Reader deals 6/7/14

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Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

If you are sharing a deal from another site or an online coupon, please include the link. If you found a deal at a specific store, please include the location.

  • *** Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.


  • DON asked: “I need a deal on HEMP seeds Rachel. TY : )” But then he found a good option with these Nutiva Organic Hemp seeds.


  • Valentina S. reports” Same thing happened to me at Berwyn Meijer today. I was allowed to stack Target and MQ at Bolingbrook Meijer in the past, but this time one of the managers and one CS representative told me that they do take competitor coupons, but treat them as MQs. They do stack Meijer store coupon and a MQ on the same item. Even if I were allowed to stack, the above mentioned TQ is good on 20 ct. or larger packs of Ziploc freezer or storage bags priced $2.50, not sandwich bags or 15 ct. storage/freezer bags priced $1.99. HTH.”
  • MBurke asks: “Does anyone know if Special K is included in the Kellogg’s cereal sale?”
  • Moejo found: “Meijer has save $2 instantly when you buy 2 Off products. Purchased 2 Off explore After Bite for $3.99 each, $7.98, $2 comes off, so $5.98 stacked $1/2 target and 2 $3 mani for a $1.02 money maker. (FYI, spray off explorer is $4.99 so .98 or.49 each)”


  • A reminder from DON: “Im sure it was mentioned MENARDS is on an 11% rebate week, including papers”

Reader requests

  • From maggie: “I’m looking at the Picanova deal from Groupon to order a canvas print. I have never bought one before – anyone familiar with this company or can you recommend another site perhaps? Picanova has a 16×12 for $27 (this includes shipping!) and for the next couple of days Groupon offers an additional discount of 20%. Is this a good deal?? Thanks for any input you can give me. Would like to have a special Father’s Day gift this year…:)”
  • Vivian posts in Hot Deals: “Does anyone know if they still have the really cheap computer deals in downtown Chicago? I went to a show once a long time ago but I don’t remember where it was. I would like to go again if they have Ham Radio electronic stuff also. The last time I was there I bought Word Perfect for $5. That tells you how crazy the prices were.”
  • Kelly in Hot Deals asks: “Anyone know of a reptile guy or exotic animal person to hire for birthday parties that are reasonably priced?”


  • CHRISTINE says: “I like this survey company too. I have earned several gift cards including CVS, Starbucks and Amazon. They have a great selection of gift cards to chose from when you redeem your points. The surveys are fun too.”

Whole Foods

  • Beth P shares: “Manitoba Harvetst has a $1 IP on their website. This is the brand [of hemp seeds] I usually buy – have used the IP at Whole Foods before with no problems :)” DON was asking about hemp seeds and it turns out that Whole Foods is having a hemp products sale this weekend. No prices are listed. They mention Nutiva, but we haven’t found any Nutiva coupons. So this brand is a good one to check if included!


  • Tamara reports: “I tried the $3/1 from SS for the EAS Protein Powder and they worked perfectly with no beeps on the $1.29 single packs. I got 4 so it was a $6.84 moneymaker! Going to try the printable $3/1 ones soon.”


  • Don posts on Facebook: “Wilton tent sale today – 4 oz PURE Vanilla extract $4 – they had a bunch, I got my share”


  • Ashley shares: “Yakisoba are free now at woodmans, and Wasa crackers are just $0.50 each!”

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  1. erin says

    Kelly: the Midwest museum of natural history in sycamore has live reptiles and does outreach programs. Or better yet go there, tour museum, see live reptiles, they have a room you can bring in food and have the party there!! very reasonable!!

  2. Joy says

    I would like to know if multi pack tricolor ink cartridges are considered as 1 unit or 3 units when recycling at Staples. What I mean to ask is if I will get $2 reward for recycling or $6 reward. Thanks.

  3. karen says

    anyone know where the $3 off 1 OFF explorer coupon is found? I’d like to do the Meijer deal mentioned but the coupon isn’t listed on coupon tom

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