Reader deals 5/13/14

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Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

If you are sharing a deal from another site or an online coupon, please include the link. If you found a deal at a specific store, please include the location.

  • *** Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.


  • On Million Dollar Quartet, dawn says: “i bought tickets for our family……hubby and i saw it last year and it was great. always talked about taking our boys and now we are! highly recommend!”


  • Kitty emails: The Shopmium Chobani 100 offer has 3 options:  buy 1 get 25c; buy 2 get 50c; buy 3 get 75c.  They are $1.02 at Glenview/Northfield [Target] store so 77c each WYB 3.” They are also $1.00 in tomorrow’s Jewel ad.


Dollar Tree

  • A heads up sent over by Katie: “not sure where to put this in the blog and maybe you can find out more details …heads up that at dollar tree today they have begun to scan coupons and if one doesn’t scan they won’t take it even if it fits their coupon policy.” As always, this might vary by store since their policy doesn’t currently say they won’t take it if doesn’t scan.

Online deals

  • ElizabethF found: “Tegu blocks are 25% off at Marbles the Brain Store. Looks like they are having a customer appreciation 25% off sale in general, plus free shipping.
  • From andi: “Uline sells the 8.5″x12″ Uline Bubble Mailer (white, plastic outside) for $27 for 100 (can buy a single box). Would charge freight, but if you’re local and can pick up in Waukegan, it’s free. I personally bought on ebay recently, for approx $28 for the 10×13 (100 quantity). This way, I have for larger items, and can fold over the excess for smaller packages.”

Reader requests

  • Don posts on Facebook: “Is there any word on what is going on with some of these Marianos stores , namely Shorewood location. Is it me or is it by time we should be hearing something?
  • Callie emails: “Do you have any suggestions for the best printer wireless printer to use for coupon printing? I have finally come to the conclusion that the HP does the best wireless acceptance of printing coupons but I want a high yield printer that won’t cost an arm and a leg in ink since I like to print A LOT of coupons haha! I figured you would be my go-to lady!!” My two cents: I have the HP P1102w, which is their cheapest wireless laser. After a recent update, the app works with it so I can print from iPad and iPhone. I get my toner cartridges on amazon for about $10 each. It has been perfect for me!
  • Nancy is wondering: “Has anyone found the Ocean Potion 1 oz facial sun care? I looked at Walmart and Target with no luck. Walmart only had after sun in these products, Target didn’t seem to carry it. Thanks!! “
  • Sarah wonders about Miracle Noodles: “Has anyone tried these before? Do they just taste like nothing but whatever sauce you put on them? I just started a low carb diet and am curious to try these.”

Ultra Foods

  • A report from lisa on next week’s instant savings deal: “want to take a trip out to the new mount prospect store? some of our prices are cheaper: kraft cheese: $1.38 (wyb 10) capri sun and kool-aide: $.98 (wyb 10)”

Warehouse clubs

  • Kari O.’s take: “If organic and natural items are a big deal for you, go to Costco. If you’d rather save money and don’t care if it’s unhealthy, go to Sam’s Club. We’ve shopped both and getting similar items and quantity found our trips to be $100-$200 cheaper at Sam’s Club. lol. We buy everything from produce, frozen foods, bottled water and rust remover salt. A cartload of two months worth of stuff is about $200 at Sam’s Club for our family of 4. At CostCo the like items were over $450 but getting natural and organic things were fun. We shop CostCo once or twice a year with friends, but we keep our Sam’s Club membership for generic Claritin D savings alone.”
  • Artie shares: “Costco has better quality & selection overall. Most of the stuff at Sams are national brands that can be found in any grocery store and when on sale are always lower in price. Sams discounts it’s memberships often. Costco rarely if ever discounts their membership except for maybe when they open a new store and even that doesn’t hold true for all their openings. Price Challenge: Costco vs. Sam’s Club:
  • From SoapboxTray: “I second Costco, have had a membership for years, my kids have gone nuts for the tiny cucumbers they have had there lately, and I get my Horizon half and half for my coffee. It is a half gallon size for around $4 (Lake Zurich) you cannot beat that anywhere. Not a fan of any part of Wal-Mart.”
  • Outlander agrees: “That’s exactly what I was gonna say- you don’t really want to shop at any part of Walmart. Definitely get Costco. Even though for full disclosure I have Sam’s membership too, but it expires on 5/17 and I’m not renewing. I’m getting Costco next.”
  • Kari O. adds: “The tiny cucumbers are EVERYWHERE right now. We got the same size bag from CostCo at Garden Fresh for $1.99! And I saw a tiny bag of 4 of them at Jewel for $1.49. I laughed. “

