Reader deals 7/23/14

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Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

If you are sharing a deal from another site or an online coupon, please include the link. If you found a deal at a specific store, please include the location.

  • *** Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.

In-store deals

  • Outlander shares: “If anyone is looking for headphones, I got a good deal at Hot Topic at the mall. They have some accessories on clearance BOGO free. Well, they have Grumpy Cat headphones (orig. $29.50) on clearance $9.98 and BOGO free, so about $5 each. My kids love them. There was clearance on shirts too. They were about $15, and you get a second one for $1. My son got 4 for about $32, so $8 each, which is great since regular price is around $21 each.” She adds: “Here are the headphones.

Hair services

  • Laura asks: “Has anyone seen a coupon for Great clips?  Do they take competitors coupons? thanks”
  • Shandelle shares: “Someone told me they take competitor’s coupons but I tried to go into one with a $4 supercuts coupon from a couple weeks ago in the inserts and they told me no. This was in the city and they’re all franchised I think so maybe stores just make up their own rules about that sort of thing. Check for an Early Bird special if you can’t find a coupon. I think the store near me advertised a $9.99 haircut if you come in before noon on Mon or Tue.”
  • From Comicbob: “My great clips gave me $2 off with competitor’s coupon.”

Home Depot

  • Jackie on Facebook likes the $5 golf umbrella: “I bought one of these last time around and it was surprisingly nice!”


  • If you find clearance like Rachel did, David sweetens the deal: “Snackimals (or Puffins) are still $1.50 back on Shopmium. Don’t know if Rachel already redeemed, but good for everyone else to know.”
  • A possible deal from feelgood: “If the Keebler S’mores and Simply Made are really $1.99 this time around (a few weeks ago during the Keebler cookies sale these were tagged at a higher price), then they should be $0.99 each after the $1.00/2 printable coupon and the $1.00 instant off when you buy 2, as advertised on page 24 of the Jewel monthly ad.”
  • He adds: “Also, S’mores are giving 220 points each on KFR. And until 7/25, enter 5 codes from Keebler cookies and get a bonus of 1000 points, limit twice. With just 5 S’mores, you should get 2100 points. You can redeem 1000 points for a $1.50/1 coupon on Keebler cookies…don’t these print 2X? With the instant $1.00 off on 2, the cookies would be $1.49 each, so more free cookies. And then enter those codes for more points!”
  • And he sends over three Essential Everyday printable coupons: $1.00/3 EE condiments, $1.50//2 refrigerated salsas, $1.50/2 pickles.
  • Something to look for from Sandy K-G: “My Tribune has a glossy separate ad $5 off $50 for Jewel. This is besides the normal sale ad. Nice surprise today.” She adds: “Oh ya. Fine print says Eola Rd or Napeville Sorry. But for those out this way a nice surprise.”


  • Outlander shares: “Just bought strawberries at Bloomingdale Meijer on sale 5/$5. Only 25 cents with my Driscoll Q. Free if you have $1 Q.”


  • Sent over by letsshop: “At my Menards flowering perennial bushes on sale $5.24 with  $5 each rebate = 24 cents 12 limit  ,bought 12  (: Don’t know if all stores marked ,worth checking . Lots of Butterfly bushes ,Spirea and Forsythia and Wieglia  !”

Piggly Wiggly

  • Some questions from liz: “I am going up to Wisconsin this weekend and am going to check out this store since I see they have double coupon days..I am wondering if any of your readers can help with the coupon policy . It says you may double 10 coupons up to and including $1.00 with a $25. purchase. Is the $25 before or after coupons? Do they take printable coupons?”
  • Kari O. responds: “Before coupons. And they take some printables. Mostly just at my store. They had a few fraudulent Smartsource ones recently, so they’re very picky in Antioch. Also make sure the coupons you have don’t say “Do Not Double” or “DND” because they will not double them. I found this to be true on Blinkies, Peelies and Little Debbie coupons. Make sure you have a Piggly Wiggly card first. Sign up at the customer service desk. Also make sure grab a physical ad because you must have the in ad coupon to qualify for double coupons. It’s fun.”
  • And liz follows up: “after the 10th double can you still use a 11th single coupon? I wamt to get $25 in free groceries lol”
  • Kari O. answers: “Yes. You can use more than 10 coupons. But only the first 10 will double. I usually hand those over first on a separate pile. Keep in mind they manually enter each doubled coupon. So it takes awhile to check out. Just be patient and super nice. I find most of the cashiers coupon and take advantage of double coupons too, so they’re nice about it too.”
  • She also suggests: “Use the Butera ad to plan too. In my area the Butera ad and Piggly Wiggly ad are nearly identical. I do get lots of stuff free, but I always throw in treats for my kids and overpriced items too. I feel guilty taking advantage of them sometimes. My local store uses double coupons as a gimmick just to get people in the door. They are competing with a Walmart and now an Aldi’s too. So, they are desperate and that’s why they double coupons.”

Reader requests

  • From Vivian in Hot Deals: “I’ll be shopping for a Queen size mattress soon. Med-Firm. Any ideas of the best places to shop?”



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  1. Diane says

    Thanks for the heads up on the Menards perennials on sale. Does anyone have a Spirea or Weigela from them? How well do they grow in our area? (I have Forsythia and Butterfly bushes and I am looking for something different.) Thanks!

    • Outlander says

      I highly recommend Weigelas. They grow great here, very hardy, and hummingbirds love them too. I have 3 different varieties (Wine & Roses, Ghost and Variegated little one, which I can’t remember the name right now). They also rebloom sometimes.

