Reader deals 3/28/14

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Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

Big favor: If you mention other sites, online coupons, etc, please include the link. Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.


  • An idea from John: “Starting Sunday 3/30, CVS will have the Reese eggs BOGO. Even better, the 2/23 SS had $1/3 Reese coupon that pictures individual products. So on 3/30 only, buy 6 for the price of 3, get $2 off and SavingStar. I assume they’re under $1, so it should be a moneymaker.”


  • Outlander suggests: “Check your Jewel for clearance. You know that Barry’s tea I keep recommending when I see it cheap on Amazon? Well I found it on clearance for $1.50!!! That’s a box with 80 tea bags in it! They had the Gold blend (the best) and the Breakfast blend. I bought all 5 at my Jewel. Also, they had McVities Digestive biscuits (original and milk chocolate) and HobNobs for $0.93!!! All big boxes (300-400gr)!!! People from England and Ireland will know what I’m talking about. They are awesome!”
  • Jane says: “I bought the smaller Kraft singles 10.7 oz.(not realizing the Cat was for 12 oz.) but I found them in the close-out coffin marked $1.29 and decided to try for the buy 5 deal anyway, and it worked. I forgot the bread but I bought tons of produce. My cheese singles were the wrong size, or I might have gotten back a Cat. I cannot imagine how the Cat will be able to work w/ any bread or produce along with the cheese, but I may go back and try it with the 12oz singles. Do they have to be “American” singles? Or can you get Swiss or other types as long as they 12 oz. ? They had plenty of close-outs in the cheese section. I think they are not stocking these varieties any longer, because the exp. dates were July and August! Very few were Kraft, mostly EE store brand.”


  • From peaches: “I was at the McDonald’s on Howard in Evanston yesterday, and they were promiting the free coffee, and I thought the sign said that you had to make a breakfast purchase to receive the free coffee. I could be wrong though. BTW-That particular McDonald’s, which I have not been to in ages, does not have senior coffee,. The other McDonalds I visit have senior coffee. The two McDonald’s I visit the most sell a small coffee for $.69 including tax, and you get a free refill. I’ve asked what the age requirements are, and there are none.”


  • Sissy shares a Nivea lotion deal: Buy four at $4.99 each. Use the 5% grocery mperks offer. Use two $5.00/2 from the 3/16 SS. There is also a $1.00/1 Target coupon you can use one or four of depending on what your store allows. If you have an mperks reward for $5 when you spend $20 on skin care, buy something small and earn your reward.

Reader requests

  • From Martina: “Running out of Aveeno body lotion. Any idea where I can get it for a decent price? Thank you :0)”
  • And one from maggie: “Hi, I have several prescriptions to fill for my husband who just came home from the hospital. Are there any GC deals out there?? Thanks!”
  • A response from savinlikeu: “Maggie Meijer has the f:ill 5 get 20 OYNO on there mperks special rewards program…HTH”
  • Mandi asks: “Do they sell these [Stonyfield yogurt cups] at Wal-Mart?”


  • An ideal from Vivian in Hot Deals: “Ivory makes a small body wash that sells around $1.69. Schnucks will double the .50 coupon and it makes it .69 or less if it’s on sale. Ivory/Safeguard $0.50/1 Personal Cleansing Product *EXCLUDES DISH & LAUNDRY* I’ve seen the body wash at WalMart also.”


  • Cari points out: “There is a [$.50/3] target Q for IAMs in 3/16RP”
  • A Cartwheel tip from ElizabethF: “I thought of something else… In the mobile app you can search “Collections” including the Weekly Ad Double Dip. It allows you to see all the Cartwheel offers for things in the ad. The second easiest mashup ever (Rachel’s are always easier).”
  • Julie on Facebook warns: “I tried to buy a pair of boots that were clearance (24.98) and a pair of wedges (29.99) and the register did NOT take off the 50%. The cashier said it was because clearance was not included in the BOGO50% sale. This was Sunday…so unless something has changed with the registers it didn’t work (for me).”
  • But Samantha says: “Hmm, I got 2 of the C9 Champion gym shoes, both on clearance, and the second one rang up 50% off. Maybe it was a glitch. Sorry!”
  • Kari O. reports: “Target clearance dropped for Home goods yesterday/today. I found 70% off chrome wire shelving, Sterilite shelves and cabinets, Rubbermaid storage plus KitchenAid and Nordic Ware items. Happy hunting! I would try to go today and beat the weekend crowds.”
  • From kelly: “The Wheaton Target has Buy 3 get 1 free deals going on Ritz Crackers and Hormel Pepperoni. You can stack the Ritz deal with 5% from cartwheel and the $.50/1 coupon that was available a couple of weeks ago. So buy 3 for $2.79 each= $8.37 for 4. 5% off=$7.96. 4 coupons at $.50=$2. That’s $5.96 for 4 boxes or $1.49 each.”


