Reader deals 5/15/14

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Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

If you are sharing a deal from another site or an online coupon, please include the link. If you found a deal at a specific store, please include the location.

  • *** Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.


  • Tori says: “Admission to Magic Waters on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday is $12 all the time.”


  • Gail warns: “The raspberries are very small, mushy, and even moldy. Check carefully.”


  • Becky is wondering about the Larabars: “But the real question is, do they taste good? Love coconut stuff!”
  • Anne responds: “They’re ok. They contain dates, so are kind of mushy-chewy — not like a Kind bar.”



  • Caroline posts on Facebook: “In the new Carson’s ad found in today’s Suntimes there is a new coupon for $10/$10! Good on regular and sale prices. Coupon good Friday til Sunday the 18th.”

Dollar Tree

  • On the Jimmy Dean, Brian warns: “Bolingbrook’s manager, Eric, refused to push it through claiming that they were no longer allowed to manually enter coupons.”


  • From jackie: “I did the ice cream deal today, the magnum was 3.99 for the regular bars and 5.99 for the minis. So it looked like this 2 breyers $6 1 magnum 3.99 -$2 for buying breyers -3 man q $5 for all 3 items:-)”
  • Theresa says: “I have a stack of the $1.25 off one Magnum coupons that don’t expire until 6/24, and my family loves ice cream, so I am going to buy six Breyers and 3 Magnums, using 2 of the $3/3 and 3 of the $1.25/1 Magnums. Saves just a little more.” She adds: “Forgot to add that the Magnum coupons were IPs, and, I assume, no longer available.”


  • Melissa noticed: “Also, there’s a 75c off simply lemonade coupon on mperks as well.”
  • Ashley shares: “There’s a great deal on tableware too with the new catalina. You can get eight items for as low as $4 oop
  • She adds: “This will double dip with the catalina starting Monday for spend $6 on meijer napkins get $1.50 onyo. So buy six napkins $1 each, get back $1/$4, $1.50, and $3 Catalina. Then buy six more and use the Catalina’s. You’ll pay $6.50 oop for 12 packs of napkins”
  • Don posts on Facebook: “10/10 get 11th this week includes 3 types of Annies which are : Shells and Real aged cheddar , Shells and White cheddar and Macaroni and Cheese – all are made with organic pasta – i scored a BUNCHPrint $.35/1 here.

Online deals

  • On DON says: “Rachel, these are gift cards. I have purchased several hundred dollars of gift cards from them and the cards are either physical – to use IN store OR ECODE that can be used on line….. I love this place – the ECODES turn around time is within 24 hours and as quick as 1 hour which means whenever I purchase online, I look to buy an ECODE from Raise to make the purchase. They have cards that save up to 25 or more percent…. check out petco and petsmart , culvers and on and on….. LOVE THIS PLACE …… Last, they do call and confirm a 1st time purchase with all new customers – just security”


  • Lisa says: “Publix in Florida takes them too, but be sure to print their coupon policy which clearly states that they, ‘accept coupons from all local retail pharmacies’ before going in to redeem the deal. Many Publix pharmacy employees are unaware of this policy. CVS in South Florida has told me that they will happily accept the Kmart transfer coupon, although I prefer to get a supermarket gift card from Publix.”

Reader requests

  • A Sam’s Club question from Kristen: “My current membership expires in July. Can I let it lapse, buy this now and then redeem it in August? This is definitely a deal I’d hate to miss out on. Anyone know? Thank you.”


  • Shandelle points out: “There is also 10% off Soft Scrub on Cartwheel exp 5/27.”
  • On the Simply Lemonade, she also shares: “Krazy Coupon Lady just blogged that starting Sunday, these will also be $2 each at Target. So if you have a Red Card, the deal is slightly better than Walgreens at $2.37 or $1.19 each. Plus you can get gift cards through Shopkick super easily, too. I guess if you have BR points at Wags, that might sway you the other way, too.”


