Reader deals 4/12/14

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Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

Big favor: If you mention other sites, online coupons, etc, please include the link. Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.


  • Artie comments: “Anyone else notice that perhaps because of the price increase Tribunes were selling faster at Dollar Tree? My store opens at 8AM and by 9:15 over 80% were gone. How long before people try to start reselling them?”
  • Jane says: “Did you also notice the exclusion on the Vidal Sassoon coupon, excludes 12 oz. size! That is not a tiny bottle. This was the one we got free at Family Dollar a few weeks ago. Geez.”

Dollar General

  • Darlene posts on Facebook: “If you are at Dollar General anytime soon & see “RubyKist 100% Apple Cider” — have the cashier price check it. $.01 at my Dollar General yesterday!! (Seasonal item from fall that ‘shoulda been pulled’ is what cashier told me) Date on the 8 bottles I bought — for $.08!! — is 9/15/15, so that’s not the issue. I went in for paper plates, napkins, spotted these on an endcap & thought that sounded good with some spiced rum I had at home :) No price on shelf or bottle. When it rang up for $.01, I sent my teenager back to pick up the other 7 bottles on the shelf. WOW!”
  • She adds: “There were some other juices on the endcap, too. Tampico, some v8, etc. Might head in there today to price check some of those — IDK. can’t hurt, I suppose.”

Easter Bunny


  • From Kim: “The sara lee boxed snack cakes are 2.50 and there is a 1/1 q making them 1.50 each.” We didn’t get it in the Tribune, unfortunately.


  • Kitty emails: “There is a Try Me Free rebate for the Ban Wipes The package sticker says,    Visit      feelbanfesh.comrebate    to complete the rebate form.  UPC, receipt and sticker are required. 1 per household through 4-30-14. Wonder if using the free coupon will affect the rebate. Usually it doesn’t but it did on those glucose meters Walgreens has a while back.”


  • Some information on the massager, from letsshop: “Mine helps sometimes depends on how bad pain is ,electrodes can be costly last a short time ,temporary fix on pain in certain parts of body .I put mine up all the way ,so electronic impulses can relieve some of the nerve pain .I get mine free threw Medicare cause of back problems and being a senior. Its generally called 10s unit if its the one I think it is .”


  • An idea sent over by Kitty: “I got a great deal on 12 oz Driscoll’s blackberries at Target.  They are $2.50, less 5% cartwheel ($2.37), less $1 MQ from Driscoll’s survey.  That made them $1.37 for 12 oz.  I am pretty sure the Driscoll’s survey is still active.  I do it every few weeks and can print 5 or more coupons each time.”
  • For the new coupon, Shandelle says: “There’s also 15% off Reddi-Wip in Cartwheel (Exp 4/19). I read elsewhere these are 2/$4 at Kroger right now (not sure which region), so $1 after the coupon.”


  • From liz: “this week I got flat out wraps for 1.99 unadvertised sale at walgreens normally these are 2.99.. they keep them frozen so you can ask for some from the back and keep them frozen at home…once thawed they have a shelf life of 16 days…this is the best price I have seen for these”
  • For anyone going today, letsshop found that the 21 ct Neutrogena wipes are $6.49 and BOGO 50%. Use the $2.00/1 in the April book (will come off each) and $3.00/2 in the 3/23 SS to make your OOP $2.73. Then submit for $2.00 back with Checkout 51!

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  1. Shandelle says

    @Kitty if you use the Jingit app, I noticed $.60 back on strawberries there for Target. I just got this app a week ago so no experience yet redeeming their offers.

  2. Shandelle says

    I know there isn’t much time left in the day but CVS has 6.2 oz Glade Automatic Spray starter kits on sale for $5. Use the $3 coupon from the 4/6 SS. Pay $2 and get $3 back from Checkout 51. At my store, they only had 1 left and the package was ripped open and someone had taken the can of spray out, even though there were dozens more cans sitting on the shelf next to it… um what?? lol. The clerk just gave me a can of my choice so it worked out. But some thieves are odd.

  3. Shandelle says

    Oh and if you submit the Glade to Checkout 51, you’ll earn a bonus $1 because I just had a pop up from the app today that if you redeem $3 in offers between 4/10 and 4/16, you’ll get the extra $1 on 4/18. So that makes it a $2 MM. Be sure to get a rain check for this if they don’t have any left.

    • Kari O. says

      Ugh. IG is glitchy. It was a picture of the shelf/display where the 15 ct makeup removers are and it’s labeled “oil free travel size”.

    • says

      I see that at your store it is labeled but not at the three I went to, they do not have any mention of trial or travel on the shelf, the item, the register, or my receipt. They are stocked next to 20 ct wipes and bottles of remover, neither of which say trial either. As Almay has said in the past when you call their coupon redemption department, it is up to the store to determine what size is trial or travel, and if the store decides an item isn’t trial or travel sized, they will be reimbursed the face value of the coupon for purchase of that product.
      Also, if you look at my link, I list at least a dozen other products you can get free or cheap with the coupon as well. So if you aren’t comfortable doing the deal at Walmart, there’s plenty of other stores to choose from.

      • Kari O. says

        Well, if their official FB is discouraging people from using any coupons on the 15 ct specifically, you probably shouldn’t be encouraging others to. When I called customer service said the 15 ct is travel size too and not to use their coupon on it.

        I agree the coupon could be used on any of the other items you’ve listed. I’m sure people will find freebies without blurring the line of travel/trial size to make a few bucks. I found the larger 80 ct makeup remover pads on clearance at Target for $2.98. Free with coupon and no overage.

        • says

          OK guys, I’ve removed the deal from Reader Deals. After seeing Kari O.’s pic, I’m not comfortable with using that coupon on the 15 ct wipes at Walmart — it’s the same thing as with the Nicorette 20 ct gum that was in big trial size boxes at Target, but not necessarily tagged that way at Meijer. Once you’ve seen it, you can’t un-see.

          Buying it without seeing that tag, OK, it happens, and I wouldn’t fault anyone for that. Buying it with the knowledge that it is tagged trial size at least at some stores, and that Almay is answering questions about this product by saying that it’s trial and the coupon is not valid, I’m not comfortable with promoting here. There are enough great other great deals with that coupon, so let’s carry on.

          • Emily says

            There was a dollar coupon in this weekends paper for Birds Eye Recipe Ready vegetables. There are some Birds Eye vegetables on sale at Meijer this week for 1.00. Does anyone know if the Recipe Ready veges are included in this? Thanks!

  4. Patty says

    Tried to do the Neutrogena wipes deal. The 21ct wipes were $6.49,but not BOGO50%, so not such a good deal. However, the 25ct wipes were $6.99 BOGO 50%, but the Walgreens $2 store coupon would not work with them, so not such a good deal either. The store coupon states it’s for makeup remover, but the cashier wouldn’t push it through. I gave up and had her void the whole thing.

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