Reader deals 3/21/14

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Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

Big favor: If you mention other sites, online coupons, etc, please include the link. Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.



  • From Shandelle: “Regarding the $5 ECB deal wyb ANY 2 Eucerin at CVS this week, the $1.19 1 oz size was tagged for this offer and I picked up 2 yesterday (UPC 072140737634). I also had $2/2 any lotion without size restrictions that printed on a previous receipt so I paid $.40 after tax and the $5 ECB generated! However, I went back this evening with a friend and the tag was removed for that size and it was out of stock. Anyone know if this deal is still working or is CVS claiming it was a mistake? Also a lot of people reported it wasn’t working earlier in the week, but I found these in the regular lotion section and not with the travel section.”
  • She also says: “Also at CVS, a store coupon printed on a previous receipt for $1 off Cheez-Its and the 6 to 7.5 oz boxes are on sale this week for $1.99. I stacked the store coupon with one of the $1 off any Kellogg’s family of products that they sent for St Patty’s day to the Family Rewards members. The store coupon auto adjusted to $.99 and I paid only $.04 in tax. Something to keep in mind if you’re lucky to get the Cheez-Its store coupon. :)”
  • Finally, she adds: “Haha and lastly at CVS, I had gotten yet another coupon on a receipt for $2 off any Essence of Beauty fragrance or body product. I found EOB scented hand sanitizers for $1.99 and picked up 1 free tonight. The coupon was adjusted down for the penny. I know I have also gotten several coupons on my receipts for $1 off any pain relief purchase without size restrictions and the Advil PM in the travel area is $.99 so that is a freebie, too.”


  • Kitty emails: “I found a sheet of 12 MQs with 11 of them for $1 or $1.50 off of Osem brand Passover items and the 12th one is for $1/1 for Taster’s Choice/Nescafe coffee 16 oz. Also, another sheet of Jewel SQ’s good 3/19/14 thru 3/25/14.  These are 1 per transaction.  Across the bottom of the page in very small print it says prices are good at 2502 Waukegan Rd. Glenview IL store.  It doesn’t say good only at, and this wording is not on the individual Qs.  It’s hard to imagine them printing this for one store only.They are very nice Qs including:  Breyers Ice Cream/Klondike Bars $1.99;  $5 Culinary Circle rotisserie chicken;  $7.99 Orchard Gourmet pies;  $1 each Fresh Express spinach 9 oz.;  $1.88 each 24 pk. 16.9 oz. Jewel Natural Spring or Purified drinking water;   and 99c/lb. Jennie O Frozen turkey breast (limit 1).”
  • Outlander reports: “I found LOADS of different Kcups on clearance at Jewel. Some were Tully 12 pack for $3, also 36 pack Keurig variety for $8.50- for either one you can use $1.50/1 from 3/2 SS. Also Celestial Seasoning tea 12 pack Kcups for $2.50 (tea) and $3 (ice tea/ lemonade) – use $1.75/1 from”
  • I found: So Delicious dairy free fudge pops for $1.09 on clearance in a coffin case at River Forest, so almost free with the $1.00/1 printable or from the 1/5 SS in the Sun-Times or other non-Tribune papers. I also found that all of the Smithfield bacon was on clearance “while supplies last” for $2.79 there. No coupons at the moment, unfortunately.
  • Chris says: “Plenty of Tide at Jewel formerly known as Dominick’s in Homer Glen. Bought 12 yesterday went through no problem.”
  • And Shandelle found: “As of this morning, there are still tons of the $.99 bottles at the Jewel on Southport at Addison. Sadly I don’t have anymore coupons!”
  • A clearance find from peaches: “I was at the Jewel on Howard in Evanston last week, and on clearance they had Mom’s Best raisin bran for $.85 a box. Unfortunately there are no coupons out there for it. I picked up three boxes of it.”
  • Kitty emails: “I figured out a couple of things yesterday when I got over 20 Monopoly tickets for spending next to nothing. ( BTW, my opinion of this “game” is bring back the free dishes!) First of all, I got 1 ticket for buying 1 banana. Also, the product pic on the outside of the ticket dictates which 4 game pieces are on the inside. For example, if the outside pic is C&H sugar, the 4 game pieces on the inside are D877,I857,V813 and M844.  I had 3 of these, all the same 4 game pieces.  You cannot tell, however, if the other half is a coupon or a code to enter the sweepstakes. So if your time is more valuable than waiting for a 25c coupon you can use, you can save a lot of time NOT opening them and searching the game sheet for ones you already have.”

Online deals

  • Samit on the laptop backpack: “If you go for this deal think carefully about the advertised $20.00 rebate. If you dial the given phone number you will get a pitch to join two plans. One is a club where you supposedly get two $20.00 rebates (one now and one later). The other is a club where you get several free gas discounts. There have been many complains posted online about these programs.”
  • For FinishLine, DON comments: “10SNOW75 might work for free shipping AND 10 off 75”

Reader requests

  • From letsshop, wondering how the rotisserie chicken is at Mariano’s: “Walmart chicken even free still was horrible ,remember when we had the chicken coupon this summer I think $5 off ,thats when I got to try ever ones chicken , I have a $4.99 coupon for Jewel for rotisserie ,think they are competing with our new Mariano’s store , Wonder how there’s are anyone know ?”
  • Tiki on Facebook asks: “Anyone get their coupon yet from Bath and Body Works for free soap (no longer available)?”


  • Kitty shares: “I noticed in one of the ad scans on iheartwags that the next Walgreens Senior Day is April 1, no foolin’.”

Whole Foods

  • Chris says: “Sadly, I hit the Suja print limit on every single site. BTW, the coupon is actually for $1.50, not $2. If you buy 12 of any variety, you’ll earn a 10% discount and these juices will fly out of your refrigerator (my 27 bottles dropped to 4 within a week). You can also print more $1.50 coupons from the Suja Facebook page without “Liking” them first and $1.50 coupons on the company site itself
  • From peaches: “The rotisserie chicken was on sale I think last month, but only for one day.  I happened to be in the store that day.  Look on your stores facebook page, and that is where it would be posted.  That is also where they post all the weekend specials.  Sometimes the specials do not get posted on each stores facebook page though, and I have accidentally found out about them by visiting the store.  The South Evanston store has a huge package of baking yeast for $4, and I have been meaning to stop there to buy some.  The downtown Evanston store does not carry it.”
  • Diane reports: “FYI – the Suja juice at the Schaumburg store is $3.39. Sorry, I didn’t notice the dates in the tag.”

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  1. Debbie says

    No, I have not gotten my coupon yet for the Bath and Body Works free soap. But I did get an email right away saying I would get another email in a few days with the coupon in it. Why not just send the coupon right away in the first email?!

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