    • peaches says

      All the great clips are franchises, and so I think it is up to each franchise as to whether they will accept competitors coupons or not. I could understand a individual great chips deciding not to accept a $4 competitor coupon, which they are sure to lose money on, and you know that the person is only going to show up again if they have another coupon..

  2. lisa says

    Attention K-Mart Shoppers (I could not resist:), If you want $5.00 free Kmart Money (5000 points), go to and see instructions on how to make her your personal shopper by thursday night and then Friday morning you will e awarded $5.00 in points to your account. Easy peazy as I just did it..

  3. says

    If your store marked them down $5.24 each ,they all probably have different bushes !depending on whats left over in their stock !
    First day on sale paid $7.99 with $5 rebate ,but then yesterday they were marked down ! they gave me a credit for the price reduction (: bought more bushes with it very quickly .My best deal ever on plants !!!!!!

  4. Wende says

    Does anyone know how long these plants from Menards will last UNTIL they are planted? We are having grading done to our home, so we can’t plant yet. I’d really be sorry to miss out on such a great deal! Thanks in advance ( :

    • says

      As long as you keep watering them they should be fine ,If you have a larger pots to transfer in temporary would be better they are getting root bound ,being in small container isn’t the best for plants and keep them out of late afternoon sun until you are ready to put in the ground (:

  5. Mandy says

    Rachel, can you comment on any good deals you have found at Costco? Also, how are your mail order glasses working out, and did you use their measurement for PD or did you get it from your Dr.?

    • says

      My mail order glasses are working out great. My prescription didn’t include PD so I just used the instructions on the site to measure my own. :) And I haven’t been to Costco lately, come to think of it!

      • Mandy says

        Thanks, I guess I will try the glasses. I really would like a pair of RX sunglasses and the ones I like at the store are extremely expensive compared to my regular choice in frames.
        I joined Costco in the spring with one of the discount deals, but, I feel like I’m not finding a lot of good buys. I was hoping you had some good suggestions. I like to walk through, but, usually leave with little besides a cheap lunch, which is good, but, not what I had in mind.

        • says

          I did a post a while back with organic items at Costco, if that’s something that would be useful. They sell restaurant and other gift cards at a discount, rotisserie chickens are larger and cheaper than the ones at the grocery store, some baking products like pure vanilla are always a good deal. Maybe other Costco shoppers can chime in here?

        • peaches says

          I belong to Sam’s Club because it is more convenient for me, and plus I can get an associate membership through one of my sisters for $10 a year. I’ve found out with Sam’s Club anyway, where I save is in gas, tires and car batteries. You can also save on prescriptions too, but I have had problems where they were out of the prescription that I was trying to get refilled, and they were not expecting any more shipment for 2-3 days. This is on one of their biggest sellers. At Costco, I know people that love their olive oil, and their birthday cakes are supposed to be good. I am sure that Costco’s gas is a good deal too, and Consumer Reports loves with optical department.

          • Artie says

            Kirkland Vitamins & supplements are also a good deal and are of a higher quality than those sold at other places according to Consumer Reports

            • says

              Oh speaking of OTC stuff, allergy medication (like generic claritin) is a great price there — I’ve found it cheaper on Amazon on occasion, but the prices there are hit or miss.

  6. Charlotte says

    I saw this on Amazon today as I was messing around with an order:

    About FREE No-Rush Shipping

    Choose FREE No-Rush Shipping and we’ll automatically apply a $1 Amazon Instant Video credit to your account once your order ships.

    You can use this credit by logging onto the Amazon Instant Video website or going to the Amazon Instant Video app on your smart phone, tablet, TV, or streaming video device. You can rent or buy a movie or TV show from our catalog by clicking Purchase.

    Your order with No-Rush Shipping will arrive in 5 – 7 business days. This No-Rush credit expires on October 31, 2014. Terms and Conditions apply.

  7. Alex says

    This would be an interesting deal for anyone who is looking to stock up on Cesar’s wet dog food. There is a coupon for B3G1 on their main website.
    If you buy 4 for $0.75= $3
    Deduct 1 free -0.75 (possibly could be $1.19 since its the max value)
    Comes out to $2.25 for 4 trays
    Each tray ends up being about $0.56
    You can compare the price at amazon with subscribe and save where each tray is $0.63
    This would be a great opportunity for anyone who wants to try this brand. Although I do not use it a lot in my dog’s diet, it is a nice meal idea for once in a while.

  8. Diane says

    There’s a Krispy Kreme Groupon for Elk Grove Village:

    Choose Between Two Options
    $8.50 for two dozen Original Glazed or assorted doughnuts (a $16.98 value)
    $19.50 for five dozen Original Glazed or assorted doughnuts (a $42.45 value)

  9. grandma g says

    At Jewel today I bought 2 of the Keebler cookies, clearly marked on the shelf at $1.99 ea. After I checked out I checked my receipt and there was no “instant $1 savings” Went to the Service Desk and the woman there informed me that the “instant savings” was the reduction of $1 off each package, thus the $1.99 sale price, but there was no extra money off. What??? Leaves me speechless how the service people don’t understand their own ads and sales. I’ll just go back when someone else is there or ask for the manager I guess, but if the service desk doesn’t get it the manager probably won’t either. Maybe a different Jewel. Yet another reason why I rarely go to Jewel anymore:(

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