  • A find from advocate68: “I visited Tonys on Central and they have clorox wipes for 1.99 if you have the 5.00 off 5 clorox tear pad from Walmart huh ou can get these clorox wipes for only .99.”


  • A Nabisco deal letsshop found: Triscuits are $2.29. Print $1.00/1 here and submit for $1.00 back from Checkout 51 to get them for net $.29.
  • She also spotted: Starting 3/30 Dove Hair care will be 2/$6.00 w/ 2000 Balance Rewards points. Print 3.75/2 here to get them for a net cost of $.25, after coupon + Balance Rewards, or .12 each.

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  1. Maren says

    For Martina: I had a $5/2 Checkout51 offer on Aveeno lotion and face care (must buy 1 lotion and 1 face care item). I bought mine on….they have some discounts going on, although not crazy low price.

  2. Krystle says

    So i just started using Savingstar, can someone explain to me how this works? I loaded the Friday freebie (reeses egg), went to Cvs the eggs were already on BOGO! So here’s my real question, how much will be credited in my account? TIA

      • Krystle says

        Thanks Rachel! Forgot to mention, not only were the eggs already on BOGO but rang up on sale for $0.74 each (shelf tagged $0.99). Thank you for all your hard work, your site has saved my family so much $$$.

        • Tamara says

          Because they were BOGO, SavingStar only gave me $.38 as opposed to $.74. Boooo. Oh well, at least we’re not talking huge amounts here! Plus, I really like them anyway. :)

  3. Noelle Coronado says

    We are about to start solids with our 6 month old and are wondering…. Is it more cost/time effective to make our own organic baby food or to purchase organic baby food like Earth’s Best? Also, do you have any tips buying organic and where to buy Earth’s Best or another suggested option for jarred organic baby food?

    • says

      I found making it myself was more money but my kiddo hit that stage during the winter. If yours is starting now I bet the produce season is working in your favor. I’d try it out but don’t fall victim to the expensive steamer, smasher, freezer sets. It’s really not worth the extra money. Steam it in a regular pot, use a potato masher and take advantage of BPA free ice cube trays.

      • says

        Oh, I forgot. The absolute BEST price I found for Plum Organics pouches was at Babies R Us when they ran 10 for $10 specials on the $1.69 priced pouches. They ran out of stock/selection quickly but Target price matched their deal. Also Meijer runs specials on baby food pretty often with their spend $20, save $5 instantly. I found the best prices by saving tearpad coupons to use there.

  4. John W says

    You posted about the Angie’s List deal code SPRING2014 before (expires 3/31), but I didn’t realize how cheap it is. I got a year for $5.99 ($4.79 when you pay with PayPal).

  5. Sarah says

    For the instant savings deal on Dove products at Meijer, check your mperks for a $5 reward when you spend $30 in beauty. Here is what I did in two transactions since it is limit one per transaction. All coupons were from the 3/23 RP except for the printable that is available on the Walmart website.

    2 dove men’s body wash @ $4.19
    2 dove body wash (smaller 12 oz) @ $3.99
    $16.36 – $5 savings – 2 $2.50 q (men’s body wash) – 2 $1 q (dove body wash)
    Pay – $4.36

    2 dove men’s hair care @ $4.19
    2 dove hair care (smaller one) @ $3.49
    $15.36 – $5 savings – 2 $2 q (men’s hair care) – 1 $3.75/2 q (dove hair care) printable
    Pay – $2.61

    OOP – $6.97 – $5 reward = $1.97 net cost for 8 products!

  6. Lisa says

    Thanks to Sissy. I did the Nivea deal at Meijer tonight. 4 lotions at 5.00 . Used 2 – $5 off 2 qs a target 1.00 off 1.. I will get $5 in rewards for spending $20 in skin care. And surprise I got a 2.00 cat from Unilever… so if my math is correct. 4 lotions For .50 each

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