Reader deals 5/25/14

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Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

If you are sharing a deal from another site or an online coupon, please include the link. If you found a deal at a specific store, please include the location.

  • *** Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.


  • A Kraft mac & cheese report from Outlander: “I just got my 35 pack ( my price ended up being around $55 cents). They expire on 1/24/2015. But they are fine even a few months past that date.”


  • On finding Horizon mac & cheese, Kari O. says: “I’ve found some in the organic/healthy section before. No where near regular Mac n Cheese.”


  • VB reports: “I was able to load $35 worth of merchandise into my cart and use honor10 and memories each is $10/$25 so got $20 off $35 purchase.”
  • Nikki did it too: “I also did the honor10 & memories codes to take $20 off of my $35 purchase at the in store kiosk to receive free shipping as well!”


  • From Susan C.: “Blueberries are 3/$5.00 at Meijer and they looked good. Also raspberries are 5/$5 and they are super sweet.”
  • Valentina S. found the same: “Raspberries were priced $1 for 6 oz container Meijer and scanned at $1.00, but the paper ad that I picked at Berwyn lists “3 for $5″, not 5 for $5 as shown on the online Meijer ad. I got mine free after $1 survey MQ too.”

Party City

  • Maria shares: “I was at Party City today buying graduation cards and all their $1 cards were Buy 1 Get 1 Free. There are signs posted by the cards that say the sale was thru the end of April but the cashier told me that the BOGO will be going on until they sell out of the cards. She said that they are going to be using a different manufacturer and are getting rid of their stock. There were still lots of cards for various occasions, although they did not have any wedding nor baptism cards left. This was at the store located in Niles (Milwaukee & Golf). “

Reader requests

  • Mindy posts in Hot Deals: “I’m on the hunt for one of those hard plastic kiddie pools with the slide… do those still exist? Thoughts on where I can find one…?” I saw the hard plastic pools at Menards but I am not sure if they had slides.
  • One from liz: “does anyone have kellog products and are not using their codes? I just used all mine for cinco de mayo and would love any codes to get the 1000 bonus..thanks”
  • Monique asks on Facebook: “Are there any good deals for Six Flags Great America this year? I just found out ds and his buddies want the go the week between Finals and before Summer School (June 2-13).”


  • Jane asks: “Does anyone know if those South Beach diet bars would qualify for the new Nutrition coupon at Target? It says ‘located in the healthcare dept’ if Target even carries them that is?”
  • BethP reports: “I had activated the 10% Finish Rinse Aid on Cartwheel, but it came off when I bought the Power & Free tabs – so they came out to be $0.69 each after the stack for me!”


  • Pam warns: “Windex is not printing $2. Only $1 national cat. Wags in Cary not compensating difference even.”

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  1. jennyh says

    I bought the hard pool from Menard’s, they have 2 sizes, the big one I bought was 12.99. No slide on either one. This was the Elgin Menard’s. I know meijer and target don’t carry hard ones with slides. You may have to go to toys r us. And if they have them be prepared to pay big $$. I think your best bet is craigslist.

  2. katy says

    I bought my hard pool with a slide from toys r us 2 years ago with a 20 percet off coupon. They probably still carry them, and always have coupons.

  3. lisa says

    Somehow it does not surprise me that Walgreens is not honoring the $2 RR on the Windex. How many times over the years have they not honored offers in the monthly book that by the verbiage should be acceptable? This used to upset me but I transferred my prescriptions years ago and now I just go for the free stuff and buy nothing else. This ultimately makes it very easy for me to blow off their lack of corporate integrity.

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