Reader deals 7/6/14

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Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

If you are sharing a deal from another site or an online coupon, please include the link. If you found a deal at a specific store, please include the location.

  • *** Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.


  • From focadima: “I read the round house last summer, I enjoyed it.”
  • And Maureen agrees: “I concur, Round House is wonderful.”


  • A reminder from julie: “I saw this on Jill’s site.  Check your Wednesday tribute ad wraparound for 3 PG coupons.  $1/1 Herbal Essence Hair Color, B2G1 Free  Buy 2 herbal Essence Shampoo or Conditioner, get a body wash free, and $1/2 Aussie. I don’t get the paper delivered, but I checked the mailed version of the tribune ads and they were on that wraparound as well.”
  • Wendy noticed: “FYI — I was at to print the Mitchum coupon, looking for the Starbucks ones for CVS, and on the side was an ad for Mitchum “click here to save $1.00″ — so I was able to print FOUR Mitchum coupons in all. Sweet!”


  • Krystle shares: “Just got my $20 Gift card from the McNeil allergy rebate! (This was a $16MM or something like that) So of course i had to go out to do the $15 Budweiser/ and Fresh Meat (need to purchase $15 worth) MIR, found in the Jewel big book. Goes great with the freebie/ $0.01 deals at Jewel, like anther reader commented earlier this week! Buy 4/$10 pun burgers, get 4ct pretzel buns FREE ($2.50 value), and $5.23 worth of chicken breast @2.99/lb. 1 X 24pk bud light cans @13.99, get 1 family size bag of Doritos and 2L bottle of Pepsi for a PENNY! So total with tax $30.85, paid with $20 McNeil gc and the rest cash. Also I had 25 cent back offers through Checkout51 for the Pepsi, hamburger pattis, and buns(+$0.75). So after I also submit for the $15 MIR everything will be FREE, minus the cost of stamps. Had my inlaws over today, and they were amazed at the “free” lunch.”


  • From lisa: “K-Mart will double up to a $2.00 coupon (5 each day) starting tomorrow with your SYW card. (7-7). Now typically this is only a $1.00 and you have to spend $25. This time there is no threshold and with a $2.00 coupon there has to be some good deals to be had. Read this on hip to save and she suggests a couple deals. I went thru the ad that ends 7-7 and noticed the big boxes of Kellogg’s Rice Krispies for $3.50. If you have points available from the Kelloggs Rewards Program they have a $1.50 off a box (1000 points for 2 prints). Double that and they are only .50 cents a box. I think I will spend some time scanning the ads and my coupons today but if you come up with a deal please post as I will be going there tomorrow and could use the extra knowledge.”
  • She adds: “The above mentioned Rice Krispies are the treat bars”
  • She also says: “Kmart-I also noticed that they have a P&G deal where you get a OYNO coupon for $10.00 when you spend $30. Team that with the current P& G deal and ultimately you will get $20.00 back ($10 from P & G and $10 from Kmart) on a $30.00 purchase. Not bad and could make for some good tide deals. Have not dived into this yet either as with the holiday coupons took a back seat.”

Lane Bryant


Reader requests

  • Sue emails: “Does anyone know who has Tiki Torch Oil Fuel on clearance (under $5.00)???”
  • Joy is wondering: “Has anyone seen caramel Starbucks K-cups at their CVS, or do they just carry unflavored varieties? Trying to decide whether to try to make it to CVS between my 4 month old’s naps. Thanks in advance for any help!”

Whole Foods

  • Ashley reports: “All but the single serve Rice Dream are at Schaumburg, they no longer carry the single serving ones”
  • April adds: “Last time I didn’t find any of them in Wheaton too.”
  • Pam shares: “the Single serve Rice Dream were not on sale at the Naperville store. They were like $1.69”

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  1. Outlander says

    Joy, I have never seen caramel Starbucks at CVS. Only 2 kinds- French and Blonde or something like that.

  2. Jane says

    On the $15 Bud rebate when you buy fresh meat at Jewel, did you use the rebate form from the Big Book or did you pick up a (larger) form in the store? I am doing the rebate now and wondered if this form in the new Book is valid to send off. It is so tiny I had to use a magnifying glass to read it and it says complete “by hand”. I don’t know if I can write that small or if they could even read it! I never thought to look in store for a tear pad for this one. Thanks!

  3. dawg says

    Thanks to Lisa just did Kmart P&G double coupos got $10 oyno & will be mailing in rebate for addition $10

  4. liz says

    kmart..16 ct tide and gain pods 4 and use $2.00 doubles to $4.00 off, tampax peal is 5.19 $2.00 coupon bought 1..bought 1 febreeze noticeable 3.00 and $1.00 off coupon…total 30.18…$21.00 taken off for coupons, $10.00 back plus if you have their mobile app go to deals and load 5000 points back when you spend $25. so better than free! where do you find the rebate..I can do that as well…I am shopping kmart everyday this week…febreeze car clips and air effects are both on sale for 2.50 so the $1.00 doubles making them .50

  5. Patrick says

    Regarding Target, is it only one Target coupon per item? For example, if Target had a coupon for Magnum ice cream bars and a coupon for ice cream treats that stated “for Mars, Magnum, Dove Bars”, can both coupons be used for one package of Magnum ice cream bars? Thank you.

    • says

      Yes, one Target coupon per item even if they are different store coupons. The exception is “threshhold” coupons — so like if you had a $5/$20 any ice cream treats Target coupon, you could use it with a $1.00/1 Target coupon for Magnum ice cream bars.

  6. seachicago says

    I found Aldi brand dishwasher rinse aid today (like Finish) for 49 cents for an 8.45 oz. bottle. I found some about 6 months ago and snapped it up, and it seems to work fine! Outstanding price. Found mine at Aldi on the SW side of Chicago (yes, I shelf-cleared all 8 bottles—sorry!).

  7. Jeanine says

    How do you sign up or order the “mailed version of the tribune ads” – I’ve looked on the Trib website but couldn’t find anything.

    • says

      They should come in the mail if you don’t receive the Wed. paper. If you receive the Wed. paper, your ads are there instead.

    • says

      Unless you are in an area where they are hand-delivered, in which case they should be delivered by the Tribune like a paper some time each Tuesday. But many people, myself included, have had issues with them actually showing up and have had to call the Tribune multiple times to make sure they arrive.

  8. Jane says

    Krystle (or anyone else who sent out the rebate) did you get a post card back from that Budweiser/$15 meat rebate from the July Jewel “Big Book” stating you did not send in the dated part of your receipt or the dates were wrong? I got it today and KNOW I sent in the full dated receipt (probably circled the date) and also know it was before the expiration because we were even discussing it here about the forms being so tiny. I called them and the guy told me that rebate expired June 20th! I repeated back the offer # to him and he said the dates are actually different on the front and back of the forms!? huh? Well I guess we couldn’t read the writing since it was so small after all! He said he was re-submitting mine and should get $15 in 30 days because my receipt is valid for one side of the form.

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