Reader deals 4/5/14

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Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

Big favor: If you mention other sites, online coupons, etc, please include the link. Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.


  • Francesca likes Ghirardelli: “These are the best boxed mixes ever”

Battery toothbrush replacement heads

  • On the Tanga deal, Nora says: “My husband uses them for his Oral B and they work just fine.”
  • Linda’s experience: “I’ve gone the generic route for the Oral B replacement heads, and they’re fine. I figure it’s kind of like Jewel or Aldi brand stuff- which I’m totally fine with!”
  • But karen wasn’t a fan of generics: “I tried the sonic care elite meijer brand and they are alfull. Don’t vibrate as much so I felt like it doesn’t clean as well. What’s the point?”


  • A deal idea from Krystle: “Wow on the Allegra and Nasacort coupons! Through tonight if you have a $10 off of both Nasacort and Allegra CRT(or check your account, handy when you lose some), use it with the new coupons from the 4/6 paper, plus you will earn a $10ECB! So your net will be $3.98 before tax (1.75% for me) for a 30 ct Allegra and 120 spray Nasacort.”

Dollar Tree

  • Finds from Outlander: “I found Loreal Paris eye pencils (many colors) at Dollar Tree, so 2 free with $2/1 Q from 3/23 RP. I just got 6 free with 3 Qs! :) Oh, and, also, they weren’t with the other makeup, but on the end cap at 2 different stores (with Wet’n Wild stuff). Also found Colgate in bottles 4.2 or 4.6 oz, so you can use $0.50/1 Q from 3/23 SS (smaller size varieties at Dollar Tree are excluded on the Q).”


  • A reminder that it is a good place for books, from Susan on Facebook: “This is why i love Goodwill! If u have the patience u can find anything….all 4 books in the Game of Thrones Series! 0.89 each! They were not filed together but with a bit of scanning I found all of them!”

Home Depot

  • Ashley found: “EGV Home Depot has Krud Kutter multipacks for $1 each. Each Multipack has two 56oz bottles. Each 56 oz bottle has a shelf price of $18.98 so I think its a great deal. They had a cart full left when we were there around 2pm [yesterday]”


  • Ashley shares: “Saturday and Sunday only at Petsmart you can score some amazing discounts on pet food! Simply Nourish Dry Dog food $0.85 a lb with four free cans Simply Nourish Dry Cat food $1.49 a lb with six free cans Hills Science Diet Dry Dog food $0.53 a lb with four free cans Hills Science Diet Dry Cat food $1.07 a lb with four free cans Wellness Dry Dog Food $1.56 a lb Wellness Dry Cat food $0.94 a lb with three packages of dog treats free!”

Reader requests

  • One from DD: “Was wondering if anyone can share any info on video cams. We’re looking to get a decent one to preserve memories–hoping $200-$300 price range?? Have NO idea where to start as far as what to look for! TIA”
  • Yvette posts on Facebook: “Does anyone know of any deals for car rentals in Chicago, Ohare area? My parents are coming over for a visit for a month and looking for good deal on a car rental… Thank you”
  • Aoy emails: “I submitted the Suave receipts to their company and used their codes to get $5 discount on my utility bills. I have not seen those being applied to my bills yet. I just would like to see if you have the same problem. Do you know where should I contact to find out what happened?”
  • From Linsay: “If anyone did the survey for White Sox tickets and is unable to go, please let me know That’s my hubby’s team and I missed out on the survey. Thanks so much!”


  • Krystle comments: “Check your binders for a $2/2 Colgate printable from a few weeks ago. If you do happen to have one, you can score 2 Colgate Max fresh toothpaste for free after RRs. Or use @ CVS for their spend $10 earn $5ecb, and stack with $2/10 toothpaste, toothbrush, etc CRT printed last week. Use @ CVS if you prefer 360 toothbrushes or Colgate total toothpaste. Either store should make some free or almost free oral care products.”


  • Vivian reports: “Nivea 2.5 oz is at WalMart also.”

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  1. Beth says

    Vernon Hills Mariano’s has gallon-sized Roundy’s organic milk on sale for $4.50 through April 11 (regular price is $4.99). I also noticed several items marked with “new, lower price,” though the only thing I remember is the 6-pack 12-oz Gatorade. It’s now $3.49 (used to be $3.79).

  2. Outlander says

    Susan, there are 5 books in Game of Thrones series. You got to look for the fifth one too. :)

    I never found Nivea at Walmart. I did see them at Meijer ($2), but wanted to look for better dal on bigger bottles. Looked at CVS, Piggly Wiggly, Target… Nothing.
    Today I went to a different Target and they had them so I quickly grabbed them. I assumed that they were also around $2. When I paid, I saw they were $2.74!!?! That tiny bottle!?! So the actually cost me 24 cents each, which I guess is fine, but I couldn’t believe the regular price.

    • Kari O. says

      It must have been a high priced store location. Gurnee has them for $1.97 but Mundelein and Vernon Hills was more.

  3. Matt says

    I bought a couple Canon video cameras last year from Best Buy. If you go to their website type in locations and click on clearance the site can show you all the clearance and open box items at your local store and stores within a given radius of your zip code. The two that I bought were floor models that were over $500 and $400. I bought the one for less than $150 and the other one was less than $75. The catch was basically that they charge a lot for the Canon batteries (up to $100 a piece) and the cameras did not come with batteries. So what I did was find a suitable generic battery on Amazon. I think it was $30 for 2 and I use those. It’s not the same as having the original battery, but it works fine for my purposes. I like Canon HD cameras because they have ones that have hard drives that you don’t need SD cards for. I would definitely at least look at the Best Buy website. They also have Sony and other brands at Best Buy. I just always go with Canon because I think their videos cameras are second to none.

  4. Debbie says

    I look for books also at Goodwill. Ours in Champaign is $1.25 for hardback and $.75 for paperback (even cheaper when it’s the color of the week or if you go on Wednesday for 20% senior citizen day). I’m interested in the Sue Grafton series of mysteries “A is for Alibi” and so on. I’ve found a couple there pretty cheap. You do have to have a lot of patience to search through all of their books…there are so many! It’s also great to get them there because we don’t have access to a library and who wants to try to hurry through a book to have it back in 2 weeks when you don’t always get a chance to read.

    • seachicago says

      Free books are the cheapest! :-) You can probably check out ebooks through your local library’s website, and then read them on a Kindle or ipad if you have one. I do this through the Chicago Public Library all the time. A tip for your basic Kindle: if you turn off the wi-fi (leave it in airplane mode), at the end of your loan period your book will not be disabled and you can keep reading it (until you turn the wi-fi back on). I don’t feel too bad doing this, because once the book reaches the end of your loan period, it’s automatically available for the next reader, so you’re not unfairly inconveniencing anyone. Also, sometimes you can renew an ebook on your library site, if there’s no wait list.

  5. seachicago says

    Car rental: if you’re a Costco member, you can go through their site and see if it’s a little cheaper. I just did this recently, and going thru Costco was cheaper than the “agent rate” our travel agent got.

  6. Chris says

    Finally got around to getting my Lavazza coffee – found it at the Jewel (used to be Dominicks) in Homer Glen for $6.99.
    Used the $2 from3/30S got the Checkout 51 $2.50 and the Shopmium $1.50 so $.99 coffee.

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