Reader deals 4/24/14

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Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

If you are sharing a deal from another site or an online coupon, please include the link. If you found a deal at a specific store, please include the location.

  • *** Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.


  • On the Hello Kitty cutters, lisa says: “ooh and I think I paid 1.36 for mine a while back! these are super cute and just yesterday we made sugar cookie sandwiches (with frosting in the middle of 2 cookies) with these for my daughters bday! very cute!”

Dollar Tree

  • Lora says, of the mini LED reading lights: “Just an FYI, they carry these at most Dollar Tree stores also. My kids love theirs!!”


  • Christy posts in Hot Deals: “Snapfish is currently giving 100 free prints per mongh for a year if you download their app.”

Home Depot

  • A find from kelly: “Home Depot Carol Stream has Raid Ant and Roach Killer on sale this week for $2.88. With coupon, it’s $.88.”


  • Shandelle reports: “Also I noticed this week that Jewel registers are printing out some pretty decent high value catalina coupons. I always go through self scan and yesterday and today I received: $1.50 off 1 Ultimate Hamburger Helper (Exp 5/21), $1.50 off 1 box of Chocolate Toast Crunch or Multi Grain Dark Chocolate Crunch Cheerios (Exp 5/20), $1 off 1 Campbell’s skillet or slow cooker sauce (Exp 7/15), and two $1 off 1 Philadelphia cream cheese tubs! They are all manufacturer catalinas, too, so you could take them elsewhere such as Walmart or whatever other stores will accept the ones that have Jewel’s logo on it.”

Loyalty programs

  • Sent over by feelgood: “Log in to your Starbucks account at Scroll to the the bottom of the Rewards+ Dashboard, Click Start Now button and then click watch the C.A.F.E. Practices video to receive the bonus. You must stay on the Starbucks page while doing the activities and the redirect prompt will show up to register your completion. Must sign up between 4/23-4/29.”
  • He also emails: “Win Free Redbox codes from Conagra


  • Sara comments: “Just read that Ladies Home Journal is shutting down. Another printed media victim in this digital age.”


  • Sara says: “It looks like the new Mariano’s on Sheridan & Foster opened on Tuesday. Can anyone confirm that’s true?”
  • Christina answers: “Yes, they did. I know someone who went and someone who works there :)”


  • Something to check your Checkout51 for, from Tori: “Apparently not everyone got $1 back on any variety, any size Flipz this week, but if you did get it the 5oz bag of Flipz are on sale for $1 at Menards through Saturday (4/26). Or I saw them a few days ago at Dollar Tree (south Naperville, 111th St & Rt 59), but I’m not sure of the size. Free Flipz.”

Product reviews

  • Suzann was not a fan of Ten soda: “Reason is in my opinion, they taste awful. We decided the 7 UP10 tasted like dishwater- the taste you get when someone has not rinsed a glass well. Of all the flavors, RC10 was the best. Just our opinion.”

Reader requests

  • Shandelle is wondering: “For those who use Shopkick, I noticed one show up to receive 1000 kicks for scanning any fuel-efficient Ford vehicle. lol so what are you supposed to scan? Anyone try this? I mean, cars don’t have barcodes.. does the VIN work? The nearest Ford dealer to me in the city is like 8 miles away so I’m not sure if this will be more trouble than its worth. I googled and found all sorts of people wondering the same thing and saying the car salesmen had no clue what they were talking about. Apparently this is an offer only for the greater Chicago area.”
  • Amanda asks: “Any one know anything about Glen Ellyn Dump Day this year? Is it happening?”
  • And jane responds: “I just discovered that Staples will recycle all your old electronics, tvs, and batteries. In case that’s what you need to get rid of.”
  • Artie adds: “Here is a huge list of where to recycle Registered Residential E-Waste Collection Sites I need to get rid of one or two 25in tube TVs. Anyone know of a place that would pick them up at my home for a free or at a low cost?” I would love to know this as I have a 32″ that needs to go!


  • A warning from Amy on ordering rugs online: “Be careful, be very very careful. IF your expecting fringe on the end, there is none. The pile is very synthetic feeling. Very disappointed with the online rugs I ordered, but I have to remember I am ordering sight unseen – rug unfelt.”
  • Kari O. comments: “Another cheap option for area rugs with more variety is a local company called Carpet Concepts in Round Lake. She binds carpet remenants and sells them for $40 flat. The sizes vary from 4×7 to 9×7. In the nice weather she puts a cart out by Circuit dr which is off Rollins but you can also call her shop too and ask if she has anything you’re looking for.”


