Reader deals 5/27/14

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Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

If you are sharing a deal from another site or an online coupon, please include the link. If you found a deal at a specific store, please include the location.

  • *** Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.


  • Cesar comments: “I used the credit to purchase the new Ariana Grande song “Problem” and to my surpise I received a promotional credit of $3 for purchasing that song without knowing! Not sure what other songs might fall under this promotion their having but keep an eye out for other possible songs to obtain the $3 credit valid towards games or applications from the Amazon Appstore for Android :)”


  • Jane says: “Also, in the 5-18 SS (regional?) was a $1/1 Philly Swirl coupon and I found them at my Dollar Tree. They are small boxes of 6 for free but I also see in the Jewel BIG BOOK OF SAVINGS May book good only thru tomorrow they have boxes of 12 push ups or stick pops for $3.59 BOGO. So after you use a coupon on each box, they are 80c each! If you want those you better hurry in to Jewel [today].”
  • For the Mio deal, Shari says: “Be sure to check your monopoly coupons. I had the .50/1.”
  • From feelgood, some coupons for the instant savings deal ending today: “$1.00/1 Kraft dressing, $1/2 Jello refrigerated, $1/2 Kraft shredded and $1/2 Kraft singles. All MQs that say ‘at Winco Foods’ but not ‘only” at. “


  • Outlander found: “Black Flag fly swatters are $0.49 for each 2-pack at Menards, but the tag says $0.98 or something. I got 2 today and used 2 $1/1 Qs, so it was a mm.”

Product reviews

  • Abbey says: “A little review on this hose….We just hooked ours up over the weekend. It works well but you are supposed to drain it when you are finished with it which wastes a lot of water. I think I will keep the watering can next to it so I can drain it into something. I also have two hoses connected together. I am going to unhook one so there is even less water to drain out. I am hoping it lasts several seasons because it is really light weight and doesn’t tangle.”

Reader requests

  • From rose on Beats by Dre: “Does anyone know if this is a really good price on these, my daughter’s bday is coming and I would like to get her a pair but only if the price is worth it”


  • A report from lesli: “I did this deal on monday and also got a printout of $1.00/2 archer farms pizza .”
  • And she adds: “if you did the CPK deal before with the ice cream inside the boxes are coupons on the pizzas… $1.00/2”
  • Shandelle shares: “I did this on Monday but mixed & matched. Regular price for CPK in the city is $6.19.. so I got 3 of those and 1 Home Run Inn ultra thin sausage, priced $5.99. I considered buying 4 CPK but the HRI was 19 oz vs 14.3 to 15.5 oz for the CPK! Somewhere I’d snagged a $1 HRI pizza insert coupon so I stacked the $1.50/2 CPK Target printable (totally legit since I had 3 of them!), plus three $1 printables mentioned above and the $1 HRI.. paid $6.54 after my Red Card discount or $1.64 per pizza. I’m happy with that. And I still have a stash of assorted pizza coupons if I feel like running some more deals later in the week. :)”

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  1. seachicago says

    I’d like to get my kids some personalized note cards, to write thank you notes, etc. Does anyone have a suggestion for the cheapest place to get these? Thanks!

  2. Linda says

    While the Jewel guac is $4.99 a container, my parents were in town this week, and we got some, and they commented it was the best guac they had ever had. I’m not into spicy foods, but who can resist a good guac?! The secret ingredients were serrano and jalapeno peppers. Yum!

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