  • Tamara comments: “I found Zantac 75, 80 ct at Walgreens on clearance for $6.99. has a $6/1 printable and the WAGs savings book has a $3/1. Free Zantac! There were only 2 left and it was in a clearance section of the store.”
  • Theresa emails: “Walgreen’s Catalina”


  • Shandelle says: “There’s still $1 back on Heinz ketchup in Shopmium. Walmart sells boxes of 6ct little Heinz dip/squirt packages (the kind that Chick-Fil-A gives out) for $1. So free. I found them for that price at a super center in central IN (yay no food tax!) last month but I imagine the price is same or similar in Chicago. I love these Heinz packages for packing in lunches or to take when traveling. I think each one is the equivalent of 3 or 4 ketchup packets and far less messy, especially for the latter.”

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  1. Tamara says

    The Zantac coupons actually gave me an overage of $2.01 so I got Butterball turkey for $1.29 and Sunmaid Raisins for $2 (didn’t have coupons for either). I paid $1.51 with tax and will get $1 for the raisins from Checkout 51 for a net of $.51.

  2. maria says

    **Overheard a manager telling a customer she could price match her Aldi ad for produce at Gurnee store!!!!!!!!
    I’m sure going to try and will ask for a manager if necessary!!!!

  3. Charlotte says

    The raspberries I got from Aldi in Bolingbrook (Lily Cache) were normal sized and very good, this morning. I say were, because both packs are now gone… Nom nom nom :) But yeah, it can vary greatly from day to day and store to store how good the produce is. I looked through their cherry toms before the weekend, and every single one I looked at, had a moldy tomato in it. :(

  4. Charlotte says

    Speaking of prescriptions, we’ll be using Walgreens from now on for our prescriptions. Do they have any transfer your prescription get a gift card kind of deal? And if they do, will it work with insurance?

    Thanks! :)

  5. Shandelle says

    If you still have any of the $1 off fresh pork printables that expire at the end of June (long gone, as I printed these at least a month or more ago), they stack well with the Jewel BOGO meat sale this week! I picked up a couple packs of pork chops and used both coupons to get all 6 chops for around $4. I also noticed that Kettle chips were on sale 2/$5 and there’s $.50 back in Checkout 51 on any Kettle chips. And the Jewel I was at had a big display of a new sriracha Kettle flavor. Yum!

  6. Shandelle says

    Looks like Saving Star now works with Google Wallet. I just checked to see if some of my credits had come through and it seems like they’ve turned this feature on in the last 24 hours. So no idea how well it works or not, but good that they’re providing more options! Maybe this means eventually SS offers will work at stores without loyalty cards such as Target or Walmart. :)

      • Kari O. says

        Domino’s is running a deal using Google Wallet. You have to download and install the app, then pay with Google Wallet. You get a free order of their new specialty chicken. The pineapple jalapeño was really good, but it’s essentially chicken nuggets with pizza toppings. Not sure it’s quite worth the regular price or the hassle of app and Google wallet. lol

  7. ElizabethF says

    An additional follow-up about the taste of Larabars… My kids call them “paint bars.” The smell and taste a little like paint. I have one sensitive kid who cannot get past the smell enough to eat them. The other packs them in his bag “in case of emergency” but has never been “starving” since.

    • Tamara says

      awww…I’ve personally never tried the coconut cream pie (doesn’t sound that appealing to me), but I have LOVED all of the other ones. Carrot cake is amazing!! I also enjoy the banana bread. So much healthier and more natural than many of the competitors. If you haven’t tried those flavors, I highly suggest them. :)

  8. cj says

    My Starbucks-Does anyone know what you get if you complete all the badges on the site? I have 3 to go and just wondering if it is worth it to complete all the badegs. Thanks!

  9. Andi says

    Re: The Continental tire deal – just did this Monday! Needed them anyways, so when I began researching, I found the tires I wanted to be well reviewed. The two nights hotel, allowable even for a Fri/Sat night stay, sealed the deal to go with Continental. The tires I ended up with were Continental CrossContact LX20 with EcoPlus Technology. See here, for example:
    For the size I needed, I researched and found to be cheapest. Be sure to call around – a direct quote from a local Merlins was INSANE. However, they would allow me to purchase from, ship there, and install. Got Just Tires to beat this, and they ordered direct (they could not let me ship to them, as they have an existing relationship with a shipper and I would have had to physically bring them with me). Beat the Merlin’s deal, and I have free balance and rotations. These are 70k mile tires, so the last I’ll purchase for this vehicle, assuming they last. Ride is quieter and smoother than what I had from the factory, but given all the potholes from this past winter, the alignment may be mostly responsible for that, LOL.

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