Reader deals 6/22/14

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Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

If you are sharing a deal from another site or an online coupon, please include the link. If you found a deal at a specific store, please include the location.

  • *** Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.


  • Charlotte found microfiber wipes for $18.89 shipped with Subscribe & Save: “If you go for the 48 pack, they are only 39 cents a piece, as opposed to the 45 cents a piece with the 24 pack. Just saying :)


  • Laurie shares: “I get generic Claritin @ Costco for like $12 for like 365 pill bottle. I don’t need D daily anymore (yea! allergy shots) but get the decongestant (6 hr or 12 hr. occasionally from any store. (ooops just realized I’m not even sure they sell 24 hr. old time generic Sudafted anymore by itself without an Rx.)”


  • Patty says: “ still has a $1/4-pack Duracell batteries. There’s also a $.50/6-pack in 6-01 PG.”
  • Something to look from from Cari: “I still have my $3/2 Charmin or Bounty from magic coupon machine.”
  • A tip from erin: “Look for Off coupons on a cardboard OFF display on an endcap.. they were on a tearpad.”
  • Krystle suggests: “Check to see if your store carries wind chimes, the store on Roosevelt Rd in Lombard had them for 90% off! Bought my mother one for 59 cents!”

Deal of the day

  • Kristina likes the Wolfgang Puck automatic salt & pepper mill: “I got this last time it was around & I really like it. It does not come w/ the salt or pepper, although maybe it was in it at one point cause mine had residue all over inside, when I went to put batteries in it , there was some rust, so w/ those 2 things I wrote tanga that I wanted to return cause I don’t expect that from something new. They refunded my money and let me keep it! I’m glad that I did cause I actually really like it, it does a graet job, you can adjust coarseness, the light is nice for when the room is a bit dim, if room is well lit u won’t notice light too much.”


  • A find from Kari O.: “Yesterday at the Jewel in Fox Lake I noticed a large amount of clearance yogurts. The expiration dates aren’t soon but the stock boy said they were discontinuing flavors. There were a variety of chobani greek, yoplait greek and yoplait trix/mickey mouse and go-gurt flavors. I made sure to scan my old jewel card for savingstar offers and will go back later this week to post redeem coupons.”

Reader requests

  • One from cj: “Has anyone received their $100 rebate card for the Cadillac Test Drive earlier this year? I have a feeling the salesman who did mine didn’t do it correctly (he didn’t ask for my license) and I don’t want to look into it yet if they haven’t been sent.”


  • Krystle comments: “Also on a side note I received the $1 bonus for claiming 3 Glade offers through Ibotta but I only did the wax melts and candles (2 different transactions but only redeemed 2 offers). Did this happen for anyone else? Plus if you claim any 3 offers through Ibotta by tonight you’ll earn an extra $0.50! So after bogo qs,mine rang in at full value $3.99, cartwheel, gift card, and Ibotta. Your end total would be $0.17 for 6 glade items!”
  • From araceli: “I found the Summer saving booklet by the jewelry out where I live.”

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  1. Bunny says

    my mom got her gift card this past week, but they put our street name as her last name. I just hope no one will care.

    • peaches says

      I am not sure if these places are convenient for you, but the cheapest places to buy quinoa are:
      El Condor
      2349 N. Milwaukee
      Chicago, IL

      Marketplace on Oakton
      4817 W. Oakton
      Skokie, IL

      You might also try Trader Joe’s

  2. ellen says

    i asked about the summer savings book at target yesterday and they said the ladies that give out samples over the weekend give them out. that was in tinley park

  3. Bunny says

    So I know pink slime issue has been out of the news for a while, but does anyone know if fresh thyme, target, aldi, and jewel use it? I know store claim their meat is natural but that is a lose term. I really want to make some hamburgers :)

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