Reader deals 7/16/14

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Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

If you are sharing a deal from another site or an online coupon, please include the link. If you found a deal at a specific store, please include the location.

  • *** Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.

Food 4 Less

  • Carolanne reports: “Went to Food 4 Less on Sunday and scanned the 2pk Dial Men and 2pk Dial regular bars which both qualified on Ibotta paid .89 each for a total of 1.78 and redeemed for 1.00 each on Ibotta for a 0.22 MM”

Loyalty programs

  • A heads up from Outlander: ” I have a little update on Driscoll’s surveys- I was trying to enter codes for some berries I bought yesterday, but it was all glitchy and asking me to register again, and not sending coupon emails, so I called, and they said they got a new server for those surveys and they are having lots of trouble with it. They said NOT to enter any new surveys for awhile, at least until the beginning of next week, while they resolve that issue. Maybe tell others that so that they don’t lose any of their credits and coupons. Thanks.”


  • For those who got the $1.50/1 Honest Tea coupon, SoapboxTray reports: “They were $1. at Mariano’s this morning (7/16)”

Office Max

  • From Andi: “OfficeMax will accept this [Staples $5/$25] (will accept competitor’s coupons). I just used on Monday. Also took a printout of Staples online ad, and used to price-match items I purchased @ OM. Did so as I had $26 in MaxPerks to spend, so I bought 95% of the remaining school supplies my kids needed for about $0.50 oop after everything was said and done.”

Piggly Wiggly

  • A heads up from Becky: “Beware. The Woodstock, IL piggly wiggly will often NOT accept printable coupons. They will give you a hard time about it and sometimes put it through or deny you completely. Hope it saves someone some aggravation.”

Reader requests

  • From Amanda on Facebook: “I was wondering if you could make a post or reader request for some of the awesome deals people are finding on clearance items at toys r us and target? Everyone posts but none of them are stores near me so maybe if people shared their deals they’ve found around the ones in IL, it could help some of us score these excellent deals!
  • One from Wende: “Rachel, I know you have cats and I’m hoping your other readers can help, too. ‘Lily’ came to live with us when our daughter moved back home. She is just the sweetest cat and our dog, Tracker, loves her too ( : The problem is with her litter box. My daughter is buying Tidy Cat clumping litter, but it’s not doing the job. The clumps start to break apart as soon as you start to scoop them. Most of them break into pieces so tiny that they fall through the scoop. Consequently, the litter box fills up with these tiny pieces and is NOT fresh smelling at all! Could anyone please recommend a clumping litter that really works?”
  • Connie replies: “My friends have two cats and they use a mix of Feline Pine (the clumping kind) and World’s Best Litter (again, the clumping kind). The Feline Pine takes care of the smell and cuts down on the tracking from the WBL, but the WBL does the bulk of the work in clumping up the litter. The other thing that you can do is add some additional bentonite clay to the litter, because that’s what really makes the litter “clump”. You can usually find it at natural foods stores or natural gardening centers, as its also used for gardening and bug issues. “
  • On the Mars prize, Charlotte wonders, if anyone has tried: “I wonder if you can use it towards Comcast internet if you have that?”
  • She updates: “Yes and no. I got an error message on the first 3 attempts, on the 4th, I get a confirmation that it has gone through. I’m assuming it’s being sent to a person to apply rather than automated. We’ll see in a month or two if it worked :P”
  • From amy: “Just curious, how does one find room in freezer for 9 boxes [of Bomb Pops]? I am so jealous. Freezer space at my house is a luxery.”
  • Kari O. answers: “We bought a chest freezer at Best Buy for $389ish. It’s amazing. We store it on our front porch since we have a teeny tiny house, but it came with a lock and key. Now I can stockup on ice cream and frozen turkeys that I find such good deals on.”
  • Teri is wondering: “Does anyone have a price per pound on the Harvestland chicken [at Jewel], blsl, thin, or tenders? Trying to decide if it worth a trip with 25% off and $1 Q.”

