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Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

If you are sharing a deal from another site or an online coupon, please include the link. If you found a deal at a specific store, please include the location.

  • *** Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.


  • Amanda on Facebook likes the cooling rack set: “I have two (sets) of these and a small kitchen…I couldn’t bake without them!!!” I have one set and love them too!
  • As does Jen: “Pretty sure those are the same ones I have and they’re great. They’ve held up well for years and the stacking feature is super nice.”
  • Charlotte says: “Also I noted purse organizers are only around $3-4 on Amazon. I want one! :D” Here is one for $3.70 shipped!
  • Outlander comments on the free music apps: “I love that first one Tune In radio. I use it all the time and love it! I can listen to live local radio from my small home town in Europe. It’s great!”
  • And Comicbob thinks: “Wave pad is awesome for creating ringtones and editing mp3 files.”


  • A Checkout 51 warning from Patty: “I downloaded my receipt last night to get back $1 on the Triscuits, only to be informed that it was ‘closed.’ I guess they have limits on rebates, just like SavingStar does. I just wish they had listed it as “closed” before I took the time to photograph my receipt and download it.” They do say they are limited, and I have seen something close before Wednesday, but there was a warning before that indicated there were few remaining, then I noticed it subsequently updated to say it was gone.
  • Shandelle noticed: “I had a push notice on my phone from the Shopmium app today advertising 100% back on a pack of Tic Tacs. There is also 20% back on Tic Tacs from SavingStar so get 1 free plus 20% money maker.” Weird, I don’t have it in SavingStar. But I did get a Tic Tac coupon in a Monopoly ticket, LOL.

Deal of the day

  • A Bricks Pizza endorsement from christine: “Oh, yum! Love this place. A perfect stop after a family bike ride on the nearby Prairie Path (Wheaton location). In summer, one side of restaurant is open to the outside and there is 4-5 tables on the sidewalk, too.”
  • On Raging Waves, Nancy confirms: “Yes, you can use both [the LivingSocial deal and free pass earned at school] promos. I did the same last year. FYI: the school promo you can turn in for a pass at one of the little booths outside the park, but the Living Social deal was a separate line to stand in (that was going up to the main building) that was really LOOOONNNGGG. Hopefully they will change this for this summer but this is how it was last year.”
  • Samantha shares: “I just got an e-mail that Make a Messterpiece is closing May 17th!! Time to use up those Living Social deals. It’s also on their Facebook page.”
  • From kitty: “There are more styles on the Flirty Aprons site….specifically a couple with more of a vintage look and others, but this Groupon offer is a much better deal if there are styles you like. There is a Flirty Aprons site code, MOTHER50, for 50% off and free shipping, but it still comes to more than the Groupon offer.”

Dollar Tree

  • For the new coupons, Outlander comments: “I’ve seen Jennie-O turkey franks (and bacon) at Dollar Tree. So 2 packs of franks for $1.45 after Q. Are they any good?”


  • HeatherR shares: “Great point on donating the Hamburger Helper…the Stamp out Hunger Food drive by USPS is coming up on Saturday May 10th. Just put your items in a bag by your mailbox!”


  • Jenny posts in Hot Deals: “Jewel in south Elgin has break and bake cookies on clearance for .99. They are in an end cap refrigerated section by some orange juice. Make sure you buy the easter chocolate chip or the Minnie mouse ones. The mothers day mickey ones are ringing up 2.99. Also lamb shaped butter is on clearance, but they are only 3 oz…. Didn’t do the math to see if its worth it.”
  • From rifat: “If your printer is out of ink, you can look for the Casa Sauza liquor tag (seen at my local Jewel). There is a $1.00 mfg coupon for the purchase of (Two) Herdez brand products. No liquor purchase required for the Herdez stuff. Exp 7/31/14” Here is the $.50/1 printable.


