Reader deals 6/30/13

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Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

Big favor: If you mention other sites, online coupons, etc, please include the link. Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.

Centrella stores

  • For those looking for flyers for possible coupons, Kim says: “Buttera is a centrella store as well as Berkley finer foods in Batavia”
  • Kristi asks: “I’m in NW suburbs. McHenry to be exact. Are there any Centrella stores near me?”
  • Sandy says: “Wisted’s in Woodstock had the coupons in their ad.”


  • A tip from Deb for those in the market for a tablet or computer who would like to print coupons: “I have a Nexus 7 and have been unable to print from it either. If your’re serious about q-ing, go with a reg laptop. I prefer Dell’s myself.”


  • A heads up from Fran on the multiple Hellmann’s coupons in JFU: “I have those same 3 Hellman’s coupons in my JfU. I bought two, but only one of the $1/1 coupons came off. Customer Service did reimburse me the other dollar, but I shouldn’t have to wait in line for a refund.”

Reader requests

  • Becky is wondering: “So how much of a tip do you give the [Peapod] driver? You are supposed to tip right? Just wondering since this seems so high end. LOL.
  • One from Sharon: “I’m looking for a good toilet paper deal.”
  • Jennifer on Facebook asks: “What’s the general consensus on Punchcard?..”


  • From Matt: “TV suggestion: For $.99 at Good Will you can get an older working TV. If you go buy a new TV it’s $100 to $150 for a small one, $150 to $300 for a medium one and $300 and up for a bigger TV.”
  • LauraL says: “I agree with Matt about Goodwill for TVs. If you are willing to use a converter box, you can get a great tv for almost free. If it doesn’t work, they will let you return it for free. The day after Thanksgiving is the best time to buy new tvs. You might want to get a one at Goodwill just to last you until Nov. Same goes for printers at Goodwill. Remember to factor in the cost of the ink. So what ever you choose, see how much ink costs and if it can be refilled. With color printers, you can always change the print preferences to grey scale so color printers print in black and white.”
  • Ruby Red comments: “A TV suggestion: Not sure how much you want to spend, but when we got ours Best Buy was having a deal. If you opened one of their credit cards, you can pay the balance off interest free for three years. I think TOTAL you had to spend $800. Total meaning everything – not just the TV. We ended up getting a TV, wall bracket and Blu-ray player. I’m paying $35 a month. Not bad!”
  • Matt also offers: “The thing about buying an HDTV is the over-the-air channels with an antenna are HD, but you don’t get a DVR or any cable channels. But to get actual HD you need a cable package with HD, which costs more. In some cases if your cable package is not HD the digital cable looks just as good if not better on a standard definition TV since it is standard definition cable. It all really depends on how much TV you watch. $300 and up for a TV is a lot if you are on a limited budget.”


  • Ashley found: “So each of the boxes of the Renu marker “25th anniversary” has a coupon for $2 off your next one haha its like theyre asking us to roll their product with the free after RR products this week”
  • John reports: “Milk is $2.29 at Chicago Walgreens ($1.74 after Dean’s milk coupon). I’ve often used RRs for dairy before, and never had anyone reject it, especially if you have something else in the order.”

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  1. kerry says

    I just left the Target in countryside, they have Hungry Jack pancake mix on the clearance end cap for 1.38, we have 2.00 off wyb 2 boxes, which expire today not sure when they are from, so but two boxes and your at .68 cents for both :) they had half a shelf of them..

  2. michelle says

    My box of Renu did not have a coupon in it. It was marked with 25th anniversary but it expires in 2015 so that may be way.

  3. Suzann says

    For your tv , try an upper end pawn shop–also Craigs list.
    Upper end pawn shops are a great treasure trove–because you just never know what you will find!!

  4. Debbie says

    I’ve used RR for milk in the past also with no objections in Champaign. I can’t remember if I had anything else in my order or not.