  • Shandelle says: “Target has California Pizza Kitchen pizzas on price cut for $5 each (reg $6.19). You can use the $2/2 Target printable and two $1.50 manufacturer bricks printables from the CPK site (Not sure the bricks link is still working or it may be out of prints now) to get both for $5.”


  • Tina shares: “If you are too far from Ultra for price matching, Montgomery Market also has [Hamburger Helper] for 88¢. However, the ad says ‘While supplies last’, will WalMart allow the match with that wording? Or just not show the ad? ;-)”
  • Another allergy rebate idea, From Sandy: “At Walmart } Buy 2 Benadril Allergy 24 tabs @ 4.44 = 8.88 and one Kleenex ultra soft 75 count for 1.57 = 10.45 Use $3.00/ 2 Sudafed adult PE, Sudafed children’s, Benadryl, Children’s Benadryl, Tylnol sinus, Visine or Neosporin Ecxema Essentials product (SS 04/13 ) 10.45 – 3.00 = 7.45 oop = a big fat $12.55 MM !!”
  • Tamara adds: “Shopmium also has $.50 off on Kleenex”
  • From Shandelle: “I noticed in Ibotta there is $1 back on a 5.3 oz Yoplait greek yogurt cup (any flavor but excludes Greek 100) which is a Walmart exclusive rebate. These are 10 for $10 at Jewel right now. Not sure what Walmart sells this product for, but I plan to price match Jewel if they’re higher for a free yogurt. :)”

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  1. Debbie says

    At the Champaign Wal-Mart, you don’t have to show the ad to price match. I just tell them a competitor has it cheaper!

    • Charlotte says

      Yepp, unless it has changed recently, their policy specifically states that no ad is necessary. Just bring Walmart’s coupon policy with you :)

      • Kari O. says

        At my local Walmart they don’t require you to bring the ad but the item MUST be found in a local ad at the register. So, if you don’t bring it with you the cashier holds the transaction and calls the CS Manager over and they bring a binder of the current local ads. The whole process takes forever. I’ve even had cashiers doubt my ad was ‘current’ and made the Manager come over to verify. It’s one of the reason I stopped shopping there. I find price matching at Target easier. The iPad barcode scanner is quick!

        • Shandelle says

          What the heck? This sounds like such an absurd waste of time. You should complain to Walmart corporate about it. I’ve had to submit like 5 complaints about the same couple Walmarts and it actually did result in them having to change some things (for the better) that corporate probably decided they were doing wrong/inefficiently or were not allowed to do/not a good customer experience.

          • Kari O. says

            I have complained once. Corporate said it was the store managers policy and that he had the right to verify all competitors ads. My guess is people tried making up cheap prices or trying to match really far away stores.
            I figure “oh well” and simply choose not to shop there. I have only been there 3 times in 2014 so far. Yay for couponing and not being a slave to Walmart’s “low prices”.

            • Shandelle says

              Walmart’s prices aren’t even always the best anyway since they don’t do weekly sales. I only go there with my coupons that will net some overage, which isn’t even very often. Fortunately I haven’t had any problems with price matching but every problem possible with them trying to not accept virtually every coupon. It’s a total headache to shop there. These days Target and Jewel get most of my business. And I’m glad a Mariano’s just opened in my neighborhood, too.

        • Nora says

          The Wal-Marts in Florida require you to produce the ad, verify the dates of the sale, and that the package you are buying is the exact same size as what is specified in the ad. Otherwise, they will not match the price.

          It is a complete and total PITA, but well worth the savings on BOGO items from Winn Dixie and Publix. In fact, it is how I do a lot of our shopping now. The savings are that good.

      • Charlotte says

        I offered a printer on Freecycle, in working order, and it was picked up that same night. I’ve also given away working, but older computer parts, no problem. Just don’t give away hard drives, as they can contain personal information. Also check any photo copiers and scanners if they contain hard drives before giving them away.

  2. Samantha says

    I just got an e-mail that Make a Messterpiece is closing May 17th!! Time to use up those Living Social deals. It’s also on their Facebook page.

  3. Samantha says

    I found a BIG Clearance on Frozen food at Target tonight -Many Amy’s Frozen products and other “natural” frozen dinners- 50% off Also, found big bags of frozen market pantry chicken. This was the Arlington Heights Target but I read on Hip2Save that this is all over.

