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Canning jars

  • A question from Shandelle: “Anyone know of the cheapest way to get some canning jars?? I’m new to the whole process. But I scored 4 lbs of Driscoll’s strawberries at Target for only $.15 each stacking coupons and I’m planning to make several jars of jam. I think 16 oz jars would be ideal for me. Thanks!”
  • A response from peaches: “For canning jars go to Goodwill or the Salvation Army or any church rummage sale.”
  • Outlander says: “I just saw pint size (16 oz) on sale at Menards last week for $6.49. That’s a fantastic price, but I don’t know if they are still on sale. You want the case to be under $10. Also check Ace, Meijer and Walmart. They are usually on sale there. I checked Goodwill, but they are not cheap there. They are usually $1 a piece, and you still need proper lids. I’d buy them there only if you need only 2-3. I can a lot, so I buy cases. You can also look at garage sales. HTH”
  • Shandelle adds: “I was just on as it’s the closet big box store to me.. I just noticed the 4pk of Ball canning jars 16 oz today went from $5.99 to $5.40, which I could price match in the store, plus get another $.27 off with my Red Card. I’m guessing this is a decent price? That’d be $5.13 + tax for four brand new 16 oz jars with good lids. Would at least satisfy what I need to make my strawberry jam and I can pursue other avenues for more jars down the road. Just want to get my strawberries taken care of before they start to go yucky.”


  • A report from feelgood on the Ban cloths: “No need to split these up. At my store, they were $3.59 each. I got four. Subtotal was $14.36. Used four $2.00/1 MQ’s, a $2.50 off $12 deodorant purchase CVS store coupon, and $0.77 came off on the 20% regular priced items CVS store coupon. Total was $3.09 + tax. Paid with $3.00 EB and cash for the $0.09 and tax. Got an $8.00 EB. $4.91 MM!” YMMV on the deodorant coupon, since these aren’t actually deodorant but from a company that also makes deodorant.


  • From PeteyB: “Just picked up 3 1.5 quart Friendly’s ice Creams for $4.50 at Jewel with $1 off coupon in today’s Tribune. It is on sale through 6/3 for 2 for $5.”


  • Mandy shares: “I was at Meijer yesterday and bought 2 Vaseline lotions, and 2 Suave body washes and got a $2 on your next order Catalina. Not sure what triggered it? I did see something that google brought up about buying 2 Vaseline lotions and get $2, but it was for stores that aren’t in this area. Anyway, Mperks had a few Vaseline coupons, so, if you want to try it and need lotion, it’s a fair deal, as some of the lotions are b1g1 @ 50% this week at some Meijers.”
  • From Susan on Facebook: “Got this from meijer…And this one….”crystal light
    campbells 1
    campbells 2
    Details on the last one: 5/19 – 6/15/14, participating products include Campbell’s Chunky Soups, Condensed Soups, Go Soups, Gourmet Bisque Soups, Healthy Request Soups, Home Style Soups, Microwaveable Soups, Slow Kettle Soups, Spaghetti-Os, Pace Salsa or Picante sauce, Prego Italian Sauces, Campbell’s Skillet Sauces or Slow Cooker Sauces, Swanson Broth, and Swanson Premium Chicken. Buy 3-4, get $1.00 OYNO, buy 5-6, get $1.50 OYNO, or buy 7 or more, get $2.50 OYNO.


  • Shandelle says: “I don’t think the Skittles $1/2 from 6/1 RP works on the 6-7.2 oz size Skittles / Starburst gummies for the earn 250 pts. It says 13 to 14.5 oz so it’d be good for the 2/$4 laydown bags which I don’t think earn the 250 BRP wyb 2. However, for the Mars candy singles on sale for $.59 with in ad coupon, you should be able to use the $.50/2 Skittles coupon from 6/1 RP making them $.34 each.”

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  1. Martha says

    I was able to find about 17 canning jars for $0.25 each at yard sales this weekend (in two different locations). I don’t know if you know of any community wide sales near you, but it may be worth checking out depending on how many you need/how quickly. Luckily you could always freeze the strawberries first then can them.

  2. Aimee says

    I was at Jewel today and Fiora paper towels (8-pk) are on sale for 3.99, plus you can the $1 coupon from this weekend’s paper. Also, wasn’t there supposed to be some announcement from them today?

    • says

      They posted on facebook that “something fresh” was coming June 2, but then didn’t post anything new today, lol. I commented on their post but no reply yet, so guess we’ll stay in suspense :)

      • julie says

        my guess is they enter into the fresh/moist flushable wipes market like some of the other manufacturers already are.

  3. Pam Alexander says

    You can always freeze your berries if you don’t have time to get to them before they go bad. My hubby just bought a bunch of raspberries & apricots for raspberry apricot jam & processed it in the food processor & then froze it since he ran out of time. You can always try for jars…its free to sign up, although you do need to post an “offer” of something before asking for a “wanted” item, garage sales & craigslist are a good option too.

  4. Kari O. says

    Have you ever used for free samples? I’ve received a few and saw they did a promotion with South Beach Diet. They are out of those samples but have a link saying “Print Coupon”. I clicked it even though I was on my iPad and it actually printed! It felt wild since it didn’t install anything or refer me to an app. It even printed with the “” and qr code.

  5. Outlander says

    Shandelle, that’s very expensive for 4 jars. At least buy a whole case there (12 jars). Even if it’s full price $12 or so, it’s a better deal. Trust me, you’ll use them all up before you know it. Either jams, or crafts…

    • Shandelle says

      Thanks for the tip! I haven’t bought them yet. I also saw $7.19 for twelve 8 oz jars on which I’m considering for now. I need to get the jam made fairly quickly since I’m visiting family out of town in a couple weeks and hoped to share some with family. I realized I actually have 5 lbs of strawberries because I already had another lb in the freezer.. lol, so I’m gonna have to nearly triple my recipe which already yields two 16 oz jars. Hoping I can get to a Menards or something before too long. I live in the city and only know of one Menards but it’s super far so not worth it to me.

      • Shandelle says

        Meant that the recipe yields two 16 oz jars… so tripling it would require at least six of those. I hope I can get to a Menards or somewhere else to find them cheaper. What about Sam’s Club?? Do they carry these things in bulk? My friend has a membership and I could stop by one when I’m down in Indianapolis in a couple weeks, (cheaper tax, too).

        • Outlander says

          I haven’t seen them at Sam’s, but Walmart has them too. That’s a good price for 8 oz jars for a case. I would buy it. It looks like you will use the whole case anyway for your 3 batches, and the smaller jars are better for gift giving. There’s more to go around. :)
          Also, it’s not recommended to make more than one batch af a time, because they might not gel right. If you have a thermometer, use it to make sure you get to the right temperature.

  6. Moejo says

    Meijer has save $2 instantly when you buy 2 Off products. Purchased 2 Off explore After Bite for $3.99 each, $7.98, $2 comes off, so $5.98 stacked $1/2 target and 2 $3 mani for a $1.02 money maker. (FYI, spray off explorer is $4.99 so .98 or.49 each)

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