Reader deals 3/30/14

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Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

Big favor: If you mention other sites, online coupons, etc, please include the link. Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.


  • From wendy: “watch at cvs for nexcare first aid tape..I found on clearance for $1.44 and got the $5.00 ecb back…what a great money maker…..”
  • And Judy S. says: “I bought a Nexcare flexible clear 20 yd value pack and Nexcare a gentle paper 20 yd value pack. Both were unmarked clearance and both generated the ECB. Saw it on Hip2Save. Checked the price at the MCM. Limit is 2.”

Dollar Tree

  • Outlander shares: “She also told me that the policy just recently changed to include that you get the full value of the Q if you have enough of the product. For example, I had $3/2 Triaminic Q, and 2 packages for it. At first she said that she’d have to reduce the Q to $2, so I said fine, but after she told me that about he policy, I asked does that mean I can get 3 Triaminic then, and she said yes. So as long as you have enough of the correct product to cover the full value of the Q, you’ll get the full value of it.”
  • She adds: “I did see also that they had Band-aid boxes so use $0.50/1 from 3/9 RP2, and they had big variety of Pictsweet veggies so use $0.50/1 from 3/2 RP. I did see the fish sticks too, but didn’t print those Qs, so I might do that and go back. They did have Brut, and I did get that too.”
  • Also from Outlander: “Oh, and they also had Kashi Go Lean cereal, but I don’t see any Qs for it.” Now there is a $.70/1 printable!

Reader requests

  • One from liz: “I am not familiar with Lavazza coffee(automatic drip) but worth checking out..this week theres a 2.00 coupon, I have 2.50 back offer from checkout51, and a 1.25 offer back from shopmium for a total of 5.75 off..anyone know if these are on sale anywhere? or how much they are?”


  • Advice from Kari O. on the Energizer batteries with bunny bucks: “Make sure you keep your receipt! I saw a lot of people on IG who steal the peelies and try to get the free money. After a few weeks they started denying requests unless you had a receipt for proof of purchase.”


  • Shandelle comments: “FYI on this Windex touch up deal, I think the $5 gift card is only triggering on the Windex BATHROOM touch up. The kitchen touch up is next to it but is not tagged on the shelf and I asked an associate with a scanner in the aisle.. she scanned it told me that one is neither on sale (shelf price $3.79) and not participating in the gift card deal which is for bathroom cleaning products. She agreed with me that it was pretty misleading since the products are nearly the same.”
  • She also shares: “The system I use is just a running shopping email draft where I have a section for each store and I just paste deals into that as I read coupon blogs every day. Under each offer, I track the coupons and where to find them, the various apps and expiration dates for everything (important to list that right away if known). Then as I shop, I just copy & paste everything into a shopping list that I email to myself that I can look at on the phone while in the store.. someone else suggested if you have an iPhone, you can save barcodes for cartwheel, target mobile coupons, etc to that to save some time. I usually just keep everything open and make sure I have it all ready before I get in the checkout. HTH.”
  • Jane says: “Another item to look for before your Target mobile coupons dated 4-4 expire; Up & Up scrubber sponges 2 pack for $1.04, so 4 cents for 2 sponges after the mobile comes off!”
  • Shandelle found: “Saw lots of $2 hang tags (Exp 12/31/14) on Seventh Generation laundry detergent at Target (Broadway and Sunnyside in the city). Don’t recall the price but indicates $12.99 so less the $2 coupon, $3 on Ibotta, and $1 Target printable if you didn’t already use it for the SG dishsoap, it’d be $6.99. Nothing for detergent on Cartwheel but maybe there will be something before too long? I don’t use this brand normally but wanted to point it out for those that do!”
  • She adds: “Also spotted tons of hang tags at the same Target on bottles of Tide that indicate $1 off Tide 40 oz+ or Downy fabric care (no size). Literally every bottle had one last night.”
  • Shandelle reports: “I had $.75 back on Windex in Checkout 51. I scanned the Target receipt with the Windex touch up and they accepted it, so I guess it will work for other kinds than the spray.”
  • Some deals from Krystle: “There’s a 20% off brownberry bread CW offer, makes for $1.50 per loaf, I think all the varieties were tagged. Also free 64oz Up&Up bleach on sale for $1, used the $1/1 up&up cleaning mobile q(exp 4/4). Lastly as if there aren’t enough posts about Triscuits.They are on sale 2/$4 this week, so after $1/1 printable and checkout 51= free!”


  • A deal from Krystle: “I know there aren’t too many Walgreens shoppers left, but there is a great deal this week for Dove men’s shampoo+conditioner. They are on sale for 2/$6 minus 2 X $2.50/1 mfg from the 3/23RP, plus earn 2000 points, so $1MM. Also great deal on SC Johnson products after $3RR, 2K points, $2.25 back from checkout51. Need to buy 1 Shout, 1 SB with Fantastik, 2 x Windex, minus $0.75 SB w/Fan from 3/16SS and the $2/3 SC Johnson products. Net $0.50 per.”

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  1. Mari says

    Re: Lavazza– I saw on their website that you can get them at Whole Foods, which is the only store around the Chicago area that I can see on the list. I don’t know how much they cost, though. I’m sure you can call ahead to any store and find out, though.

    • says

      Caputo’s, Valli, and Pete’s all carry LavAzza. I’m not sure what the regular price is, but it’s shown up in the sale ads of all three in the past.

  2. Shandelle says

    My Target carries the Halos clementines even though Cuties are pictured in the ad (does say brand will vary). Use the $2/$5 fresh fruit mobile coupon (STORETRIP & THANKS I believe), $.50 off 1 Halos (SS 2/23 Exp TODAY!! 3/30) – Pay $2.50 and submit to Ibotta for $.75 back!

  3. says

    Thanks Krystle I don’t have Dove on my 51 this week ,but might wait till Tuesday for SR day and do it ,Did women’s shampoo today and the roll on pain killer so easy to apply cause I had a RR I needed to use , messed up on crackers ! guess sale ended last night so will have to go back to Meijers ! and see if they still have Nivea left ,found a couple of coupons (:

  4. Maureen says

    Rachel, ran into a snag when I did the suave deal today at wags…at check out I told the cashier that I wanted to use a $20 register reward. That worked fine, but after I was done I asked her to show me where on the receipt I was credited with the 2000 suave points. She told me that I can’t earn rewards points if in the same transaction I’m redeeming reward points.

    I don’t see that in their policy. Is that correct? I’m tempted to return the suave as I really only wanted it if it was free and just because I’m aggravated! Lol.

  5. Jamie says

    Question about laundry detergents: I have recently been using the All free and clear “packs” (sorry don’t know their actual term) but we bought a new washer- one of this large capacity top loading suckers and the packs are not completely breaking apart and leaving marks on some of our clothes. Can anyone tell me how to avoid this? Should I not be using those “packs” even though it is okay?

    • Stacey says

      Are you putting them directly in with the wash? Thanks to my DH (who is in the chemical industry) I learned, no, you do NOT put them where your pour the liquid in the pullout tray. DUH! I hate when he’s right. It happens so infrequently that when it does, I’m embarrassed for myself 😉

    • Sabrina says

      I have a front loading commercial washer and gave up using the packs because they ended up leaving marks on our clothes and not completely disintegrating. I just chalked it up to being a high efficiency machine and not getting enough water to properly rinse?

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