School supplies

  • Kim says: “Ticonderoga pencils are the best. Many schools request them specifically on their supply list.”
  • And julie says: “Just and FYI on pencils, the Walgreens/Wexford brand are best used as firewood, lol.”


  • Krystle shares: “Read over on, there are 3 threshold coupons coming in next weeks’ ad! $5/$15 Personal care (excludes power shave and power dental), $10/$50 Home purchase (excludes infant dept and outdoor decor) and $15/$50 pet purchase (excludes rawhides). Get your coupons ready!”
  • Brandy shares: “Yesterday, I scored some serious sunscreen deals at the 63rd Downers Grove/Woodridge Target. Located in the back near the summer clearance and on the endcap near the clothing and cosmetics were 3-pks (as listed above) but instead of ringing up 13.99 like they were listed, they were ringing up $1.39, 90% off. Then B3G1 and coupons on top of that and Cartwheel. I think they ended up being just over a quarter a piece. Expirations 2017! I got two summers worth for less than $15 with probably tons to spare. This deal isn’t marked, so there might still be some left because no one thinks to scan. Very small amount of summer clearance, but it was marked 70% when ringing 90% off. Got a great tablecloth for $.49, regularly $4.99.”
  • Kari O. warns: “Be careful with this one. My mother in law bought it and it turned my kiddos clothes orange. The swimsuits, their clothes and my towels. The chemical used in the spray reacts badly to well water. Coppertone gives a little orange color, but the Up&Up destroyed everything. We were disappointed.”

Ultra Foods

  • Tami comments: “Is it just me or does anyone else cringe when having to pay $1 for a box of cereal instead of getting it for .25 or .50? I MISS THE CATALINA DAYS OF YORE!!! I don’t know why I can’t get excited paying .98 for a box of Frosted Flakes.”


  • On the Bomb Pops, Callie says: “These are at my Walmart for $1.74 and all the boxes have peelies for $0.75 off!!!! So check yours to see if they have peelies for even more boxes of cheap bomb pops! I bought 9 boxes, should be stocked for the rest of the summer lol!”
  • Elaine: “Just noticed when I printed [the gift card from the Farmland bacon deal] out that it says it can also be used at the Sam’s Club.

Whole Foods

  • Linda found KeVita at Orland Park Whole Foods for $2.50. Use the $1.50/1 coupon here and get $.50 back from Ibotta to get one for just $.50.

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  1. grandma g says

    Target is having a sale on wrapping paper, gift bags,and ribbons. Buy 3 get 1 free, plus there’s a 30% off wrapping paper on Cartwheel. I have 3 birthdays coming up so this worked out good for me.

  2. Alicia says

    If anyone sees any deals on portable or window air conditioners, please let me know! I’ve been looking for sales or clearance, but haven’t found much yet. Thanks!

  3. Patrick says

    I went to a Target store in the northern suburbs and reached into a stack of 9 oz. (I think) M&Ms and pulled out a bag with a $1 off peel-off coupon sticker on it. I then found one more there but many other bags had the sticky residue on the front of the bag but no coupon sticker. Has anyone been to any Targets lately and noticed bags of M&Ms with the coupon sticker still on them? Thanks.

  4. Mandy says

    The Jewel on Army Trail Rd. and County Farm in Carol Stream had Miracle Whip on sale today for $1.99 and a lot of them had $1.00 off peelies on them. I also found a 10% off coupon for this Jewel only. Even without the 10%, this was a great buy on Miracle Whip.

  5. kelly says

    Sooo, I’ve been saving up my Driscoll codes to enter in on rainy day. Tried today and it says the survey is now closed and that they have all of the info they need? Anybody else try lately? I had a bunch of codes that would have given me $1 q’s. :( I did have that same problem as others last week with not receiving coupons after completing a survey. They did email me my coupons yesterday. But say it isn’t so! Is the Driscoll Panel over and done with?

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