    • says

      Mundelein had a bunch of frozen chicken and frozen fish Simply Balanced Swai. I purchased 3 bags on clearance for $2.09 each and there are Target Store IPs for $1. off Simply Balanced Frozen Seafood, ended up being $1.09 a bag! I had a couple Market Pantry frozen chicken Target coupons too but no longer available.

  4. Shandelle says

    Target at Wilson Yard in the city has a massive display of March Madness special packaged Reese’s cups on clearance at the back of the store near the back wall of cold cases. I think they were marked $.54 each. They had tons when I was there on Wednesday evening.

  5. Kelly's says

    For Amanda–Glen Elyyn is having their LAST Clean Sweep Day on April 28. After this, no more!! They said declining usage over the last 10 years is forcing them to do away with it.

  6. Mandy says

    I’m not sure if the Salvation Army takes TV’s unless they are in working condition, but, they do pick up furniture that’s in good condition. There was no charge when we called them and they gave an itemized receipt for tax purposes.

  7. Maria says

    Shandelle asked about Shopkick and scanning at Ford – You’re supposed to scan the QR Code that’s found on the vehicle’s window price sticker. (A QR code is shaped like a square and it appears on the lower right corner of the window sticker.) In Shopkick, if I go to the Store category and choose Ford, it shows me how to scan at Ford. If it doesn’t show up there, try looking thru the “Editor’s Books” – that’s where I initially found it.

    When I have a few minutes, I always look at some of the Editor’s Books. Every day there are new books. Most books will give you 1 Shopkick for each book looked at. There was a book that had a video for Extra gum and when I viewed that video I got 5 kicks.

  8. Shandelle says

    I noticed that Kroger has ecoupon versions of many of the new coupons we’ve seen popping up the past couple days, including the $.50 off Wholly Guac and $.50 off Herdez salsa. These would work at Food4Less in Chicago area, too.

  9. Shandelle says


    High value Pepsi 12 pack coupons! $2 off and $1.50 off (Exp 4/30!!). I didn’t actually print these yet because I’m waiting on replacement ink carts to show up but it allowed me to save the coupons as PDF files when I used Chrome. And if you keep closing the tab and reopening it, it will apparently allow you to do this as many times as you want, as I was able to generate 10 completely unique $2 coupons with unique PIN IDs.

    • says

      I wouldn’t use them if I was you, they are very vague, scan with no expiration, scan as $2 off any pepsi brand item, including starbucks, lipton, pepsi, and brisk. Just seems too good to be true.

      • Shandelle says

        I guess I don’t know enough about reading coupon barcodes to know something is “scanning without an expiration date” because I see a date printed at the top of 4/30 and that’s what I and a cashier would pay attention to. I do know that the soda coupons usually scan for any of their products in the same family. Like a Pepsi coupon will work on Diet Pepsi, Mt Dew, etc.

      • Shandelle says

        Ok, well this blogger doesn’t have a track record for posting fake coupons and claims it was from a banner ad they clicked on. I guess that doesn’t really verify authenticity. Some people commented stating they had already used them but I guess if the barcode is altered that wouldn’t matter. I guess we should just ask Pepsi on their facebook or something.

        • says

          I called Pepsi, they said it is fraudulent and that it isn’t on their current list of available coupons. People already asked on fb but no reply yet, but if you call the coupon redemption department they say it is fraudulent which is enough for me but to each their own. There is an app you can download that someone had posted about previously that tells you more information about a coupon, that app tells you that the barcode scans NED. Just because people used them and got away with it doesn’t make it legitimate. Millions of people have used fraudulent coupons and the store accepted them because until they receive and email from the manufacturer saying it is or don’t get reimbursed they don’t know. Seeing as the coupon appeared this morning, it is likely Pepsi hasn’t had the chance to contact all retailers about the promotion. If people are comfortable saving $2 for something Pepsi is saying they will not be reimbursing, that is on their conscious. I was just posting so that those who do not want to cheat their store out of money don’t use it.

          • Shandelle says

            I understand that and I’m not trying to defraud any retailers or encourage anyone else to. If Pepsi says they’re fraudulent then so be it. I don’t read barcodes on products to see what will and won’t scan and I’ve followed this printedcouponsanddeals blog for a long time and she doesn’t normally post scams. Obviously using fake coupons is not only fraud and illegal, but screwing over stores will result in higher prices or stricter coupon policies, so it isn’t something I take lightly either.

  10. Maria says

    Feelgood – thanks for the link to the Conagra sweepstakes!!!! Between yesterday and today, I’ve already won 3 free Redbox codes!
    You can enter the sweepstakes 3 times per day.

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