Reader deals 4/27/14

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Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

If you are sharing a deal from another site or an online coupon, please include the link. If you found a deal at a specific store, please include the location.

  • *** Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.


Big Lots

  • Vivian posts in Hot Deals: “The Big Lots ad has Nivea Body Lotion 13.5 oz Reg $6.00 for $5 each. I don’t know if they take coupons, but you could price match at WalMart or Target and use the $2 coupon that expires 5/4 for Nivea Lotion. Then it’s only $3 for 13.5 oz. There is also Hostess stuff that you could match also. Yummy.”

Carson’s Outlet

  • Kristin posts in Hot Deals about the luggage deal on Amazon: “I got the larger version for 24 at that Carson’s outlet in Morton grove about 2 weeks ago :)” She adds: “It’s new on dempster and Harlem I think. I think I was there grand opening week. I go summer outfits for 3 and 4 dollars.”


  • A warning from Tanya: “Trib priced too high!! Picked up the Tribune at the Newsstand the price which is $3.99 in the Rockford area. Had 2 Smartsources and 1 RP. No P&G in it! Rockford paper had RP, SmartSource, and P&G. Recommending checking the inserts closely for this area.”
  • Jeff noticed: “On the buy one get free at kfc it does not include a drink just an extra side”


  • Something to look for from feelgood: “Also spotted $1.00/2 tearpads at the Lemont CVS for the 2/$6 Brookside pouches, part of the spend $20 get $5 ECB candy deal.”



  • Michelle suggests: “Look for kotex security tampons for $1.00.”


  • VB shares on Facebook: “This is the laundry deal I did at Target. Tide w/ oxi stainlifter $9.99, Tide on p/c $5.49, Gain $5.99, Total $21.47. Used: $5/$20 laundry mobile cpn, $2 store peelie on Tide w/oxi stainlifter, $2 IP Tide w/ oxi stainlifter lifter, $1 Tide target mobile cpn, $0.50 gain IP, $0.50 gain target mobile coupon, $0.30 target tide cartwheel (I guess the stainlifter is excluded since it’s not a detergent? ) Paid: $10.17”
  • She adds: “The tide scenario I posted on your FB would be better now with 2 bottles of Tide and the tide with Oxi clean! It would be $8.48. I guess I am going back to target today!!!”


  • Valentina S. shares: “I price matched Ultra Foods ad for HH and Tony’s for 73% lean ground beef, $1.99/lb at Walmart.”

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  1. says

    Watch for an email from cvs. I received one for an additional 30% off my purchase. I loaded it to my card. Today I bought four boxes of playtex tampons in the spend $25.00, get $10.00 ECB. The save 30% coupon took an additional $8.39 off my total. Just a heads up for any of you thinking of doing that deal.

  2. melissa says

    Starting today at Sears all green tag clothing, accessories and intimates items are $1.99!!! I scored 3 pairs of jeans, 1 top, 2 necklaces and 2 bracelets for under $18!

  3. deb says

    my daughter is at college and wanted to know of any deals of starbucks gift cards or any other gift card deals I could send her (for finals)

  4. Alice says

    I was surfing kohl’s and found The bumbo floor seat on clearance $20 minus 20%= $16 good deal!! Its on amazon for about 25 certain colors.
    I tried to use code APRIL50 for free shipping over 50 but it expired… does anybody have a free shipping code to use in orders 50+? I can’t reach the $75 to get free shipping without codes.

  5. Kari O. says

    People with K-Cups may want to visit Staples. Two weeks ago I found 50¢ boxes of Tully’s French Roast. And today I found Tazo Green Tea, Twinings English Breakfast Tea and Cafe Escapes Hot Cocoa for $2 a box. If you use the Weekly Ad’s 25% off a Breakroom Item and the $1.50/1 from 4/27 you’ll get one Hot Cocoa free. The Tazo and Twinings I believe are excluded from the ‘select’ Keurig coupon or they were last time. I didn’t get coupons yesterday cause they were out/stolen, but $2 for 16 is 12¢ per cup and a good deal still!

    Also, I’ve noticed the website won’t show current clearance markdowns in store. So you’d have to go inside to check prices.

  6. Becky says

    Could you post a deal for the Chicago Tribune. I have only been getting the Sunday paper for years and was locked into a good deal. Well, just got the letter today they are raising the price $1.50 more. I think that’s ridiculous!

  7. lisa says

    For those doing the Hamburger Helper deal at Walmart, you can price match to Kroger as they have it right now for .69 cents a box.

  8. Jane says

    Lisa- I can’t seem to find the 69c Hamburger Helper in the Kroger ad. Don’t they need to see the ad to price match it at Walmart? I was planning on matching to Ultras 88c but your find is better! Thanks!

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