Reader deals 3/24/14

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Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

Big favor: If you mention other sites, online coupons, etc, please include the link. Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.


  • A tip from patti: “Just wanted to remind Amazon users to check their subscribe and save orders before they ship this week [or whatever plan you are on]. I had quite a few items and was on the 20% tier. Lots of little things Rachel had found for us. I was shocked to see SEVERAL went up in price significantly and several of the good deals found here are out of stock now. I know it’s been discussed here before that this is a possibility but I was disappointed this month with Amazon.”
  • Debbie on the microwave splatter cover: “I have one and so does my mom and sister. We got ours at Target for $2.00. I LOVE it! It fits right over the plate and heats the food evenly. My sister also keeps hers above the microwave. I don’t have room there (range hood) so I keep it in a bottom cabinet near the microwave on top of some bowls so it fits perfectly there.”
  • And jennyh says: “IKEA also sells these if you are ever there, I think they are about the same price.”
  • Another option, from Wende: “I bought this at Walmart quite a while ago for less than $2.00. Actually, I bought 2! I honestly don’t know if they still carry it, but I imagine it would be faster than Amazon. And btw . . I keep mine IN the microwave, so no excuses ; )”

Dollar Tree

  • Holly posts on Facebook: “I found Triaminic Cold & Allergy, Multi-Symptom Fever & Cold, and Night Time Cold & Cough at Dollar Tree.” Use the $3.00/2 in the 2/9 SS to get them free.


  • Cynthia posts in Hot Deals: “Just an FYI – Menards has dishwashers on sale plus the 11% rebate on top of that!”


  • Something to look for from jane: “If you like Kashi cereal, check your boxes. There was $1/1 “new item” Q on the boxes recently, that shows cereal, chips, and something else. The cereal is B3G1 free at Target, ranging from $2.89 – $3.29. I had a $1/2 IP, and a $1/1 from a box—nice deal on Kashi. (You need to buy the ones marked “new,” matching whatever number of Qs you use. The IP is “any” Kashi cereal.)”
  • Tamara says: “If you’re looking for frozen vegetables, then Market pantry frozen vegetables (10-12oz) are on sale for $.80 each. There’s a target coupon for $1/4 Market pantry frozen vegetables and a cartwheel for 5%. So it comes to .52 per bag when you buy 4.”
  • From grandma g: “Today only on Cartwheel there is a 50% off the board game CLUE. New $5 game for the kids Spring Break!! I didn’t find any coupons so not as good a deal as Hungry Hippos, but a lot quieter :)”

Ultra Foods

  • Beth shares: “With the spend $35 on select KC get 10 OYNO… It is a mail in rebate. Also, a save $3 OYNO printed at checkout for the Kotex! Excited for even bigger savings!”
  • Jane asks: “Did you get the rebate form in store? Wondering if you’d have to send off just one receipt, or can you roll the Kotex Catalina and submit all your receipts for the $10/$35 *also, we just got a new Kotex coupon….do they allow a post coupon or pre coupon total to get to the $35 for KC? If it says, Thanks!”


  • If you are doing the propane deal, Steve F. found: “Sweeten the pot with this $3.00 Rebate from Blue Rhino!!”
  • A tip from Amy N.: “Coupon prints with ad at the bottom so don’t forget to add a couple more coupons to fill up your page. Thanks for the heads up – I’m sure we will need propane soon!”
  • Steve F. reports: “Ok, I just did the deal. The $25.00 gift card is on a FULL tank. Do NOT buy an empty new tank that is inside the store sitting beside the grills. Go outside where they keep the gas in a cage, get $25. gift card without an exchange of an old tank, or $10. gift card with an exchange. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BUY A GRILL.”
  • But letsshop says: “Steve all the Walmart stores in my 25 mile area still has American propane ,they are in the process of switching over .What Walmart stores  is everyone finding Blue Rhino ? Thank you”
  • DON’s experience: “More propane fun to try on …… Shorewood on 59 and Theodore – paid $47.xx after tax and got $25 gc. They would not accept coupon seeing it did not scan – they advised me they would not push it through….. whatever, I figure I will get it to work somewhere else another time…. went out to get new tank and the only full tanks they had were NOT Blue Rhino, the guy other there let me take a UPC from a B R tank which I will send in for rebate…. quite interesting… My total after tax and rebate minus GC is about $19 bucks – Im ok with that.”

Whole Foods

  • From letsshop: “Just bought 2  1/2 gallons Dreams milk $3.99 each in fridge. if you buy from the shelf $4.99 same size 64 oz. so of course bought 2 from refrigerator ,cost’s 99  afater both coupons  each real tasty got vanilla . Went to store in Willow Brook asked about  rotisserie now   chicken $9.99 ,hardly never on sale ,and each store has different sales . So hoping something good comes up on sale so I can use Groupon”


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  1. grandma g says

    For Patti, Amazon is kind of tricky to find the real price on your S&S items list. In the list it tells you the current price, but when you check on the ‘details’ at the left side it gives the actual price, Or you can click on the item, which takes you back to the listing, then at the top left there’s a notice that says “you purchased this item on ___ View this order” then you see the price minus the coupon to give you the real price. I don’t think I’ve ever had the price go higher on an item after I’ve put it into my S&S order, even though it may show a higher price in my list. For example, I added the Bayer Aspirin awhile ago and in my list the price says $9.58, but when you check one of these other places it shows the “real” price I pay is $6.58. Hope this makes sense. Even when the items are “out of stock” I just leave it in there and they have always shipped it, maybe not with the other items, but they state in their ‘details’ that they will find the item, resolve it, or if not able to, then they will cancel the order and of course not charge. Hope this helps.

  2. Jen says

    I have a question for the group! What kind of sales does Walmart do on baby gear? We need a crib and I want a specific one from Walmart. Frankly, though, I never shop there or pay attention to their sales/deals. I know Target sometimes does sales like “20% off all X brand gear” or something. Does Walmart do similar sales? Or maybe they always do a baby sale at a certain time of the year, etc? Should I hold off on purchasing it (baby is due in month and we have bassinet for first couple months), or does it not matter so I should just buy it now and be done? Thanks!

  3. Sandy says

    On the Blue Rino propane at walmart – Ottawa sells only the Amerigas propane – The register WILL prompt for the 25.00 Gift Card ( or the 10.00 Gift Card) ! Price is 43.82 for a new filled tank (not 46.82 as ad shows for Blue Rino) used the 3.00 coupon – scanned just fine for me – got the 25.00 Gift Card ! Wish I had an empty tank to do the “exchange” deal too.

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