Reader deals 8/1/14

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Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

If you are sharing a deal from another site or an online coupon, please include the link. If you found a deal at a specific store, please include the location.

  • *** Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.

Five Below

  • Margaret in Hot Deals found found: “There was quite a selection [of Frozen t-shirts] at five below yesterday. :-)”

Food 4 Less

  • Ashley shares: “Unstoppables are $2.99 wyb 5 participating items. Yesterday was only $0.99 today $1.32 each, counts towards rebate Pine Sol is $0.49 there’s $0.50/1 hang that are scanning at $0.65/1 so a nice little mm Minute Maid fruit punch gallon $1.99 use $1/2 insert coupon and pay just $1.49 each”



  • From Outlander: “I don’t know if this was listed before, but Cheerios Protein is on sale $2.88, and save a $1 each when you buy 5, so it’s only $1.88 each when you buy 5. Use $1/1 IP when it was recently available or $1/1 from the inserts, exp 8/9., so only 88 cents each.”
  • And heather adds: “I also noticed that on my receipt that the cheerios protein came up b1g1”
  • Outlander shares: “You just reminded me- I saw at Meijer yesterday, those [Enjoy Life dairy free] chocolate chips you buy (different varieties) on clearance half price. They had a bunch and also some of the gluten free baking mixes, or something like that, maybe tapioca flour?. I didn’t really pay attention, since I don’t buy that stuff, but you might want to check it out. Also, Nestlé baking white chocolate on clearance for $0.99.”


  • Steve F. shares: “We have a Publix store Q for the Frutare…Publix Store Q here: if anyone can use it… (I think you have to sign up for Best Meals at Home.”

Reader requests

  • From Shirley: “Anybody has any experience buying the Square Trade PC Peripherals Protection Plan from Amazon? $10 for a 2 year plan for $125-$150 coverage. I never bought any electronics from Amazon and I am thinking about buying a router. Is that a good place to buy it. How long does a router normally last? My previous modem from ATT broke just under 1 year. That is why I am thinking about buying the protection plan. Any advice would be appreciated.”
  • Charlotte responds: “I have not purchased anything like that from Amazon. Then again, I get cheap routers from Cisco/Linksys, for around $30-40 a pop. Our current one has lasted for 4 years. The previous one died during our move. Unless you’re planning on getting something fancy, I personally wouldn’t bother. We also got our modem from there (Motorola Surfboard) for $70 to save on modem rental from Comcast, and it’s been working just fine. Should be noted that our main computers are directly connected to the router and just the phones, tablet and the laptop (hardly used) are on the WiFi, and we have no issues at all.”
  • From kristin, on the Back to School programs mentioned here: “Can anyone get the dental check? I need one for my daughter! I can’t believe the cost of dental visits now!”


  • From Linda: “I love Pinecone research!  They really do send me surveys of new products I would maybe be interested in.  The surveys take 10-15 minutes to complete.  They ask similar questions on each one of them, so you get the hang of it pretty quickly. I love how they can deposit the money from the surveys into my Paypal account, and then I can leave it there, or transfer it to my bank account.  Perfect!”
  • Brandy agrees: “Pinecone is the only one I will do! No gimmicks. No messing around. No spam.”


  • Shandelle noticed on Checkout 51: “I had $2 back on Aveeno lotion in both phones. When I looked at the fine print it did not exclude travel size! My Target had travel size Aveeno for $1.14. Both receipts were approved a couple min after I submitted. Simple money maker.”
  • From Steve F. on the Magnum: “We have a $1.00 store Q to stack with these, so it makes it a .99 money maker for us!!!” He updates: “….not money maker, but overage. :)”

Ultra Foods

  • Tian emails: “Thought youd like to know about this one….Buy 11 Pantene shampoos and conditioners for 2.88. (total will be 31.68), Use 4 5.00 from July P&G, and 1 3.00 from August P&G. Total will be 8.68. Send in for rebate. 1.32 Money maker.”

Whole Foods

  • A report from Linda: “I just shopped at Wheaton Whole Foods. The burritos were $2.50 each, so $.50 after stacked coupons, the almond milk was $.99 so free after $1 coupon, and the rice cream single desserts were $1.69 so they would have been $.69 after coupon. The cashier gave me a little issue with the evol manufacturer coupons since they said “Redeemable at Walmart”, but I made the point they didn’t say redeemable only at Walmart, and she manually put them in. Still got cheap burritos, free almond milk, and some veg sushi for only $10. Nice. Thanks for the deals.”

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  1. Callie says

    Shirley, if you aren’t sure about routers go up to best buy and tell them your needs and what Internet usage your family mainly does and let them suggest one based on your needs. Take a picture of the box etc and do some Internet digging using thay as a starting point…they always come up cheaper online. I have three boys that play Xbox at the same time wirelessly and our Netgear N600 has worked phenomenally.

  2. christine says

    Linda commented about getting money from Pinecone surveys deposited directly to PayPal. I would love to do so but cannot figure out how. Any help appreciated. TIA.

    • says

      Do you mean gift card deals? Jewel has had coupons in their ad recently — not last week but the couple of weeks before, and in the July big book of savings.

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