Reader deals 4/2/14

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Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

Big favor: If you mention other sites, online coupons, etc, please include the link. Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.



  • Krystle noticed: “There’s also a bunch of the Udi’s gluten free products( blueberry muffins, plain bagels, white/whole grain/ cinnamon raisin sandwich bread, tortillas, pizza crust, and 6pk hot dogs buns) on sale for $3.29, minus the $1.50/1 printable, $1.79 each! Also the 4pack of hamburger buns are also on sale for 2/$5, makes for $1 per pack for gluten free hamburger buns! I’m pretty sure this is a great deal!”

Chicago Tribune

  • Shawna shares: “I called today to order the Sunday only Tribune for 75 cents deal, and I got it for 50 cents per week. I’m not sure how this happened. I didn’t even ask for 50 cents, but I’m happy!”



  • Jessica sends over: “Just a heads up for your readers…  I tried to purchase some allergy medicine (totaling about $33) and gave them two CVS coupons – a $5/25 any allergy purchase that printed out from the magic coupon machine, and a $5/25 ANY purchase that was sent to my card from an email.  CVS wouldn’t take them, and told me that per their new coupon policy any dollar off purchase coupons have to be distinct (so I could have used both only by purchasing $50 or more of merchandise).  I have stacked coupons like this successfully many times in the past, so I don’t know if it was just a fluke or if this is indeed a change, but since they cited the ‘NEW coupon policy’, be warned. :)”

Household tips

  • Some egg information from peaches: “I bought a dozen organic eggs at the winter farmer’s market in Evanston two weeks ago, and they were the best eggs I have ever had, and I am not an egg lover usually, but I spent $5 on them. $4 a dozen is the absolute cheapest you can purchase them for at the farmer’s market, and then they aren’t organic. I live by myself though, and so it takes a month for me to go through a dozen eggs. BTW- You can use one heaped up tablespoon of soy flour and one tablespoon of water in place of one egg when you are making cake or pancakes that call for eggs. I do that when I fix pancakes from scratch all the time, and I can’t tell the difference..”


  • Marsha says: “Jerry’s has a weekly ad, does not change daily as stated belowThe original commenter may have been referring to an unadvertised deal.


  • Maureen on the Challenge Butter: “There are also .55 blinkies at the store.”
  • Shandelle found: “Aquafina Flavorsplash is 2/$1 at Jewel thru 4/22. If you still have any of the BOGO coupons from the SS 1/26, this makes them $.25 each, which is the best price I have seen so far. They are regular price $.78 at Walmart, too.”
  • Shandelle shares: “I noticed on Jill Cataldo’s Jewel matchups for this week that 7 oz Bagel Bites will be on sale for $1.50. Through tomorrow, Wed 4/2, only- If you have the $1 back on 2 Bagel Bites from Checkout 51, use the $1.50/3 printable from and pay $.67 per box after Checkout 51.” She adds: “Also the $1.50 coupon prints with a very short exp of 4/8 in case that is an issue.”
  • Shandelle on the El Monterey breakfast burritos: “Jewel has these 10/$10 regular price, too.”


  • From seachicago: “Another good coupon to double is the 50 cents/2 Ortega (1/19SS)—the black beans are 89 cents, so 39 cents/ea.  Also, Eggland’s Best large eggs are $2/doz., use 35 cent coupon (2/2 SS) to make these $1.30, which is comparable to Wags sale this week.  I usually like eggs to be under $1, but I’m curious to see if EB really does taste better!”

Reader requests

  • Shandelle asks: “So is this Jingit app worth it? I just downloaded it on my iphone and signed up. I’ve heard virtually nothing about it on any coupon blogs, which makes me think it’s one that’s really difficult to earn anything. It looks like it’s $3 to get the Visa card for them to actually pay you but you have to earn that through money made using the app, so not really a deal breaker for me I guess. I tried to google for reviews and didn’t find much other than a few random blogs saying it wasn’t the best for earning money. But maybe with the coupons/offers it’s a little easier. It looked like the only stores it was offering me was Target, Walmart and Food4Less. Looks like you check in with the app so is it similar to Shopkick? Anyone been successfully using this to say if it’s really worth it? I’m all for free money, even if it accrues and takes a while (a la Checkout 51).”


