Reader deals 6/19/14

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Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

If you are sharing a deal from another site or an online coupon, please include the link. If you found a deal at a specific store, please include the location.

  • *** Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.


  • From peaches: “This Square Foot Gardening book is not the one by Mel Bartholomew, the originator of Square Foot Gardening. I am a big fan of his, and I own two of his books. I just want to warn people, because this book looks like it is not nearly as informative as his original or even his revised book is.”

Deal of the day

  • Emily warns: “Be careful if you need to return an item bought with this Groupon. I purchased a shirt at one Sears store. I asked about what would happen if I returned it and they told me I would get a $20 merchandise credit back. I decided that the shirt didn’t fit right and went to a second sears store to see if they had another size. They didn’t so I decided to return the shirt. This second store refunded the $8 over the $20 over my credit card but said that the Groupon works like a coupon and I wouldn’t get anything back. I had to argue with three employees and spent about 10 minutes explaining that I PURCHASED this Groupon and it was not like a coupon. I finally did get the MC. It appears that some stores are not as up to the policies as others.”
  • Charlotte posts on Facebook: “Zulily has a nice LeapFrog sale going on


  • A find from mary: “the park ridge jewel on busse also has mushroom compost for 99 cents, as well as potting soil. Topsoil is 69 cents, and miracle gro potting mix is 2.49”
  • And letsshop found: “My store in Countryside has plants 75% off”
  • A tip from mary for those finding garden supply clearance: “perennials go on sale in July / August, you can use that super cheap mushroom compost and potting soil when you plant them later this summer.”


  • On the Horizon mac & cheese, Kristen adds: “I also had an mperks manufacturer coupon for $1 off every 3 and the Catalina machine has been spitting out more coupons. I have gotten both $1/3 and $.75/2.”
  • And Kari O. says: “I read on shoppers apprentice that a $1/3 catalina coupon prints before you pay. So, if you’re using self checkout you can use that one instantly,”


  • From Charlotte on the Clorox 2: “The Menards in Bolingbrook has this on an end cap at the electrical dept. Because, you really want to deal with fluids at the same time as electrical. ;)”


Reader requests

  • Tori asks: “Does anyone use Ting for cell phone service? How is it? Thanks!”
  • From Charlotte: “I’m wondering if anyone has seen plug in repellents? My parents, who live in Spain, have those. One per room, and it keeps the worst of the mosquitoes at bay. They are not the sonic ones, but made by the same company that make Glad. Just you know, their Spanish branch.”
  • Patrick is wondering: “Does anyone know which Targets in the northern suburbs carry Dove Bars (the ice cream, I think it’s a 3-pack)? The three stores in Niles do not, the store in Glenview does not, the Highland Park store does but they’re out of them and the Wheeling store does not. Thanks.”


  • A tip from Kari O. on the Starbucks K-Cups deal: “I’ve had success doing in store pickup and redeeming manufacturer coupons. So, you could save a little more using the $3/2 printable if your store allows it.”

Ultra Foods

  • Pam comments: “I think the Dixie plates and bowls are a good deal. They are on sale for $1.67, but don’t forget there is a 0.55/1 coupon in the 5/18 RP, plus there have been 0.55/1 IPs available for the Dixie ultra moments also, which are in fact included in the sale. So $1.12 is not bad for these.”


  • Pam shares: “I price-matched the [Food 4 Less] razors at Walmart,f or a little bit of overage! There is a limit of only 2 though, so that kind of sucks”

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  1. karen says

    I have been looking for coupons to use at Great Clips for a couple of months now. I’ve run out of all the competitors coupons I have been using and have checked lots of the recent inserts and can’t find any. Does anyone know what inserts I can find hair cut coupons. They also take them expired . Does any blog list them. Coupon Tom does not. Thanks for the help!

    • Krystle says

      If you go direct to send those fat envelopes of local coupons in the mail) you can search and print hair cut coupons. I don’t know who Great clips considers a competitor or if they take $/off coupons. You can filter through the coupons by clicking on “personal care”, in my area for example there’s a coupon for Cost Cutters in Naperville for $7.95. Hope that helps!

    • Connie says

      I was JUST reading about his in All You – if a place in your area normally has them on the register tapes, you can go to and click their free coupon link at the top. Put in your zip code and then you can print them like any other online coupon.

  2. Kristina says

    The new Mariano’s in Aurora had their Organic Butternut Squash marked wrong yesterday — $.99/each instead of $.99/lb (which it rang up for). It took about 15 minutes, 2 trips to show them the sign, and 6 workers before the last one finally figured out how to use the register. I’d be surprised if they changed the sign.

    It’s somewhat near the flowers and the 5 items or less lanes in the produce area, not near the non-organic squash.

  3. cj says

    Tori-Not sure about Ting, but my hubby and I recently switched from Verizon to Republic (AT&T) and are sooo happy with the service as well as the savings. Here is a blurb he posted about it.: So in the never ending quest to save money I decided to reduce my cell phone bill by switching to Republic Wireless. Without going into all the details, you have to buy an off-contract phone from them (great phones though, either the Motorola Moto X or Moto G), which are programmed to try and use WIFI for calls and texts instead of cell towers. We have been getting pretty good results so far. Their cell backup is Sprint which isn’t the best as far as coverage goes, but it’s good enough. We have mostly had good results with the WIFI calling, however there are a few places in the house where there is so much interference from other WIFI networks (we can see 12-15 networks from our living room) that is sometimes causes our calls to become garbled. I will have to tinker a bit to try and fix that.

