 Jewel gallon milk or Wild Harvest 1/2 gallon organic milk $1.99 16 oz EE butter in quarters $1.99 Rotisserie Chicken $4.99 Pork baby back ribs $2.77/lb Probably due to the Meijer grand opening in the area.”


  • From feelgood: “4-6 ct Klondike bars are now only $0.49 at Meijer after the $1.50/1 MQ and the $0.50 TQ.”
  • Kim says: “Lara bars are $0.89 at Meijer in the Sunday-Saturday market. Will they be the same in Thursday through Wednesday? At least you can then get a variety of flavors.” Most likely.

Reader requests

  • Don posts on Facebook: “Looking for a modem deal – mine is on again off again – thank you !!
  • Jen asks: “My 4 yo really wants to go to Great America but I’m not paying those prices for a kid who can’t even ride most of the rides! We were thinking about doing Santa’s Village instead. Anyone know of any coupons or discounts? Or, can anyone recommend another amusement park-type activity that might be appropriate for a 4 yo? Thanks!”
  • Betty responds: “Santa’s village will be far more fun for a 4 year old and less expensive. I think you can bring food to Santa’s village and picknick. Six flags won’t let you bring in any food and it’s crazy expensive.”
  • Anne adds: “Santa’s Village has $4 off M-F coupons you can print on their site (you only need one per party). We went a couple weeks back and that was the only savings I could find. It is great for a four year old – the size of the park, scale of most rides, and the fact you can bring in food makes it very family-friendly. It also has an interesting assortment of animals. It does show its age a little, but that’s also part of the charm. I’ve also heard very good things about Blackberry Farm in Aurora (part of the Fox Valley park district). That is more farm and park with just a couple rides in a beautiful natural setting.”



  • Artie sends over: “Red Robin $5 off any order of $10 tomorrow,Aug 5th Celebrate our 500th restaurant opening! Join Red Robin Royalty today and receive $5 off any order of $10 tomorrow. Offer valid only on 8/5/14. Must be current Red Robin Royalty member or join up when you dine”


  • Diane noticed: “Target put a new .50 magnum cpn, on their website today, in case you used the $1/2.”
  • Pam shares: “Skippy Singles (including the Naturals!!!) are an awesome price with the new BOGO MQ in 8/3 SS regular price is $2.29 Target cartwheel offer available for 30% off!! After cartwheel each pack is $1.60 BOGO coupon autoscans for $2.50 Final price is 0.70/2 or 35 cents for each container which holds six 1.5oz individual containers (for a total of 9 oz). Much cheaper than even a regular jar of PB!”
  • On the Magnum bars that are B3G1, grandma g says: “There is also a 5% off on Cartwheel, not a lot but it helps.”

Ultra Foods

  • A question from Jane: “Hey, my friend gave me the rest of her Skinny Cow coupons, since she cannot price match them @ Walmart, and I wondered if anyone has tried using both the Ice cream coupon with the free candy one this week @ Ultra? Just wanted to be prepared if this will cause an uproar at the checkouts. I was going to do some Outshine mixed with Skinny Cows to get to the 4 mark, but I’d actually rather have the Skinny Cows.  Which ones are the best if anyones tried these yet? Thanks.”
  • From feelgood: “Also, if you enter zip code 85032, there’s TWO $1.00/1 coupons for Cape Cod chips. One is the regular kind with no store name, the other one says Safeway. But when you print, they’re both regular manufacturer coupons, no mention of Safeway. So was able to print 4 just from that zip code alone, and also some more using different zip codes! Cape Cod kettle chips often go on sale at Ultra for $2.00 each.” They are through Tuesday!

Whole Foods

  • A report from peaches: “I was in Whole Foods today, and they have the regular EVOL burritos on sale for $2.50, and so when you stack this coupon and the $2/2 coupon in the Whole Deal book, they are only $.50, which is not free but is still cheap. The breakfast burritos are $2.99 though.   I just don’t know if all of the WF stores will let you use a coupon that says redeemable at Walmart.”

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  1. Jean says

    I did the Skippy Singles deal at Target today. I’m new to Cartwheel and didn’t realize the limit on the 25% Skippy Singles is 4. I purchased 6 and with the BOGO coupons and the 4 with an extra 25% off it was still a great deal. :) Just wanted to share the limit 4 thing in case there are others who aren’t aware.

    • Kari O. says

      Next time just split it in two transactions. The limit is 4 per transaction and up to 6 transactions per day. Unless the offer has different restrictions. Your deal is still pretty good. Sometimes Customer Service will let you return the extra two and re-ring with Cartwheel again, but it’ll be messy since they already took your coupons. Some CS will just give you an “I’m sorry” $3 off coupon too if they struggle to figure it out.

  2. Outlander says

    Jane, I don’t know the answer to your Q question, but just wanted to comment on the ice cream. Outshine bars are delicious, fruity, fresh tasting, while we think that Skinny Cow is gross and fake tasting. In fact, the one time I bought those, nobody ate them, had to throw them out.

  3. Jane says

    Well I answered my own question earlier tonight, I used both Skinny Cow coupons with no problems and ended up getting all 4 of those. I have had the candy before and liked those so decided to try the ice creams. We got all ice cream sandwiches, because my husband was there picking out some too and it was the most per box 24 oz. it’s 6- 4 oz. sandwiches as opposed to only 10-15 oz. for the bars or cones. We tried a cookies n cream and mint one so far and actually like them! They only have 2 fat grams and 100 calories each and I kind of think they are lying! :>) I don’t think any of these will get thrown out here, but thanks for your input. I guess that’s why they make coupons….for us to try new things, that we otherwise may never try at full prices.

    • Kari O. says

      When my grandmother was dieting she would buy special skinny cow ice cream sandwiches for herself and regular ice cream for the grandkids. We were constantly getting in trouble for stealing her skinny cow ones! They’re delicious! I’m glad you bought them. I was gonna comment above and say I thought they were yummy. :)

  4. Christy says


    i was wondering if anyone has submitted the P&G rebate with the Pods. The UPC is only 8 numbers. Do you fill the rest of the spaces in with a 0?


  5. Robyn says

    Pirate’s Cove in Elk Grove Village is a fun place for younger children. The park isn’t very large, but my children really enjoy going on the rides, doing a project in the small craft area, and watching the short shows that are performed. The entrance fee is very reasonable and there’s a coupon in the Entertainment book for buy one get one free. There is no charge for adults and you can bring in your own food.

    • jen says

      Robyn, that place looks great! I’m thinking we’ll do that during our staycation too. Now to find someone with an entertainment book!

  6. Shandelle says

    Be on the lookout for clearance Old El Paso soft tortillas at Jewel for $.49. I found 4 packs left on an endcap at the Wrigleyville store on Southport. I used 4 of the $.75 printables on to get em free with about $2 in overage.

  7. says

    Used all 4 coupons yesterday at Target on Magnum 37cents each with $1.50 coupons and $1/2 Target no cartwheel didn’t know happy anyway ,wish I could print up another 4 love them bars (:
    Bought the Suave pro shampoo $2.48 and used $1 coupon finished my 51 ! check is on its way (:

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