Reader deals 3/26/14

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Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

Big favor: If you mention other sites, online coupons, etc, please include the link. Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.


  • A find from kitty: “The Aldi in Niles has the fresh Green Giant veggies in bags. I got the 8 oz sugar snap peas for $1.99, the same ones they have at Jewel for $2.99.”
  • One from kim: “The Aldi in Northlake has milk for $2.09. Other stores have gone up to $2.39.”

Beauty tips

  • On haircolor, from Samantha: “A hairdresser friend of mine said to leave it on at least 45 minutes, regardless of what the box says.”


Food 4 Less

  • Ashley shares: “heres a few others for anyone planning on going: Food4Less has blinkies for $1/1 GoGurt making them $0.49 each and $0.55/1 Pillsbury Grands making them $0.44 each They are participating in a catalina offer through 3/30 for Kraft Singles, buy two get $2 onyo making them net $0.99 each Brut Classic products are $1 each, making them free with the 3/16 inserts $1/1 coupon Pringles are $0.99 so $0.74 after the $1/4 coupon”
  • She clarifies the Kraft Catalina: “The one for Food4Less and Kroger is $2 when you buy two. But to get Catalina’s there you must use their loyalty card which is free at the service desk”
  • Lori points out: “and at Food 4 Less, Buy 6 save $ 3 Kraft shredded or chunk cheese $ 1.49 and the Maxwell House coffee is $ 4.99”


  • A Santa’s Village heads up from Samantha: “This expires May 28th! The park is only open weekends in May. I did not see any Fridays listed as in the past so you can only use the groupon for a few weekends.”
  • Meg says: “Yep, I was going to buy this until I noticed it’s really only valid May 11, 17,18,24, and 25. Hopefully later this spring they’ll do a less restrictive offer.”


  • Matt noticed: “It’s an opportunity for some cheap pudding. 20 puddings (5 packs of 4 ct) for $6.45 at Jewel. That’s $.32 per pudding. Much better than paying $.57 per pudding with the regular price. $1 off 2 coupons would make it even better.”
  • Cari’s deal: “For the spend $15 get $5 instant I did 2 Dove mens shampoo, 2 Degree motion and 1 Axe Spray $17.50-$5 instant-2 $2.50/1 Dove Mens, 2-$1.50/1 Degree and 1-$1/1 Axe =$3.50”
  • Ashley says the $2 Kraft Catalina for singles is running at Jewel: “Both are running, so you could earn $4 back if you buy bread and produce too” SoapboxTray also commented she bought three and got it.


  • SoapboxTray shares: “Couple other Mariano’s deals: Triscuits are $2.49 so 49¢ after IP and DD. 16 slices of Kraft Cheese are $2.50 if you have the IPs that were out a few weeks ago for 75¢ off $1.00 on DD. Pop Secret $2.99 for 3 bags (not sure if a great deal but we need pop corn on spring break!) $1.00 off IP so 99¢ on DD. Organic Gallon of Roundy’s milk $4.99. I also tried the Florida Natural Citrus Smoothie, I think it was 2.99 and I had $1.00 off IP and it is on Savings Star for $1.00 expires today! Happy Shopping!”


  • Something letsshop spotted: “Not sure all Menards have Hormel pork on sale 24oz. size are on sale $3.99 in their floor freezer  minus 11% and $1 coupon comes $2.56 bought 10 . also got 2  $1 on line. plus  the ones in 2/9 ss I think”

Reader requests

  • Jane asks: “Does anyone know how the Oscar Mayer Deli-Fresh compare to the 1 pound “shaved” lunchmeat in the big yellow box? I think it may be new and they have it on sale this week at Kroger for $1.99. (it’s a pound!) So less than 1/2 price….will buy it if it is any good. It looks similar to the Deli fresh thru the package?”
  • Becky responds: “That shaved lunchmeat is NASTY. Tastes NOTHING like the deli fresh. I’d skip it if i were you. If you do try it I’d buy only one package. Just FYI.”


  • Sent over by letsshop: “I find lots of garden items here  cheap ! ‘In honor of the one year anniversaries of our Goodwill Store & Donation Centers in Downers Grove, IL, Lombard, IL, and Milwaukee – Bay View, WI, we’re inviting all customers to shop Goodwill and save 20% on their entire purchase on March 29th and 30th! No coupon is necessary for this promotion. Discount will be applied at the time of sale.'”


