Reader deals 7/26/14

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Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

If you are sharing a deal from another site or an online coupon, please include the link. If you found a deal at a specific store, please include the location.

  • *** Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.


  • Outlander found barbecue sauce: “Cheap filler on Amazon with 20 s&s and 25% off Q. And this one is delicious. I’m using it right now.”


  • John W shares: “Next week, Eli’s Cheesecake (6701 W. Forest Preserve Road in Chicago, near Montrose/Oak Park Ave.) celebrates Cheesecake Day with various free samples: July 30, free slice 9am-6pm; July 31, free samples 9am-3pm; Aug 1, free cheesecake buffet 3-5pm; Aug 2, free samples 9am-6pm. Complete schedule of events

Hot dogs

  • Debra emails: “Vienna beef store on north damen ave north of Fullerton in Chicago.   I bought bags for $10.  Good prices”
  • And Margie suggests: “100 hot dogs, GFS has good prices on all beef hot dogs. They are precooked so you are only heating and putting them in a bun. They also sell the foil sheets you can wrap them in. Use a coupon at GFS for $5 off 50 often in the newspaper if not find a friend with an entertainment coupon book. Buns aren’t cheap there, GO TO ALDI for buns. I know a restaurant owner who buys buns at Aldi its a trade secret I guess. Hope that’s helpful.”


  • A find from juli: “Gurnee Jewel has 8 oz pub burgers for $1.00. Thats 16 oz for $2.00!!!!! You can smush it up for any ground beef recipe…… Unless it is a misprint…Gurnee store only.”
  • A heads up from grandma g: “At Jewel today I bought 2 of the Keebler cookies, clearly marked on the shelf at $1.99 ea. After I checked out I checked my receipt and there was no “instant $1 savings” Went to the Service Desk and the woman there informed me that the “instant savings” was the reduction of $1 off each package, thus the $1.99 sale price, but there was no extra money off. What??? Leaves me speechless how the service people don’t understand their own ads and sales. I’ll just go back when someone else is there or ask for the manager I guess, but if the service desk doesn’t get it the manager probably won’t either. Maybe a different Jewel. Yet another reason why I rarely go to Jewel anymore:(“


  • Jane warns: “I tried to roll points months back on a toilet seat and ended up returning it because the points did not show up on the 2nd one I bought using points.  I do recall the time they had the Tide/Hanes deal, the Catalinas rolled just fine BUT it did not involve points that time. I would almost bet that this deal on the Downy will not roll but anyone that tries it please report back! Thanks.”


  • Rangerdave says: “7/27 through 8/2, all Meijer stores will take an additional 50% off clearance priced electronics. Televisions, tablets, and iPod are excluded from this promotion.”


  • From rifat: “YMMV Some Menard’s are a PIA on using more than 1 of the same coupon in a single purchase. You might have to do several transactions to do the ZEP deal.”

Online deals

  • From Carol S-T: “Bought these [New Balance shoes] a few weeks ago when they were on sale. Extremely comfortable! Unfortunately, the pink is very bright and the line pattern makes me feel like Spider-Man’s sister, so I only wear them on the treadmill at home.”

Reader requests

  • West is wondering about the pet beds: “Anybody purchase these before? I’m curious of the quality/thickness?”

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  1. feelgood says

    Grandma g, which Keebler cookies did you get? I bought both the S’mores marshmallow and the Simply Made peanut butter chocolate chip, both rang up $1.49 each after the instant discount. Used $1.50/1 from KFR redemption for free cookies. A friend tried the S’mores peanut butter, those rang up $1.99 and no instant discount came off.

    For anyone doing the KFR deal, I can confirm that both S’mores marshmallow and Simply Made peanut butter chocolate chip give 220 points each, and for every 5 you get 1000 bonus points, limit twice. So if you buy 10 packages, you’ll get 4200 points! Redeem those for several more $1.50/1 coupons.

    • grandma g says

      I bought 1 Simply Made chocolate chip and 1 Smores marshmallow. If that wasn’t the right kind, she could have told me which type were included. But she insisted that there was no other $1 off 2 there at all, for any kind, the sale price of $1.99 was the $1 off that the ad was referring to. So is she right, is that how to read the ad that says” save $1 instantly”?

      • says

        She’s not right. A UPC probably was not entered correctly. Try a different flavor, such as the ones feelgood mentioned working above?

  2. Krystle says

    Awesome deal @ Target this week on Downy. Buy 4 @ $7.99 ea get a $10 Target gift card. Use $2/2 downy Mobile TQ, $2/2 downy printable TQ NLA (I think the same coupon was also in the home mailer if you were lucky enough to get one), $5/3 Mfg 7/27PG, and $1/1 Mfg 7/27PG. You will end up paying $2.99 each, that’s less than 3 cents per load if you buy the regular 120 load bottles. The downy infusions is also included but the bottles are only 96 loads. This trip helped me finish my PG MIR.

  3. Yvette says

    A heads up to Wal-Mart shoppers who like to price match. There may soon be no need to price match at the register if you’re a frequent Wal-Mart shopper. The company is rolling out a new app that will allow you to input your receipt information and will then automatically determine if you could have saved money shopping elsewhere. Any deference will be issued as a Wal-Mart gift card on your next visit. The program is in beta for employees only at this point but it’s working really well and is getting great reviews. I expect we may see it roll out at the end of the year. Couldn’t wait to share with MOM readers!

  4. feelgood says

    Jewel has a gift card promo until Tuesday 7/29. Buy a $100 American Express Gift card, get a $10 Jewel catalina for your next purchase. $10 catalina expires a week later. Bought some yesterday, with the $5.95 fee total is $105.95, so a $4.05 MM. Even better if you pay with a credit card that offers cashback, miles or points for purchases.

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