  • Shandelle confirms that a gift card deal on Windex bathroom Touch-Up is still going: “Yes, the tags in my Target indicated the $3.39 price and the Buy 4 get $5 GC were both good until 4/19. Keep in mind, it was on the bathroom touch ups and not the kitchen ones as far as signage and what an employee told me.”
  • She adds: “I just read on Krazy Coupon Lady that Checkout 51 may be offering $1 back on Windex Touch Up tomorrow so maybe wait a day? :)”
  • A tip from Samantha on Facebook: “I was just checking out the Target coupons on their site. I noticed when you hover your mouse over the coupons, it tells you if they are Target store coupons!” I just noticed that today as well! And it tells you when it will expire.
  • From seachicago: “FYI: if you do the Right Guard deal, keep an eye on how much the coupons scan for. One of my MQs scanned for $1.50 instead of $2, and I have no idea why. On the plus side, the $5/2 Nivea lotion qs went thru without a hitch! Also, Krave cereal is included in the BOGO $3 sale. Got 12 boxes for $16 ($1.33/ea) using 2 $1/3 qs. Good price for a cereal that doesn’t go on sale too often, with no store brand available anywhere. It looked like all varieties of Mini Wheats were included in the sale, too.”
  • Nikki says: “The Right Guard Q scans at $1.50 off if they scan the old bar code. It will scan at $2 off if they scan the new bar code. (Thanks, ETC!) I had to explain a bunch of times to the cashier & Team Leader at Broadview last night about the Nivea coupons-they gave them to me for free, adjusting the coupons down.”


  • Shawna reports: “I saw the Mars Bites at the Shorewood WalMart selling for $1, too.”

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  1. Shandelle says

    The Jewel at Southport and Addison in the city still has like over 100 of the $.99 Tide plus bottles. I noticed the Tide Plus $1 printable on reset for April. I picked up 2 more tonight though beware, it seems like the registers at this store have not updated to allow the overage. My coupons did beep for exceeding the value. The cashier at first tried to not accept them, I told her that I’d spoken with the mgr at the store a couple weeks ago and he allowed them and told her they did scan at a nearby store that doesn’t have anymore. Finally she pushed them through. I inquired on Jewel’s FB about why overage coupons aren’t scanning through at this store and waiting to hear back.

    • says

      All stores still beep for exceeding the value, but when they pick accept it will show $1 instead of the $0.99. That’s what the update did so they no longer have to go back and change the price of the coupon.

      • Shandelle says

        Thanks for clarifying! For some reason I thought they were supposed to just scan through like they usually do at Walmart now. But that makes sense. I remember hearing they just had to click OK. I guess some cashiers just still don’t get that and think they should reject a coupon.

    • Shandelle says

      Ok, Jewel replied to me on FB and said they shared my feedback with the store’s director and to update the cashiers about allowing the overage. I really appreciate how responsive they are on FB. :)

      • Outlander says

        Maybe I should talk to them on Facebook too. My store almost always creates a problem with pressing OK for overage. A few weeks ago when I was getting some of those free Tides, I had this new lady at self checkout and on 3 different occasions she had to go and talk to someone when that OK popped up. I wanted to yell “You just checked that same thing 2 days ago!!”, but of course didn’t say anything and just had to wait for her to go talk to the manager.

  2. says

    This weekend we are set to get a coupon for $1/1 broad or fine tip Crayola Markers.
    Walmart sells the regular ones for $0.97 everyday. And starting 4/6 the Washable ones will be on roll back for $0.97, making both a $0.03 mm after coupon! Because the roll back is in the ad you will be able to PM them at Target!

  3. Sue says

    Jingit has been around for several years. It started out just on the computer watching videos, and making some good money, as there were quite a few. Now, they are an app, too, and showing some growing pains. They are still good, tho slow to earn money. Once in a while a video to watch or an item to scan at the store. They also have buy this specific product, get this back offers, and some more generic offers now where any brand will work. Yes, it is only good at certain stores/

    Hard to beat free money when it is something you are already purchasing. The last few years, I’ve used my Jingit money to purchase all the greens for my spruce tip planters for my front step. Getting them for ‘free’ with Jingit makes them all that much better!

  4. says

    Mariano’s: The Aloha Morning Hawaiian Punch $2.39 use the $1. IP on Double Daze and 39¢ bottle. Waflebakkers pancakes are $3.29 and all the raving from the readers is valid, Mr. 11 and I tried the mini’s this morning and I am a big one for making pancakes from scratch/bulk and freezing, but these little guys were delicious! Use the IP on Double Daze for $1.29 a bag pancakes!

  5. Jennifer M. says

    I like Jingit because you get the money immediately. If I want to add $2 or $.30, I can do it with the app and have it available as soon as I click the “add” button.

  6. VB says

    For CVS I have not been able to use 2 $/$$ coupons for almost a year now. They said their registers had been updated no longer accepted it and they showed me by scanning the second $/$$ coupon and it would not accept it when previously it would (that was prior to them having to validate the coupons). So she voided it for me so that I could split my transaction into 2 inorder to use both coupons.

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