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  1. Matt says

    Menards has 100 packs of Flavor Ice for $2.50. It’s hard for me to remember how much they are at different places, but I think that’s a good price. 2.5 cents a piece.

  2. liz says

    Need a quality haircut? Great salon in Arlington Heights called house of blondes…first time clients get $20.00 off when you use my referral (I also get points when you use me)…on your first visit they will also give you a new client packet with 2 coupons for your 2nd visit…A coupon for 20% off your next visit and the other coupon is for a free eyebrow wax…prices for haircuts I believe start at $29 and go up to $? 50 for a senior stylist so $20 off your first visit is a great deal…email me at and I can give you my name for your referral

  3. Outlander says

    I’m looking for a deal on iPod 4 touch before 6/1. If anyone sees anything please post!!! Thank you!!

  4. Jeanne says

    To answer Don’s question on Mariano’ a in Shorewood, the Herald News had an article saying it would now open mid July. The source was some Shorewwod official similar to the Chamber of Commerce. Article also said no word on the old Dominick’s on Essington either. I am wish they would finish up, were originally supposed to open in March I think.

  5. Celmarie says

    I went to dollar tree and was told the same thing if they don’t scan then they cant take it.
    Firefly, reach floss, soft soap, Hormel pepperoni and wethers caramels worked. Jimmy dean’s did not work.

    • Katie says

      At Dollar tree, I also found that none of my $1.00 off coupons worked. The coupons that did work were 50 cents off. Maybe the machines don’t like giving us “Free” stuff.

      • Jane says

        I just got back from Dollar Tree and the register rejected all of my coupons! I had the $3/3, $2/2 & $1/1 Aleve with no size restrictions and the mgr. noticed it says in the upper right hand corner “redeemable at walmart” He said it was a Walmart coupon and they cannot take it. I did say it was a manuf. cp. since it says it on it but he said nope.

        I will go back next time with any new coupons I may find and see if any of them are rejected. The party is over at Dollar Tree it seems. What can you do?

        • Jane says

          From the May 12th Facebook page on Dollar Tree:

          Dear Valued Customers, we recently rolled out enhancements to our store’s cash register systems which, in the long run, will improve our ability to handle the acceptance of valid coupons in our nearly 5,000 stores. Unfortunately, this rollout has, in the short term, created training challenges for our store staff members. We are actively addressing this issue and apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced while we go through this transition.

          This is all I can view, since I am not a member of FB.

          Many comments regarding new registers and couponing if you log in!

  6. Matt says

    I have an Epson Workforce printer that I bought from Walmart for under $100. It does wireless printing. I got it mostly because of the automatic document feeder for scanning up to 20 pages at once. Obviously a laser printer is probably going to be the cheapest in terms of ink, but the unit may be more expensive. In terms of quality between HP, Canon and Epson, I think Canon makes the best quality machines. The best printer for each person depends on budget for the unit and the ink/toner and what the unit is used for. I think the vast majority of all new printers include wireless. It’s best to read up on the features of each model and read Amazon reviews about the items. If you print color ink it’s always best to use a printer that has individual color cartridges as that saves ink compared to the tri-color ink cartridges.

    • Callie says

      I can’t get the Canon to print coupons wirelessly. If I connect it wired I can but it won’t do diddly if it’s connected wirelessly. Any suggestions?

  7. Laurie says

    I used to love Costco. Now they have an item one week and gone the next – I have a long list of discontinued items that keeps getting longer. The 4 lbs quinoa bags went from $10 to $20, which is the price of Trader Joes or anywhere else. If you have to pay a membership fee, the prices need to be lower. I am boycotting those items there. I keep giving feedback but I am not holding my breath.

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