  • From erin: “when you text HAIRCARE to 827-438 get a coupon that reads” $5 gift card when you spend $15 on haircare”. this is in addition to the one you posted. Can we do both in the same transaction?” I don’t think you can use them both on $15 worth, but there may be a way. Anyone try it?
  • A Cartwheel tip from ElizabethF: “One more AMAZING tip… if you are using the Cartwheel App in the Target store, there is an option to “scan” in addition to searching. With “scan” you can scan the barcodes on the items already in your cart and see if there are any Cartwheel deals for them. I use a shopping list and scan everything in the cart before checking out. On a downside, Target normally will adjust the price of an item you bought if it goes on sale the following week. If you use Cartwheel the first week and it is still available the next week, you are out-of-luck on the adjustment. For example, buy a pair of leggings for $6 and use 10% off with Cartwheel. The same leggings go on sale for $5 the following week and the Cartwheel offer is still available. Target will only credit you the $0.40 difference between week one ($6 – 10% = $5.40) and week two even thought the Cartwheel offer would have reduced the week two price further. A small risk in this case, but imagine if you bought the media center in this week’s ad!”
  • And Samantha says: “Two things, you actually earn ‘badges” as you use Cartwheel. Once you earn a “badge” you get another spot. I currently can have 20. Also, dummy me forgot to give my phone tonight for them to scan. Can I take it back with my receipt?”
  • VB comments: “My friend just told me to update my cartwheel app because you can scan the bar codes and the app will tell you if there are any corresponding cartwheel coupons. So before I checked out Today I scanned each item to make sure I wasn’t missing anything and it was so much quicker!”
  • She adds: “Also sometimes the cartwheel coupons do hit a limit like we saw during Christmas. So if there is something that you want and could be popular you are better off adding it when you can.”
  • Eun’s tip: “There’s another way of redeeming offers, without going into the app or printing out the barcode: Go to your phone’s widgets, click on the cartwheel icon and the barcode for your account will appear that you can place on one of your phone’s pages.”
  • Helen’s approach: “I finally figured out on my iPhone that if I add both the mobile q and the cartwheel to my ‘passbook’ then both barcodes are there without delay instead of switching between apps.”
  • From barbara: “After store coupon, mfr coupon, cartwheel, add additiinal saving and sign up for a target debit card. I opened a checking account when I got a coupon to get 80.00 back if I did at least 12 ACH transactions in 90 days. It has a min balance of 100 so when is spend I transfer funds from my old bank to the separate one. So security with target is not going to hit me for too much. The debit card is an additional5% off total purchase and done after all discounts and coupons.”

Ultra Foods

  • A report from susie on the Kraft Catalina: “i have seen signs up in the bread isle at the ultra foods in crestwood. hth” Kraft Singles, 12 oz or Larger (2/21/14 – 3/30/14). Buy 2 Kraft Singles, 1 produce item and 1 loaf of bread & get a $2 Catalina.
  • Ashley adds: “It is working at all the Centrella supplied stores, tagged and printing” Except the Centrella stores that don’t have Catalina.
  • A find from susie: “I seen this posted on Jill Cataldo’s website, it can make for some cheap Post cereal if it’s also running at Ultra: Post Pebbles Cereal and Treats 6oz or larger 3/24/14 – 4/20/14 Buy 3 and get a $2 Catalina, Buy 4 and get a $3 Catalina, Buy 5 or more and get a $4 Catalina, Alerts from: Kroger, Safeway, Price Chopper”

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  1. says

    It’s tagged at Centrella stores like Caputos who don’t have machines, manager gives you the form to mail in to get it. Def seems like too much work for a catalina.

    • says

      Oh funny, I saw that sign at Caputo’s and was like??? But I don’t buy the stuff so I kept forgetting to ask about it. I had a small hope that the machines were coming, oh well. Thanks for the info!

    • says

      That’s very strange — I’d contact them. Or check the ZIP code you have in there, since it shows you stores in your local area — maybe it thinks you don’t have one?

      • sophie says

        yes, it only gives you stores local to your zip code. I don’t have one near me. When I put a zip code in where there is a Marianos, it showed up.

  2. Jennifer M. says

    I couldn’t get my cartwheel to load one time and I had a line behind me, so I just paid regular price and went to customer service right away. They told me (and my Target people are fairly knowledgeable) that I couldn’t apply the cartwheel afterwards, I would have to “return” the items and buy them back. If you have any other discounts already applied, it affects the amount of the return price, so beware.

  3. Callie says

    Beauty tips
    ##On haircolor, from Samantha: “A hairdresser friend of mine said to leave it on at least 45 minutes, regardless of what the box says.”

    – I’m with you on that one…I color hair all the time, unless you are bleaching or stripping the color processor will stop processing at a point once it reaches it’s maximum ability so it won’t hurt to leave it on. I use red continually on my hair and leave it on for 45 minutes every time.

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