  5. Shandelle says

    Suggestion for the buy 2 Dial foaming hand soap at CVS get $2 ECB. In my coupons from the red machine from last week, I spotted a $2 off $8 body wash, bar soap or liquid hand soap. Since the ECB is limit 1, I bought 4 Dial foaming, used TWO of the $1/2 printables and the $2 CVS coupon, which made four for the same price, since 4 together met the $8 requirement. :)

  6. Sarah says

    Check the ibotta “store extras” for possible freebies. I was able to get two freebies today at Winco by purchasing and submitting for two store extra items. The first was Yoplait Original Yogurt with an ibotta amount of $.50 and the second was Nature Valley Protein Granola with an ibotta amount of $3. The sale price for the yogurt was $.50 at Winco and the granola’s sale price was $2.98. I just happened to look at these offers today because I don’t normally shop at Winco and I was going there for another reason. I couldn’t believe that the prices in store were the same as the money back on ibotta. Not sure if other items are like this with other stores, but it could be worth looking out for. I submitted some other offers at Winco today, too, and paid $17.76 after coupons and got back $9.50 from ibotta! :)

    • Shandelle says

      Same deal was happening at Target (though exp “tonight” 7/1 at 1 AM). You earned $3 bonus for buying 3 Target specific Ibotta items in a single transaction. I bought Jimmy Dean’s Delights sandwiches for $6.44 (omg, so high!) used $1 MQ (exp 6/30) and $1 off any frozen item Target mobile Q ($4.44.. better..), an Evol burrito for $2.49 used $1 MQ printable from (so $1.49), and Van’s waffles for $2.99 used $1 MQ printable from an email (so $1.99).. Paid $7.92 plux tax, received $.75 for Jimmy Dean, $1 for Vans, $1 for Evol, and $3 Target Ibotta bonus! Like paying $2.17 for all 3! Or, in my head, like paying 69 cents for those darn overpriced JD Delights that are so delicious.. and $1.48 for the waffles and burrito.

  7. seachicago says

    Anybody know where to get a good price on sunflower butter? My kids can’t take peanut butter to school or camp, and we go through a lot of it!

    • VB says

      Does the sunflower butter taste like peanut butter? Just found out the Catholic School will not have hot lunch and they are peanut free but my daughter loves peanut butter sandwiches.hoping this will be a good solution!

      Also I saw day planners for the 2013-2014 school year clearanced at 50% @ Target.

  8. Sabrina says

    Seachicago, I saw Sunbutter on clearance at Target in N Aurora last week for $1.64 a jar. It was the chunky version, not the smooth. So if you are at a target, check the clearance end caps!

  9. Mandy says

    Butera in Roselle has a store coupon in their ad for 4 – 12 pks. of 12oz. cans of Pepsi products for $9 when you spend $10 on other products. I found 12 pks. of Pepsi Throwback,(made with sugar vs corn syrup)in the produce dept. I know some of us prefer sugar vs corn syrup, so, if your interested and nearby, it’s a pretty good deal. The Sierra Mist, which is not listed in the ad, is also included in the sale, and is also made with sugar.

  10. John says

    I just got the free Lettuce Entertain You coupon booklet in the mail; order (1 per household) here: There are 50 coupons (including a wild card for $15 off $20), some multiple coupons; all expire Sept 18. Some have a minimum purchase; some are not valid on carryout. Some are only after 5pm, some are Sun-Thurs, some exclude Sat. nights, limit 1 per table. The coupons are all scratch-offs that the server has to scratch off (void if rubbed off), but I’ve never come across one worth more than the minimum. You can also sign up to get 3 texts a week over the summer with special mobile offers: And also enter their facebook contest online to win $1000 in gift cards:
    Most of their restaurants are in River North/downtown Chicago, but some in the suburbs and Lincoln Park:

    Here’s the list of coupon discounts:
    Bub City and Paris Club, $10 Sun-Thurs; Mity Nice, $10 after 5pm; Food Life $5 after 5pm; RJ Grunts, $8; M Burger $3; Pizzeria via Stato, $5; Cafe Ba ba Reeba, Mon Ami Gabi, Antico Posto, Shaw’s, Tokio Pub, Hub 51, Di Pescara, Mon Ami Gabi, Osteria Via Stato, Frankie’s Scaloppine, Petterinos, and Scoozi, $10; RPM Italian $10 Sun-Thur; Nacional 27, $15.
    Foodease, $5 off $10 after 5pm; Wow Bao, $2 off $6.50; Big Bowl, $10 off $20; L Woods, Joe’s, Saranellos, and Reelclub, $10 off $25; Beatrix, $10 off $25 after 5pm; Maggiano’s and Wildfire, $10 off $30.

    The values are much better for 1 or 2 people rather than a big group. Good values include $3 off M Burger (the burgers run $3-$5). And I would suggest trying the weekend brunch at places like Paris Club, Mon Ami Gabi, Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba, which are cheaper than the lunch/dinner menus. If you’re planning to eat in downtown Chicago this summer, where coupons are hard to find, it’s worth trying a few places.

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