Reader deals 4/22/14

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Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

If you are sharing a deal from another site or an online coupon, please include the link. If you found a deal at a specific store, please include the location.

  • *** Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.


  • Zack posts in Hot Deals about the pinch guards: “We got these a while back! They are pretty cook and useful for under two bucks!”
  • And if you want to be terrified into buying them, Kari O. shares: “I’m buying these. My sister in law got her pinky chopped off earlier this year from a rogue door, so for $1.67 I can be a little less paranoid about my kiddos near doors. Thanks!” That is horrible!

Bridal gowns

  • Suzann says: “For bridal check the most upscale consignment shops in your area- that’s how I got rid of mine. Next marriage ceremony was at the courthouse—LOL. I am one of the readers in Houston so my consignment shop will not work for you looking for a bridal gown but try the upscale consignment stores in your area perhaps even phoning ahead so you don’t waste gasoline. This used to be a decent resource but I do not know what it has evolved into–David’s Bridal.”
  • Beth suggests: “Wedding Belles in Barrington sells sample dresses and on consignment. I paid about $400 for my dress there in 2005. Wouldn’t know what the prices are like these days, but I had a great experience there when I was a bride.”
  • Joanne’s advice: “For the person looking for wedding dresses – there is a little thrift store in Tinley Park – called NU2U – 170th Oak Park Avenue – every so often they get a donation from bridal salons of the sample dresses – they don’t have much left now(a couple of racks – a few months ago they had so many dresses, they held a special sale at t different location) – but they are only $15 – the fabric and ornamentation on the dresses is worth more than that. I think its worth a trip – you can ask when they’ll get the next shipment in(if they know they also had bridesmaid, mother of the bride, etc.”
  • An idea from theresa: “Bridal shop in west dundee having one day sample sale I think it is April 26th. Give them a call. saw sign as I drove through town but not really looking for that.”
  • A tip from Jamie: “Check craigslist and Facebook groups. There are also wedding blogs- I don’t remember the name but it was only 5 years ago but I had posted my dress. It never sold but it was kind of expensive.”
  • An idea from ellen: “try the Goodwill in Lincoln Park in chicago. My daughter shops there for designer clothes.”
  • Another from kelly: “I was just at Stratford Square Mall in Bloomingdale. There’s a store there called Total Wedding. I noticed they were having 50% off on wedding dresses. Looked like a pretty good selection. The store is on the upper level across from JC Penney.”


  • Jill warns: “I used to buy the groupon to King Spa a lot, but most recently I have found the place to be crazy busy and far from zen. I don’t think it is even worth $10 with the amount of folks packed into the place!”


  • Kari O. found Popchips: “I just bought these on clearance yesterday at Jewel! They were $1.50 in Spring Grove. Woo, looks like I’ll be post redeeming. :)”

Krispy Kreme

Reader requests

  • One from jane: “Does anyone have any free classes on Windows 8/8.1 to recommend? Staples offers classes, but I’m not sure if there is a cost.” One place to check is your local library; they often offer free basic computer classes.

Ultra Foods

  • Lori S. reports: “Ultra in Downers Grove doesn’t even sell Aloha Morning Hawaiian Punch, looked for it the other day.”
  • But linda found it: “the ultra in Kankakee has the aloha morning and is part of the sale I purchased 3 for 88 cents each and my kids love it.”

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  1. liz says

    I went to the friends and family event(thanks mashup for posting the contest) on Monday to the new store opening tomorrow at FRESH THYME…I have never been to an opening before…if it opens at 7am what time do you think I need to be there to be one of the first 200…also they will have .88 kettle chips and theres a $1/2 coupon on, chobani will be .88..need to find a coupon but there are offers for it on shopmium, popchips will be 2/$3 and theres a .55 off

    • says

      I have been to a Mariano’s grand opening and it was JAM PACKED no place to park. I would bet there will be a line at 7AM, but who knows. :)

      • liz says

        thanks..Im looking forward to it..they gave away some real nice full size products of bodywash and lotion so excited for my first opening! I will post what they give away!

        • liz says

          Had a good time…they gave away organic salad boxes..whole pineapple. . Tomatoes..cutting up fruit…loaves of bread…dishsoap…chips…tomato sauce. ..chocolate. .samples.. coupons for free products..Ice cream. .yogurt…great juices

  2. John W says

    Weds. April 23 is World Market’s one day BOGO coffee sale on their house brand 12 oz. coffees, which start at $5.99 (regular and decaf, it’s a very good deal on decaf). So, get 6 coffee for $17.97, use a 10% off coupon (via email or the 4/13 World Market ad, or joining at to make it $16.17, plus members (World Market Explorer) will get double coffee credits, enough for one free bag of coffee in the future (you can get the expensive kinds for free, too). So that’s 7 bags of coffee for $2.31 each, a great deal on good coffee.

  3. Mandi says

    For wedding dresses- try house of hope in Barrington. Some of the dresses are older, but alot of them were donated from wedding boutiques for the tax write off. I found mine there -never been worn, beautiful hand beaded detailing all over the dress. I just had to get it hemmed. All the dresses are $50. The veils range in price. Also the ladies that work there are very friendly. They also have formal dresses for bridesmaids/ mother of the bride. Check their website, they have particular hours. Hope this helps!

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