Reader deals 6/9/14

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Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

If you are sharing a deal from another site or an online coupon, please include the link. If you found a deal at a specific store, please include the location.

  • *** Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.

Deal of the day

  • A testimonial from erin: “Pal Joey’s is delicious!! yum ,pizza!”


  • From ElizabethF: “Arm & Hammer Laundry Detergent is also $3 at Peapod this week. Buy two, use the coupon and get them for $1.50 each.”

Reader requests

  • Mimi sends over: “Since Dominicks went out of business, I am not getting those Great Clips coupons that printed on their receipts. Do you know any other store that is printing them? Or anywhere else to get the coupons? I really miss my Great Clips savings! Thanks.”
  • Don posts on Facebook: “Anybody else get their Amazon $5 gc for having spent $45 on cards a few weeks back?”


  • Brandy found: “Another Target deal: Scored at Super Target on Rte. 59 in Naperville/Aurora. Ibotta has a rebate for $5 back on any Buen Sabor frozen entree (which are new? only at super targets?). Either way, they carried multiple varieties and they are gluten free for $3.99. Ibotta rebate was $5. So I made $1.01, less tax on taking that home. Unique meals, too.”


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  1. jennyh says

    Anyone else having trouble with I can “clip” coupons, but when I go to print it wants me to follow a 3 step setup to install the “new app”, then tells me I must close my chrome browser session to install it, so i do, then its gone. so i start over, repeat, repeat, repeat, never get my coupons, just frustration.

      • Kerri says

        I was having this problem with chrome and then i read somewhere that when the pop up box comes up at the top you have to click on always allow, instead of allow just this time. Its been working fine for me ever since.

  2. Kelly says

    Yes, I got my $5 from Amazon yesterday. I also got the email from MacNeil about the allergy rebate and that they will be sending me $20 soon.

  3. Outlander says

    Great Clips Qs are very often in regular newspaper inserts, and in those junk mail envelopes with coupons that come in the mail.
    They also take any competitor Qs, so you can use any that you find.

    • Shandelle says

      Great Clips will take competitor Qs??? Are you certain? I prefer Great Clips over Super Cuts but SC seems to run coupons in the inserts more often and I almost never get anything from Great Clips even though I give them more business. I had a bad experience at Super Cuts in the city (Wickerpark) a few months ago when we were were still getting winter weather. The lady cutting my hair barely spoke English and just blow dried my hair (then put some gel in it that I didn’t ask for; I just assumed drying your hair was customary since they drown it in water to cut it!!! Especially given it was like 12 degrees outside!!) and they claimed this was the haircut AND a “style” which just pissed me off. I didn’t ask for anything but a trim and cleanup of my layers. They tacked an extra $8 onto my $8.99 coupon haircut. I submitted a complaint on the Super Cuts website and no one ever contacted so me so I guess they don’t care at all..

      • Anne says

        Yes, Great Clips accepts competitor coupons. We use them there all the time, and they even have a sign on the front door of ours saying they do.

      • Outlander says

        Yes, they definitely do. There’s a sign inside or on the door, I believe. I think it does say maximum discount $3 or $4, can’t remember. But my DH has used Supercuts and Sports Clips Qs there, no problem.

  4. John W says

    Great Clips coupons: I got a $6.99 great clips coupon on the Mariano’s receipt from the one at Lawrence and Damen in Chicago, for the Lincoln Square great clips only.

    • Shandelle says

      Haha love that I am just going down this post and comment on each one.. that is the GC I’ve been to before and like. I’ll see if something prints on my Mariano’s receipt next time. Thanks for the tip! :)

  5. feelgood says

    New winetag booklet found at Jewel on Sutter Home wine. Says: “Save up to $17.00!”

    No alcohol purchase required manufacturer coupons:
    $1.00.1 Claussen Pickles (makes them $0.99 each at Jewel wyb 5, until 6/10)
    $1.00/1 President brie cheese
    $1.00/1 Alexia frozen potatoes or French fries
    $1.00/2 King’s Hawaiian buns or rolls
    $1.00/2 PAM cooking sprays

    Mail In Rebates:
    $2.00 any Sutter Home wine and beef
    $10.00 12-pk Pabst Blue Ribbon beer AND $15.01 purchase of meat, produce, charcoal and/or condiments.

  6. Connie says

    We moved into a new place and got a new patio set on Sunday from Target (thank you, 40% off patio furniture from Cartwheel!). But we’re missing a grill. DH really wants one since this new place allows them.

    Has anyone seen a good deal on a charcoal grill? Most of the ones we have seen are $99, and we were hoping to get one for around $50 if possible. All ideas welcome!

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