Reader deals 3/31/14

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Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

Big favor: If you mention other sites, online coupons, etc, please include the link. Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.

Angie’s List

  • A warning from Lynn: “Be careful come renewal time for this. If you read the detail terms of service, Angie’s List has no obligation to notify you at renewal of the terms; they can just renew you at the “then current” rate using your method of payment (most likely Pay Pal). They may be good and let you know it’s renewal time, but to be safe, I recommend a note in your phone calendar around March 15th next year to check on the renewal costs and cancel if you don’t believe the value will exceed the new annual cost. I’m no lawyer, but it looks like you cannot get a refund of that renewal fee (after year 1 of membership), so it’s worth a little tickler note.”
  • Koupon Kat asks: “Does anyone know if the health provider/doctor reviews are included in the basic membership level? That would be my main reason for getting a membership.”
  • And Kara B. shares: “The saga continues: I was unable to access the promotional price on Firefox, Chrome and IE (the $5.99 screenshot above didn’t appear, just a $35 rate). Though the SPRING2014 code still applied, I wasn’t interested in paying that rate to try the service. Called the support center, as they suggested on Saturday when I first received the original error message. They honored the $5.99 rate though I obviously wasn’t able to use PayPal. I was alerted to the annual renewal policy, as Lynn mentioned above… and will definitely be putting a reminder in my calendar. Kat, the health provider reviews cost an additional $13-ish. I was able to get the basic home services and health for just under $20 for the year, which I think is a great rate.”



  • Something to look for from ellen: “found $1 peelies on some of the nexcare”
  • Shandelle found: “Virtually every package of individual & sharing size M&M’s at CVS had $.25 peelies on them. And I have spotted these peelies on the M&M’s at 2 or 3 other CVS stores in the recent past, also. So with the $.74 store coupon, you can get 1 free!”
  • She also came across: “I read that next week at CVS, these [TEN 2 liters] will be $.99 each and there will be a coupon to print in the store for $.30 off one, so after the $1.50, it will make them $.09 each! Gonna hold onto my 2 until then. :) One for $.69 + one for $.99 is $1.68 less $1.50 = $.18 for both or $.09 each.”

Jerry’s Fruit Market

  • Caroline posts on Facebook: “Jerry’s Fruit Market has strawberries for .69! I don’t know how long the price will last because they change on a daily basis. They are really sweet and big!”


  • From Shandelle: “If you still have the $3 Schar printables (no longer available) from a few weeks ago, I found pouches of Schar cheese bites for $3.59 at Jewel. I don’t have a strict gluten free diet so I wasn’t interested in using these on stuff I was gonna have to pay a bunch extra OOP for.. so maybe you will find better uses for high value coupons like that, but I was happy with $.59 gluen free snacks to give them a try. :)”
  • Judy S points out the Energizer deal is: “Not really a moneymaker. ( $4.99 x 2) – ($1 x 2) ~$8. Get a check for $8. Also, sttill have to pay tax on $10. Almost free batteries.”


  • From letsshop, 1 lb Campari tomatoes will be $1.00 starting Thursday. Clip the $1.00 coupon on mperks and get free tomatoes!

Reader requests

  • Susan posts on Facebook: “Need advice on a good water proof camera. Thanks in advance!”
  • Aoy is wondering: “Has anyone received the $5 off your utility bill as all? I haven’t. Thx. – Aoy”
  • From Jamie: “Question about laundry detergents: I have recently been using the All free and clear “packs” (sorry don’t know their actual term) but we bought a new washer- one of this large capacity top loading suckers and the packs are not completely breaking apart and leaving marks on some of our clothes. Can anyone tell me how to avoid this? Should I not be using those “packs” even though it is okay?”
  • Stacey responds: “Are you putting them directly in with the wash? Thanks to my DH (who is in the chemical industry) I learned, no, you do NOT put them where your pour the liquid in the pullout tray. DUH! I hate when he’s right. It happens so infrequently that when it does, I’m embarrassed for myself ;)”
  • SoapboxTray suggests: “Try running to wash on HOT.”
  • Sabrina shares: “I have a front loading commercial washer and gave up using the packs because they ended up leaving marks on our clothes and not completely disintegrating. I just chalked it up to being a high efficiency machine and not getting enough water to properly rinse?”
  • Sue is wondering about the HP laptop: “Any comments good or bad on this? Also, never bought refurbished before in a laptop, so not sure on that either. But, on the flip side, looking for something for my son to take to school with him next year, and this is a good price. Any recommendations?”


  • From Valentina S.: “7UP TEN is on price cut at Target for $0.79. And it stacks with 5% off on Target Cartwheel. No need to buy in multiples of 4 or 6 at Target.”

Whole Foods

  • John W reports: “My Whole Foods (South Evanston) took the Beyond Meat coupon without any questions and it scanned right. They’re always good about taking any coupons. They also take my $2 off Dream coupons with overage when I use them on the single Dream treats (which are $1.69), which I assume is okay (the coupon doesn’t limit it). And don’t forget the $1 off kit’s organic bars, which make them free.”

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  1. Kari O. says

    For those with little boys (or action figure loving girls) the Marvel Titans figures have a 10% off Cartwheel and a $2/1 on At Target they are $9.99, $8.99 after Cartwheel and $6.99 after coupon. Except Hulk who is bigger and starts at $11.99. This a pretty good deal for the new Marvel Avengers figures.

    They also feature 10% off sale on select Captain America toys, plus Cartwheel plus manufacturer printable coupons. My kiddo is too young for those select toys, but he seems to love the 12″ Titan figures.

  2. Alicia says

    On the waterproof camera, I HIGHLY recommend the GoPro (the actual Camera isn’t waterproof, but they make a decently priced waterproof case). They’re pricey, yes, but they take amazing pictures and video. We took it on a recent trip to Disney and wore it on the roller coasters (when they didn’t catch us wearing it, that is!).

  3. Outlander says

    If you still have $0.75/2 PB square Snickers Qs from a week or two ago (might still be available), they are on sale at Meijer for 50 cents. There is also one $0.75/2 Q on Mperks. So you get 2 for $0.25!

  4. CHERYL L. says

    Laundry packets…they have to go in the washer first. I have a front load and was having that residue issue. Read the instructions. Put them in first now…no more issues.

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