Reader deals 6/27/14

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Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

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  • *** Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.


  • Mary emails: “I don’t know if you have posted about Amazon’s price guarantee, but I just found out about it yesterday when my teenager told me.  If the price drops, you can get a refund of what you paid – the new price.  It has to be within one week of your shipment date. So my son got a computer part and it was $434.99 when he ordered it.  The price dropped to $369.99.  We contacted Amazon and he got a $65 refund! There isn’t any easy way to contact them about this.  I searched for live chat in help and that’s how I got it handled.”


Food 4 Less

  • Pam reports: “The Schick deal [from last week] continues thru July 1, Just is not in the ad this week… Therefore if it’s not in the ad you will not be able to get a rain check. Sometimes F4L runs their sales for 2 weeks. The shelf display price says til July 1. Did it today & it’s still good to go :)”


  • On the $5/10 Kraft coupon in some Centrella ads, Victoria says: “The coupon worked fine last night”



  • Karen on Facebook shares: “I saw flip flops for 50 cents at Menards this morning in Homer Glen


  • From ann: “We just bought the Pittsburgh Paint Grand Distinction from Menards and it covers great. We went from a dark red to a beige. Coverage was impressive.”
  • And Anne says: “In regards to paint, every store has different lines ranging from inexpensive to expensive.  With paint, you get what you pay for.  $12 (or free) is EXTREMELY cheap for a gallon of paint, and there is really no way a manufacturer can make a quality paint for that price – full of fillers that don’t hide and aren’t durable.  I agree with Peaches – check out Consumer Reports – and expect to pay about $25-30+/gal.  Also, if you are painting a dark color (reds, deep blue, etc.), a tinted primer is necessary to minimize the coats of expensive topcoat.  Paint desk people will not always tell you that.  Around holidays, Lowe’s often has $5 rebates off gallons.  Also, Ace has had deals lately BOGO because they have a new Valspar paint line, and their Clark & Kensington has been top-rated with CR the last couple years.  Depot’s Behr line was also top-rated prior to that.”
  • DD adds: “AS for paint, Ive tried every major brand in the last few years. IMO By far the best is Menards Dutch boy Platnium paint & primer in one Runs about $32, less if they have a rebate. Used it on several rooms, covers in one to two oats beautifully. So easy to apply.. I recently bought 5 dif samples, Pittsburg, Dutch Boy, Sherwin Williams, Behr and Valspar. All same finish and color and did 2×2 ft test patches om 3 walls to see dif lighting etc, Dutch boy won easily. Covered in one coats, no streaks, even finish. HTH”


  • Something to look for from Steve F.: “FYI…There are $1.00/2 Crystal Light blinkies by the Crystal Light at Publix. “

Ultra Foods

  • Pam shares: “There is a .75/1 IP available for the Davidson’t eggs. Per their website, they do have a cage-free option available, not sure that is part of the $2.48 sale yet, but will check later when I am there.”

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  1. Shandelle says

    Just got this email from SavingStar an hour ago regarding credits from Jewel, Albertsons, Shaw’s, and ACME..


    We are writing to you because you have a card registered in your SavingStar account for Albertsons, Shaw’s, Jewel-Osco, or ACME. Due to an issue with our data feed, there is a slight delay in crediting any offers you may have redeemed since June 10. We expect the issue to be resolved by mid-July and your account will be automatically credited when the issue is fixed.

    We are working to resolve this problem as quickly as possible. We apologize for the delay and any inconvenience this may cause. Please don’t hesitate to contact our customer service team with any concerns.

    Thank you for your patience,
    The SavingStar Team

      • Kari O. says

        That’s weird. I’ve already been credited for my yogurt from 6/21 shopping trip at Jewel. So, no problems for me.

        • Shandelle says

          I’ve only noticed slowness with Jewel once or twice in the past 6 months and when I emailed them, they credited me right away. I think the last few freebies I’ve redeemed at CVS actually. And I had to pass on the Comet last week because Jewel only carried too big of a size and CVS didn’t have anything except AJAX. In general Jewel seemed even quicker for credit than CVS. And Kroger is the absolute slowest. They always take about 7 days or more.

          • Krystle says

            Did anyone else see the email from savingstar saying they’ll be adding more store soon? Like Target and Walgreens? I’m super excited! I do wonder how it’s going to work, like if we’ll have a mobile card or something.

            • Shandelle says

              My guess is it will be like Ibotta or Checkout 51 where you take a pic of the receipt and submit it over their phone app or their website to get credit. They did just redo their iphone app last week or so.

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