Reader deals 5/20/14

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Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

If you are sharing a deal from another site or an online coupon, please include the link. If you found a deal at a specific store, please include the location.

  • *** Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.


  • Laura says: “I found a resolve coupon on to go with the Try me Free mail in rebate for Resolve laundry or carpet product.”

Dollar Tree

  • Ashley found: “Dollar Tree has Philly Swirl ice cream treats so free with the $1/1 in 5/18SS”

Household tips

  • From celmarie: “I always stock up on the OM deli fresh meat and freeze it. Can’t notice any difference after its frozen.”
  • Sarah adds: “I freeze it all the time. My husband has never complained. I always freeze cheese too.”


  • Shandelle found: “Jewel at Southport and Addison had several kinds of Wishbone salad dressing on clearance for $1.24 for those that got the $1 coupon.”
  • She also shares: “A heads up regarding the same Jewel at Southport and Addison in Wrigleyville, a couple weeks ago they setup a “coupon center” display in the upstairs liquor area. Seems they’re just putting the hang tags and rebate offers there instead of putting them on the bottles. I actually find this helpful because they seem to replenish it regularly and you don’t have to hunt around for them on other brands/types for the same offer if what you’re buying doesn’t have one.”


  • Jackie on Facebook advises: “Check your receipt at Meijer on your buy 10 get 11th free when using coupons for any of the first 10 items. Although I made sure I had my 11th item a non-coupon item and it showed up on the register as taking off a full dollar, I looked at my receipt and one of my free items had changed to .55 off instead of 1.00


  • Jackie sends over: “credit to bonnie48 at CW Menards has 24 pack Glacier Mist water on sale for $2.50 per case…on top is a rebate form, buy 5 get a $5 Menards GC back….pay $12.50 get $5 back= $7.50 for 5 cases $1.50 per case. I went and did this yesterday.  The rebate is actually the plastic packaging on the waterbottles (not a form from CS)  you have to cut it from the packaging to mail it in.  You need to send in 5 forms from the top of the waterbottles along with a SASE and they will mail you a $5 MENARDS gift card.  Limit of 4 gift cards (20 cases ) per household. Stocked up for us for summer as well as VBS”

Reader requests

  • One from savinlikeu: “Tried doing Ibbota on Safeway link with jewel receipt…it worked…anyone else try this? TIA”
  • Caroline is wondering: “Do you know of any stores that will have Challenge Butter on sale for this upcoming week? I tried to use my coupons at Caputo’s but they don’t understand coupons there and claimed it was a Jewel coupon. UGH Unfortunately, Caputo’s has told me that they don’t accept coupons with other store logos or names regardless of whether it is a manufacturer coupon. It is $2.50 at Tony’s through today, but their policy is silent on these coupons.


  • Minxy comments: “Thanks for the Swiffer heads-up! Mine was out of the less expensive options – does anyone know how often they stock during these promotions? Thanks!”
  • Suzanne posts on Facebook: “Found boxes of Del Monte fruit burst squeezes at Target for $1.88 (mixed berry & strawberry) also packs of boys character underwear for $4.48 (Lego Chima & Turbo)
  • A heads up on Sweet Baby Ray’s from victoria h: “They have to be all the same bbq kind– I got 2 of 2 and did not get the 4th free. Still can not complain about 2.04 for 4.”


  • John W shares: “The new Tony’s opens Weds 5/21 in Lincoln Square, 5233 N. Lincoln in Chicago. Grand opening week sales (at this store only, May 21-27) include Milk 1.88/gal, Centrella Sugar 1.49/4lbs (lim 2), Aunt Jemima waffles 88 cents (lim 2), Dean’s Ice Cream 2.50, Oscar Mayer wieners 99 cents (lim 2), whole watermelon 2.99 ea., charcoal 4.88/16 lb, Pork spare ribs 1.99/lb, blueberries 1.99/pint, corn 5/$1, avocadoes 99 each, Riceland rice 6.99/20 lbs., Racconto pasta 59 cents/1 lb., Asli raw peanuts 3.99/4 lbs. Check-out bingo and raffle at certain times. Full ad is hereThe ice cream, charcoal, ribs, and blueberries, are also in my regular ad.

Ultra Foods

  • From feelgood: “The last time Ultra had the “save instantly when you buy 10 mix/match items”, I bought 4 of these same bonus 24 oz bottles of Kraft Ranch dressing and six other Kraft items, and a $5 instant came off. Bottle says “Bonus Size 50% more free (compared to 16 oz size)”. The .55/1 printables may work, too, since you’re paying for 16 oz and getting 50% more free. Sounds like very cheap or even MM dressing!”
  • He also sends over: “Got my weekly ads today. My local Centrella store has a manufacturer coupon in their ad, “Save $5.00 when you buy 10 participating Kraft Foods Items”, expires 5/28/14. Most of this week’s Ultra sale items (until 5/21)  are participating items for the coupon, so finding some excellent matchups: Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh Lunchmeat, $0.68 after $4.00/5 Catalina. Kraft Salad Dressing, $0.48, Oscar Mayer Bologna or Cotto Salami, $0.48, Breakstone Sour Cream, $0.88, Capri Sun or Crystal Light $0.98, Kraft Mayo or Miracle Whip, $1.38, Kraft Singles, Shredded, Chunk, $1.38, Planters Peanuts, $1.38″
  • Celmarie noticed: “Ultra has Texas toast croutons for $1 so .25cents after .75 q in the May all you.”


  • Diane cautions: “Maybe everyone in the world knows this but me – but just in case they don’t. I bought a Wags GC from Raise the other day & used it on BR items that I purchased at Wags today & get 0 BRP when I should have gotten 3500 points. Didn’t notice this till I got home & when I called Wags they said no BRP are accumulated when you pay with points or store credit (i.e. GC). So just in case, someone else doesn’t know.” Merchandise credit will do that, but true gift cards will not. Unfortunately with Raise, there is no way to know for sure.


  • A heads up from Matt on this TV: “720 is a lower resolution. But it’s probably fine if you’re looking for a cheap one. The pricey ones are the Samsung 32 inch 1080p models. “

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  1. Joanne says

    Our lawn mower crapped out – anyone know of any good deals on a replacement? self propelled or push – gas

  2. says

    Chips Ahoy (needed for school snack) $2.69 x 2, used 75¢ off 2 (5/188ss); doubled today (Wednesday) Total $3.88 but wait there’s more… there is a Roundy’s challenge and you get a free bag of Roundy’s chocolate chip cookies wyb Chips Ahoy, so I got 4 bags of cookies for $3.88.
    Simply juices are $2.49 so with the doubled 75¢ IP 99¢
    Barilla Blue Boxes are $1.00 each; even the veggie and whole grain variety. Used the $1. off 2 IP and got 2 boxes for FREE.

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