  • Silvia reports: “Yes, the Catalina printed on the Morning Star.” National Catalina: MorningStar Farms (4/21 – 5/18). Buy 3 & get $2 On Your Next Order.Buy 4 & get $3 On Your Next Order. Buy 5 or more & get $4 On Your Next Order. If so, buy four for $10.00 on the buy three get one free sale, get $3.00 back OYNO for a net cost of $7.00 for four, or $1.75 each.


  • If you are looking to get your $5 combo, Amy says: “There is a Quiznos in Tinley Park at Harlem and 183rd. There is also one in Matteson on Lincoln Hwy just East of Cicero.”
  • HeatherR adds: “There is also an Ibotta offer in the restaurant category for Quiznos…spend $10.00, get $2.00”


  • A CVS scenario from jane for the allergy rebate: “My deal wasn’t a big moneymaker, but I got what I wanted for free. :) 2 48-ct Benadryl (@$8), and one Simply Saline Allergy ($10.49). $16 + $10.50 = $26.50 – $5/$25 allergy cvs mcm coupon, – $3/2 Benadryl = $18.50. Get $20 visa card back, and it almost covers the tax, too. Great if you use both of these products. :)”
  • A question from jane: “Does anybody know, when you print out the rebate form from McNeil, do you have to print that whole colorful ad at the top, or can you just print the bottom ‘form’ part?”
  • Kelly’s shares: “For the Treat and Smooth allergy rebate, I emailed and asked them if there were any size restrictions. Here’s their answer: ‘That is a great question. According to the terms and conditions there is not restrictions on the size of the product in the program.’ So I guess that means the 24 ct is a go!”


  • Samantha says: “I found a BIG Clearance on Frozen food at Target tonight -Many Amy’s Frozen products and other “natural” frozen dinners- 50% off Also, found big bags of frozen market pantry chicken. This was the Arlington Heights Target but I read on Hip2Save that this is all over.”
  • SoapboxTray found it too: “Mundelein had a bunch of frozen chicken and frozen fish Simply Balanced Swai. I purchased 3 bags on clearance for $2.09 each and there are Target Store IPs for $1. off Simply Balanced Frozen Seafood, ended up being $1.09 a bag! I had a couple Market Pantry frozen chicken Target coupons too but no longer available.”
  • Heather posts on Facebook: “I was checking out the Easter clearance tonight at Target and scored some sunscreen-7.5 OZ of the Coppertone Active 30 SPF spray. It was $1.04 a bottle!! Found it at the end of the aisle in the outdoorsy section.”
  • Shandelle found: “Target at Wilson Yard in the city has a massive display of March Madness special packaged Reese’s cups on clearance at the back of the store near the back wall of cold cases. I think they were marked $.54 each. They had tons when I was there on Wednesday evening.”
  • And letsshop found a $10 Osmocote Plus plant food rebate. The 2 lb containers are around that price at Target, Walmart, etc. so free plant food!

Ultra Foods

  • From Julie: “There’s a $1/2 in the 4/6 SS for the Old Orchard apple juice. Also saw $1/1 printable on for the Herbal Essences body wash if anyone needs more of those coupons.”


  • For the store specific Ibotta offer, Allison reports: “Bloomingdale Walmarts regular price for Yoplait Greek is $1.00.”

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  1. Shandelle says

    If you’re in the store and something won’t scan in Shopkick, be sure to email them! At Target, the Milk Bone brushing chews and the Milo’s Kitchen dog treats would not scan even though I tried every variety/size. Within the app, you can email them as long as you take a pic of the barcode with your phone and attach it to the message. I actually got a reply from them and credited for the lost kicks before I even left the store. This also helps them update their list of barcodes.

  2. Shandelle says

    Also at Jewel be on the lookout for tearpads of store coupons near the produce section for $.50 off a 3lb+ bulk apple purchase. I found several right near the apples at the Clark & Division store in the city. Right now there is 20% back on bulk apples on SavingStar which works at Jewel. The SavingStar offer says valid on purchases up to $10 max, so keep that in mind.

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