    The best part of this is that our bill with Verizon was $146 a month for 2 smartphones with unlimited talk/text and 3GB of shared data. Our bill with Republic is $61 a month for 2 smartphones with unlimited talk/text AND data. I did some calculations and even though we had to pay full price for the phones ($299 for the X and $169 for the G), by December they will have paid themselves off.

    It’s definitely not for everybody but if you tired of paying huge $$$ for wireless it may be worth a shot. Use this link: and you get $20 off your first month!!

    Tori-we would highly recommend it for the savings alone!

  4. Yvette says

    I have a couponing dilemma, or maybe I don’t. I’m not sure.
    I went to CVS early today, bought several things, used several coupons (MCM and manufacturer, of course), and left. I just got home and unpacked the bags and found that the cashier had placed all of the coupons that I used in the bag with the items I purchased. My instinct is to return to the store tomorrow and turn them in because don’t they need to turn them in to get reimbursed? On the other hand, the cashier gave me credit for $7 worth of expired coupons attached to my card that I didn’t even know were there, so maybe CVS has become extremely lax with their coupon rules? Either way, the cashier was so very nice that I absolutely do not want to get him in trouble.
    I do plan to return to the store tomorrow to pick up a few other items that I didn’t bring coupons for. I’m looking for advice as to whether I should hand over the coupons that were returned to me today. Any suggestions?

    • says

      They do need to turn in the manufacturer coupons — and his drawer would have come up short. It would be nice to offer them, I think.

  5. Shandelle says

    Is it just me or do the DiGiorno Design a Pizza kits seem like the pizza is smaller? My friend and I got one over the weekend. My Target had every DiGiorno tagged $5.79 including 2 rows of these kit pizzas. There was a $1 Target mobile coupon they just sent out and also the recent $1.50 printable. Not only did the pizza itself just seem smaller, but if you actually want to design anything you have to waste half the toppings. I just don’t see this being a good value in the long run. On top of people joking that toppings on frozen pizzas are generally loose enough you can rearrange them anyway (and often have to because of shifting around and being all messed up).

    • Shandelle says

      Also it did not ring up $5.79 but an absurd $7.29! This is not the fancier kits that come with wings or breadsticks, it is literally no better than a rising crust DiGiorno!! Customer service changed it without question and refunded the difference. But I don’t think I’ll waste my time with this one again.

  6. Shandelle says

    Haha ok I just had to look this up and share. Based on images of the packaging from google, it does seem like DiGiorno is reducing the pizza kits somewhere compared to the normal ones. The design a kits are about 25 oz. The Rising Crust four cheese is 28.2, the three meat is 30.5 and the supreme is 32.7. So they’re definitely smaller and I don’t think the toppings are really making up for this.

  7. liz says

    I have a shop your way reward card..i rarely shop at sears..I got a email from sears today and don’t always read them..i am glad I did today…I scrolled to the bottom and it stated I had 7000 points and no restrictions on a certain amount ..going tomorrow for free socks or something

  8. Shandelle says

    If your Target happens to carry Feline Pine 8lb or 9lb packages, they’re on price cut for $6.99 thru 6/21 and at my store (Broadway and Sunnyside), every package had a $4 peelie on it! So if bought 6 packages for $41.94, use the $10/$40 pet store coupon plus $24 in peelies and that leaves you at $7.94. If you have a red card, you’ll get another $.40 off. Plus there is a mail in rebate which they’ve been running since 2011 if you haven’t already done it before-

      • Shandelle says

        Oops got ahead of myself haha. I didn’t do this deal because I’d walked to the store and wasn’t prepare to purchase 6 bags of litter… But yeah there is a $2 printable and I think it’s a Bricks so good chance it can be printed twice to make up for two of the peelies. :)

        • Shandelle says

          Oops it was actually Smartsource not Bricks, confused it with another one. But those can be printed twice usually also.

            • Shandelle says

              Hard to say. I don’t shop at Super Target regularly because we don’t have any but maybe. We bought it regularly then it disappeared for a few months and last night was the first I saw it in quite a while and they had a big supply so maybe being bought out by A&H made em scarce for a while?

    • Jane says

      Have you used this litter before? I was wondering if it is very dusty or not. The Worlds Best litter is fairly dust free but lately I’ve been using the Hartz clumping and it is way too dusty! No wonder it was on sale. Every time I clean her box I am in a cloud of dust!
      Thanks for any input you may have on the pine stuff.

      • Shandelle says

        My friend and I each have 2 cats and have been using the Feline Pine clumping for the past year or so and like it a lot. It’s not too dusty and they don’t track nearly as much out of the box. They also sell big bags of non clumping but I’ve never used that kind. The problem is sometimes finding it, though. Like 6 months ago it seemed like it completely disappeared from shelves then popped back up rebranded into a stand up bag instead of a box and owned by Arm & Hammer then we struggled to find it again for a while. When I found it last night I was surprised because I’d been in like 5 different Target the past couple months and they kept not having it. Hopefully it’s back for good now as they had a good supply.

  9. Outlander says

    I just got today a bill from Tribune for $37.44 for the next 2 years ( my Groupon order, I assume) and it lists that it started on 6/8. I have not received the paper yet and they are sending me a bill!?! Plus, I already paid for the Groupon!
    Did that happen to anyone else?

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