Reader deals 6/12/14

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Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

If you are sharing a deal from another site or an online coupon, please include the link. If you found a deal at a specific store, please include the location.

  • *** Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.


  • From Kim on Facebook: “Watch for a $5/$25 baby purchase at CVS. I got one today from the magic coupon machine and paired it nicely with the $4 Huggies coupons!!
  • A heads up from feelgood that the Irish Spring Gear body wash coupon prints with a Walmart logo. CVS’s coupon policy says that they won’t take manufacturer coupons with another store’s logo. Some have reported that their stores accept them, but it is definitely YMMV.


  • An idea for the Sears Groupon from LovinSavin: “I used this the other day and bought my son a swim suit. A lot of the boys clothes were on sale their swim suits were $12.”
  • From jane: “Oh, thanks! Nice coffee deal without even leaving the house. :) I noticed a good deal on Asus Transformers, on Groupon too, if people are still looking to replace their xp netbooks/laptops.”
  • Charlotte shares: “I love(d) my Asus Transfomer. So much that when it jumped out of my hand, to a certain death, I got this one
  • A warning from Kari O.: “Grr! I was looking at a deal and tried entering the promocode while viewing it on my ipad. The code did not get applied and somehow defaulted to an automatic buying. No review before buying or anything. Just sucked it straight off my debit card on file. I hate Groupon. Is this punishment for not downloading their stupid app??? (Not that you have any control – I just wanted to vent and warn people from looking while on an ipad)”


  • Tori reports: “The Quaker Big Chewy Granola Bars are included in the 3 for $5 sale. So you can use the $1/1 from the 5/4 to get them for .67 for a 5 count box.”
  • And Celmarie, on the GM cereal: “Mperks also has $1 of for each cereal 2!”

Online deals

  • Mary Beth noticed: “If you get 3 pairs [of FILA canvas shoes] you get an extra 10% off. So 3 pairs for just over $40.”
  • A find from feelgood: “Drugstore Edge Shave Gel 3 for $1 (+SH or free with $35 purchase)” Get three Edge shave gel for $1.00. You pay shipping or it ships free with a $35 purchase. Scroll down the page, add three to your cart, and check the box that says “Save $5 instantly.”

Reader requests

  • Martha posts on Facebook: “I’m taking some kids to Dave & Busters for an afternoon of fun for my son’s birthday. Does anyone have any tips/links/coupons to save money there on either gaming or food or both? (Do they even have coupons?)
  • She also is wondering: “Anyone out there use only internet for all your entertainment (tv, movies, internet, etc) needs? Who do you use?
  • Caroline on Facebook asks: “I want to know if anyone went to the Wilton Tent sale this year and what the prices are like/ TIA”


  • Kari O. shares: “I just did this [L’Oreal hair care] deal in McHenry. It was awesome, but make sure you get the right Stylers. Some are actually $3.38 and will drop you below $15. Or as high as $6.99 each. Also Shampoo and Conditioners WILL give you free trial size too, but they cost $5.99 each. Also, the freebie is located in the cosmetic section, not travel or trial size area and not in the shampoo aisle. It was all the way over in cosmetics by clothing and jewelry in an end cap. This took 3 employees to figure it out in the system since it’s completely illogical. And the mobile $5 scanned fine, even though the cashier insisted on scanning all my manufacturer coupons first.”
  • Laura sends over a picture that should help those looking for the summer savings booklets at Target: “Fwd: Found these coupon books by the registers on Wednesday at the Schaumburg Target. It has Target food coupons inside. All coupons expire 7/26/14.”
    target coupon book

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  1. amy says

    Groupon did the same exact thing to me. Discount was not applied and it immediately went to purchase mode. I sent a message to customer service so we will see what happens. Their customer service, I found, is uesless so crossing fingers.

  2. says

    Better then free Clorox at Meijer with catalina

    Super cheap diapers or pull-ups as low as $0.29 a jumbo pack

    And a money maker starting Monday on Dove men which if done twice and one trial size qualifies you for the free shell card rebate

    • says

      Thanks for the info on the Catalinas. However: Isn’t the shell rebate on Henckel products? Dial not Dove — Dove is Unilever.

      For those looking at these deals: The $5/5 is a Clorox tearpad that was a while back that not many people seem to have found, judging by comments last time. As far as I know, it hasn’t been out for quite a while, so use it if you have it.

      On the Kimberly Clark rebate, Meijer is NOT listed as a participating retailer: and — it’s only small IGA stores etc, and people were getting shot down buying the products at major retailers on the last go round of this one.

      • says

        Yes it is lol sorry but still a mm without shell card

        And the Clorox stuff is still a mm, free, and great deals with insert coupons, hang tags, and that Target printable.

        And the lady said they will honor Meijer and if anyone has trouble or gets denied to just call them and they will issue it.

  3. Kerri says

    I could only get the huggies coupon to print one copy. Even tried a different email address on a different computer and it still won’t let me print more of the $4/1. Are they out of prints?

  4. Outlander says

    I got 4 Loreal stylers today, but there was no free small bottles anywhere. I told them it could be in a wrong place, but no one could find any. :(

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