Reader deals 5/22/14

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Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

If you are sharing a deal from another site or an online coupon, please include the link. If you found a deal at a specific store, please include the location.

  • *** Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.


  • Lisa sends over: “In celebration of Memorial Day and the unofficial kick-off to summer, Venus de Miles, an all-women’s road ride in Lake Forest is offering a special $10 discount off the registration price! This offer runs from May 23 – 30. Venus de Miles is produced by, and fully supports, Greenhouse Scholars, a non-profit organization that provides comprehensive support for high-performing, yet under-resourced, students from Colorado and Illinois.” She also provides:
    “Event Details: Date: Saturday, August 9; Start/End Location: Glen Rowan House at Lake Forest College, Lake Forest, IL; Register:; Promo Code: REDWHITEBLUE
    Learn more at:

Angie’s List

  • For those considering the membership deal, peaches shares: “I have belonged to Angie’s List for several years, and I like it. They will do the automatic renewal though for lots more money though than this deal, unless you let them know that you want your account cancelled. Contractors do not give members a discount for writing a positive review. They often have deals similar to Groupon that you can purchase, and for those the contractor providing the service has to have a average of at least a B rating. I have left a few negative reviews there, and when I did, somebody from Angie’s List sent me an email, asking if I would like them to be an intermediary between me and contractor. In their monthly magazine, they have the penalty box, where contractors can land if a member has a major complaint about the contractor. Angie’s List tries to work out a resolution to the problem, and the contractor remains in the penalty box until the issue is resolved. I don’t believe the really cheap Angie’s List offers include the doctor reviews, whereas the regular membership does. I have found some great contractors through Angie’s List.”
  • Lyn says: “I did not buy this deal, as I was a member already. I joined to find reputable bathroom remodelers. I didn’t want to just ‘google’ companies! I heard horror stories about contractors /sub contractors, and I wanted a reputable company that I could trust that would NOT walk away with my money and leave my project incomplete. Angie’s List was the only place I thought about using! I needed a source that listed many different companies and there services, with REAL feedback. I found four that had ‘A’ ratings, and interviewed all of them for my bathroom remodel. I had no idea how much a bathroom remodel would cost, and I needed an education. Each one showed up and seemed to be close in the numbers. I went with the remodeler that had the most ‘detailed’ contract that covered everything! I wanted everything in writing with no questions, and NO stress. My bathroom was totally gutted and was done in 9 days. Absolutely no stress for me, except picking out a vanity and tile for the walls, an d light fixtures. They took care of everything. They were ‘outstanding’ and I wrote my review. The company was AAA in every way. I continued to use them to put drywall up in a kitchen, and do some electrical work as well. It is true the companies pay to join, especially to be listed in “certain” zip codes, but they are checked out by Angie’s List. I have used Angie’s list to find tuck-pointing companies, window washers, electricians, house painters and finally floors refinished! I have had great experiences. To me this is the only place you can find whatever it is you need to get done, and decide for yourself if you want to call the company, (based on the reviews) or not. I have had very good luck with Angie’s list. I would highly recommend joining even if there is no ‘deal’! It is worth the few dollars a year if you need work done around the house, and need piece of mind that someone has done background checks on these companies! As far as ‘yelp’ is concerned I usually look for restaurants on that site and read the comments. I would never use ‘yelp’ to look for a remodeler or for any service that would be costing me thousands of dollars. “


  • Stacy’s take on the HSI flat iron: “I bought this flat iron last month. I’m not sure what all the hype is on Amazon. I was willing to spend a little more on a flat iron, but when I saw all the great reviews on Amazon I decided to give this one a shot. I agree with Liz, it’s ok, don’t love it.”
  • And patti says: “I’ve had this iron for about a year and it’s dependable and heats up quickly. For me unfortunately though it wasn’t at all good at keeping my hair straight for very long or defrizzing . I have fine wavy hair and it still took more than a few passes to get any results, it may work better for different hair types. For me personally I’m on the hunt for an upgrade.” For what it’s worth, I love my 1.5″ Sedu for my very difficult hair.


  • Regarding Centrella ads, Samantha says: “In addition to the $5/10 Kraft I found a $3/15 Kingsford. Should make the Jewel price a little sweeter!” The $3/$15 is in my Tony’s ad.
  • Ashley says: “The $3/$15 is in Tonys. Makes for great deals stacked with the Ultra $3/$15 instant”
  • Samantha adds: “I found mine in the Happy Foods ad. I never seem to get them in my Tony’s.”
  • And feelgood shares: “Found them in the Chipain’s and Berkot’s weekly ads (both Centrella stores). $5 off $10 Kraft in Chipain’s ad.”



  • A find from ellen: “Saw $1.50 peelies on Maxwell House at meijer the other day”
  • Ashley says: “Today the Ziploc containers had $0.50/1 peelies on them making them just as cheap! Also the Valli ad has some great coupons to stack and get free and cheap Kraft brand items”
  • Mary Jo on Facebook found Kingsford Charcoal: “Twin packs are $9.98 at Meijer – should get 10% off with mperks for $8.99.”
  • A deal from Ashley: “Also if you have a Food4Less near you, they have manufacturer coupons such as $2/2 OM Bologna making for a $3 mm when you buy four and use two coupons.” Note: These are only available at SOME Food 4 Less, and if they have them they are up front by the weekly ads. The 12 oz bologna is $1.00 at Meijer, with a $3.00 Catalina wyb four.


