Reader deals 3/6/14

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Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

Big favor: If you mention other sites, online coupons, etc, please include the link. Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.


  • Check your Checkout 51 account, because in addition to the general offers, Tamara says: “It looks like they’re going to keep giving me .50 off of milk until I use it…I also got .50 off yogurt (any size, any variety)! Super happy about that one. Lastly, I have .75 off of Shout and $1 off better than bouillon.”
  • She adds that if you also have the yogurt offer: “This can be a moneymaker on Chobani at Target. They’re on sale for .88 this week. So .88 – .50 (Checkout 51) – .50 (Shopmium) = .12 moneymaker. I love greek yogurt! :)”


  • Samantha comments: “Check your stash! I have a $4 off Almay from the MCM at CVS!”

Family Dollar

  • Jane says: “Family Dollar 88c Dawn dish soap on sale this week is the NON CONCENTRATED formula. The Ultra Dawn (which we all know in the 9oz. bottle) is $1.50. I finally found the 88c bottles and they are the regular blue bottles, I think it was a 12 oz. size….a little taller and skinnier bottle. I did buy 2 bottles, using the new $1/2 P&G coupon, so for 38 cents a bottle, it may not be a bad price, especially if you do not have to use twice as much to do dishes.”


  • News from Tammy: “Jewel buying 5 more Dominicks
  • Ashley found: “Jewel has the tiny tides for $0.99 each now, even if not tagged that, they’re scanning it! Some tagged $2.99 rang up $0.99 each. That’s $0.33 each with $2/3 coupon, $0.24 each with $1.50/2 printable, or free or a mm if you want to gamble on getting a $1.50/1 $1/1 or $2/1 coupon in the April or May P&G.” $2.00/3 and $1.00/2 in the 3/2 PG. Print $1.00/1 ultra stain release and print $1.00/1 Tide Plus, but make sure you find the correct varieties for these printables.


  • David shares: “Activia – noticed at my Berwyn Meijer yesterday – spend $10 get $3 back offer, thru 3/29 (I think – not sure of exact date).” I saw that too, but I am fairly certain that the $3.00 is off your next Activia purchase.

Reader requests

  • From Shandelle: “Just noticed a $1.50/2 cans of Starkist tuna (12oz+) on Saving Star… no idea if any participating stores have a good price on these?”


  • Cari shares: “Tampax $3.99 buy 4 get $5. Use 4 $2/1 from 3/2 PG. Pay $7.96 get $5 GC back =$2.96 for 4 boxes”

Ultra Foods

  • From focadima: “I found a Catalina notice in teh parking lot–the GM deal runs for 2 weeks, so maybe next week there will be better deals?? 3/6-3/19 includes: betty crocker, Big G, Nature Valley, Old El Paso, Progresso, Pillsbury, Totino, Yoplait”


  • From Julie on the Almay deal: “This also makes for a good deal  on their makeup remover wipes if you can find them!”
  • And kitty adds: “I have seen separate displays of the remover pads prepriced on the package at $4.99….so not necessarily on the shelf with the rest of the Almay.”

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  1. Fran says

    Question about the Tide at Jewel….the printables state they exclude the trial/travel size. Are the small bottles considered a trial or travel size?

    • Jane says

      They do not say they are trial and travel size on the bottle anywhere. I did find little packettes of Tide in the travel section and those do say TRIAL SIZE on them. Of course I did have trouble at the register, but after explaining this to them they allowed the coupons on the tiny bottles.

  2. Shandelle says

    I think the Kroger Friday Freebie tomorrow is Muller yogurt so that would make it a $.50 money maker with the Checkout 51 yogurt rebate, if you got that one.

    Also, text UPANDUP to 827438 for $15 off a $40 or more purchase of Up & Up brand products at Target.

  3. liz says

    the jewel on 1st ave near Melrose park would not take my qples coupon for the cheese doodles which is on sale for 1.67. They wouldn’t even scan it, they stated it didn’t have a water seal on it? The tide there was not ringing up .99 but 1.99. I went to my Jewel in Des Plaines and tide was .99 and I got the cheese doodles with 1.33 overage no problem!

  4. Kimmi says

    It’s not a shopping tip, but I wanted to let people know to be careful at the Meijer in Berwyn. I had my license plate stolen off my car Friday night. Always remember to pay attention to your surroundings!

    • Diane says

      So sorry that happened to you! I am so rushed when I am shopping, I don’t even know if I’d notice my plate was gone. Thanks for the heads up!

      • Jane says

        Dummy me left my purse in the shopping cart at Jewel eons ago….I even put the cart back in the corral! I noticed as soon as I arrived at my next stop (luckily was Kroger a few blocks away) and grabbed for my purse. I sped back as fast as I could and it was still there! My heart racing the whole time. I do not think I would be so lucky in Berwyn after reading your comment above. That is awful! Doesn’t anyone notice someone taking plates off a car in a busy parking lot!? I don’t even have a Meijer, but you’d think people would be around there since it’s such a popular store.

        So what do you do, report it stolen? Do you have to pay anything to replace it? Well, all the cops will be looking for your plate now to match it up to your vehicle. They will get caught eventually.

        • Kimmi says

          And I was parked in the first spot by the door! I had to report it and go to the dmv. I had to pay $6 – luckily it was my front plate so I didn’t have to pay for the sticker as well – but since I have personalized plates it’ll take up to 3 months to get my new plate! Hopefully, they will get caught. Thanks! – Glad you got your purse back!!

          • Jane says

            Everyone be on the lookout for K I M M I ? ? in the Berwyn area! The nerve of some people…and what good will the front plate do them with no sticker anyway. Do you think they would have taken the back one too if you’d been shopping a bit longer? Creepy if you almost walked up to that!!!

  5. Kari O. says

    If you’re in the Algonquin/Lake In The Hills area you may want to save your Tide coupons for Lowe’s! The powdered 56 oz Tide with Bleach is currently clearanced for $1.47. As of this morning they had 39 in stock.

    They also have Dirty Jobs powdered Oxi for $.60 too. It’s like OxiClean but sponsored by the TV Show and Mike Rowe. It works great.

    You can Buy Online Now, then Pick Up In Store. When you go to Customer Service they will refund the online order and re-ring another using $2/3, $1/2 and $.50/1 Tide coupons from the March P&G. Enjoy!

    • Kari O. says

      PS: Please don’t try to PM at Walmart or Home Depot because this is CLEARANCE pricing and not a Sale price.

  6. Outlander says

    My Almay Qs wouldn’t scan, so at first she said that’s because I bought some make up remover and that’s not cosmetics ( which by the way scanned higher- $6.29, instead of $5.99), s I took lipstick instead. Still didn’t scan, so she entered it manually then.

    • Jane says

      read my post on this. Try printing the coupon again from a different computer….these have the working codes that will not beep I hear. I may “attempt” this deal if I have nothing better to do this weekend than argue and make a fool of myself in Walgreens!!! :>)

      • liz says

        oh good…. im not the only one making a fool of myself pulling out policies and people looking at me for trying to use a coupon lol

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