  • From julie: “The $3 off Rayovac coupon was back on Hopster this morning. There is also a $1 off as well. If you have 2 computers, you can print 2 each of the $3 and $1 coupons, and get 4 10-pack of AA or AAA at Menards for $3.99 with $2 back on each in a rebate, limit 4, for free batteries.”

Reader requests

  • Kristin in Hot Deals asks: “Anyone hear if rosemont muvico is doing free summer series? I haven’t seen anything yet.”
  • Aimee posts on Facebook: “I need to make some burgers – has anyone seen good ground beef deals this holiday weekend? I’m in Lake County, so we don’t have Ultra, F4L, Petes . . .”
  • From Charlotte: “Farmer’s Market season is upon us. Any suggestions for some good farmer’s markets to visit? Or which ones to avoid? The one here in Bolingbrook is starting on June 12th, 4pm at the Promenade, but I’m a bit leery, due to it’s location. Never been there before, so any feedback would be loved! 😀

Strack & Van Til

  • Sheila shares: “The mix and match must buy 10 limit 1 deal.capri roaring sun $1.49 each after buying 10 sale. I bought 10 used(5) of the $1.00 off 2 after tax I paid $10.94 for 10. Coupon expires 5/30.”


  • Amy on Facebook is wondering: “Does anyone know if Target carries Lofthouse cookies? Wondering if I can use the high value $2q there and add to my $50 grocery trip.”
  • On Maxwell House, Lynn reports: “I found $1/1 peelies at Target and did this deal this morning. The peelies were few and far between, but for net $2.50/can, it’s a great deal!”


  • Vicky on “Looking at the website, they have two types of gift cards for sale. One for merchant credit (points are not earned when using this one) or W gift cards (which does not affect the point system). The link that you have provided is for the merchant credit. I just checked the website and there was nothing on sale for the gift cards.

Zaycon Foods

  • From Catie: “I got the chicken this spring (for the first) and was really disappointed.  I found the ‘pieces’ crazy big -lots of cutting and trimming and  tossing and tough to chew.”
  • Kristina says: “Too bad. Love the chicken, but didn’t really care for the ground beef. There’s so much white stuff in it. Ick!” She adds: “That’s too bad. I love the chicken. There is a lot of work that goes into it and I was overwhelmed the first time, but I’ve gotten it 3 times since then. I got 80 pounds this last time and was overwhelmed again. I’m not sure I’ll do that again. I get them all trimmed up first (leaving them whole). When I’m all done with that, I wrap each breast in plastic wrap and then put 2 per gallon size ziploc bag. They’ve held up perfectly fine in our Jewel freezer. :) I haven’t bought chicken from a store in years.”
  • A question from patti: “Kristina (or anyone else who’s a fan) – would you mind explaining the benefits? I’m curious but haven’t tried it and I’m wondering if their products have no additives or hormones etc or is it just the price? Thank you!”

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  1. Shandelle says

    No idea if any of the Meijers in the Chicago suburbs have fuel stations, but the ones around central Indiana do. My mom had a coupon in her mPerks for $.20 off per gallon up to 10 gallons exp 6/15! Doesn’t seem to be zip specific. I tried switching my zip from Chicago to Indianapolis and it didn’t give it to me. I googled and found others saying it’s really random which users were offered the discount. But something to check for.

    • Kari O. says

      I had 10 cents off and we visit the McHenry store that has a fuel station. Only my account did and my husbands had nothing. While my mother in law got free eggs and pretzel crisps. They’re completely random this week.

  2. Kari O. says

    As opposed to Angie’s List has anyone tried Home Advisor? My father in law is a master carpet installer who does inspections and corrections as well. He’s been a member of Home Advisor for years and has been rated #1 for two years for the IL/WI area. The way it works is people search for the kind of project they need done and their area. Then Home Advisor sends your information to 3 different companies and they respond to your request with a bid. You get to review their info, see their ratings and then choose one of them. It’s pretty awesome.

  3. Cari says

    10% does come off on the Kingsford. I got some yesterday. Orland Park store said they did not get any of the 2 packs in but did let me substitute 2 regular size bags (slightly smaller I think). Plus I had $1/1 printables.

  4. Aimee says

    Thanks for the tips on the ground beef. Angela, the Santa’s Village discrepancy has been happening for about a month now. Every friend of mine that bought the Groupon was told a different expiration date when they viewed the offer, then received a completely different expiration date from Groupon after their order was placed!

  5. Suzann says

    Just got through reading new stories on the WSJ online–pink slime is back in ground beef products
    because of high beef prices. Looks like it is buyer beware.

  6. feelgood says

    Where are those Food4Less $2/2 Oscar Mayer Bologna manufacturer coupons that Ashley is talking about? Are they peelies, tearpads, insert or booklet coupons?

    • says

      From comments Ashley has made elsewhere, these coupons are only available at SOME Food 4 Less, and if they have them they would be in some kind of flyer up front by the weekly ads. The deal itself is not at F4L but at Meijer, where the 12 oz bologna is $1.00 with $3.00 Catalina back when you buy four. I updated the above post to clarify.

    • says

      Yes. Participating locations have books for a Spanish market promotion $2/2 OM cold cuts or hot dogs, $1/1 kraft miracle whip or mayo, $1/1 koolaid canister, $1/2 macaroni and cheese kraft, and $1/3 Capri sun big pouches. It’s like a magazine booklet thing. Its under the weekly ads. They will have a new one each month, they’re all manufacturer, and they are good for two months. Hth

      • feelgood says

        Thanks, Rachel and Ashley. Looks like some good possibilities, especially if the manufacturer coupon doesn’t have the dreaded word “only” on it.

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