Reader deals 3/20/14

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Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

Big favor: If you mention other sites, online coupons, etc, please include the link. Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.


  • Nancy’s Prime perspective: “It wasn’t worth it for me, either. I don’t order enough to make the ‘free shipping’ pay off.” I, on the other hand, really enjoyed paying just $4 extra today to get a pair of pants tomorrow, lol. You just need to make a decision based on your own habits.

Finish Line

  • Outlander is wondering: “I wish they had free shipping at a certain amount too! I wonder if it the same sale in the stores?”

Garden Fresh

  • Kari O. says: “The avocados are always SO cheap! Even Garden Fresh has avocados for nearly nothing. $2.99 for a bag of 8 or extra ripe ‘use today’ syran wrapped packs of 6 for $.99! I am excited to buy these, make lots of guac, then use my new Foodsaver to package and freeze them.”

Jerry’s Fruit Market

  • Caroline posted yesterday on Facebook: “Jerry’s Fruit Market in Niles has asparagus for .59 a pound. Started today.”


  • Shandelle comments: “If you’re in the city and still looking for the small clearance Tide bottles for $.99, the store in Wrigleyville at Southport & Addison has TONS left by the north entrance. I went in yesterday and picked up 6 more, using up the last of my coupons. I did meet with some resistance, though.. at self check, the cashier told me that earlier that day someone tried the same deal and the manager said NO. She got the manager over for me and I explained that I had just bought 12 of these using the same coupons at the Sheridan & Montrose store less than a mile away several days ago, explained that they scan and that travel size are the single load packets… you can’t take 10 oz bottles on an airplane, etc. He argued with me a little but finally agreed to accept them. He stated he would take the coupons and contact Tide after I left so I guess this is YMMV even though I thought Tide posted on facebook that this deal should be legit because trial/travel products would be marked as such on the package and these ones don’t say that.”
  • And Tina asks: “Does anyone know if there are any of the 10oz tides left in the south suburbs of Chicago? I haven’t been able to buy any yet, I still have all my coupons”


  • Kelly found: “Mariano’s has the same Glad 80 ct odor shield on sale for $9.00. Buy 2 and use $1/2 for $8.50 each. They also had the regular bags (90ct) for $9.00.”


  • From Outlander: “At Meijer check for clearance Snapware (not all kinds) and use that $2/1 Q from 1/5 that exp. 3/31. Bloomingdale Meijer was all out though, but I saw the tags there. I wish I checked while they still had them in stock. :)”
  • Tina found it too: “I found some of the clearance Snapware at the Oswego Meijer yesterday morning. The cashier didn’t want me to use the $2.00 mq’s on the $3.99 containers “because you can’t use a coupon on a sale item”. SMH. When I questioned why then was I allowed to use coupons on the CB lunchmeat, her response was ” because that is food”. Double SMH. And she wasn’t a new cashier.” Hahahaha!
  • Ashley shares: “Ok so I was excited for this Meijer sale before I even knew about the unadvertised deal! I was shocked to see tags advertising buy two Clorox Green Works, save $2 instantly in addition to them being included in the $5 instant savings deal. On their website they have coupons for $1/1. Bought two Green Works sprays $2.49 each Bought five Clorox advanced care bleach $1.98 each Bought one Tilex for $2.49 Bought one 409 for $2.49 Bought one Clorox spray for $2.49 – $2 instant savings for the Green Works – $5 instant savings for sale this week – $3.75 for the bleach mperk coupon (says store coupon when I loaded it) – Two $5/5 Clorox brand coupons (includes Tilex and 409) = $1.60 for all Bought two Green Works wipes for $2.99 each Bought three Scrubbing Bubbles sprays for $2.49 each – $5 instant for this weeks sale – $2 instant for the Green Works – Two $1/1 printables for Green Works – $2/3 Scrubbing Bubbles manufacturer printable – $2/3 Scrubbing Bubbles Target printable = $0.45 for all Bought two Green Works sprays for $2.49 each Bought two Lysol Neutra Air for $2.49 each Bought one Clorox spray $2.49 – $2 instant for the Green Works – $5 instant for the sale – Two $1/1 Green Works printables – $2/2 Lysol Wags book coupons – $0.75/1 Clorox spray peelie from the item = $0.70 for all!”

Reader requests

  • Erika sends over: “Any idea where I can buy cheap rock candy (preferably individually wrapped) in the Chicago area? I need them for a birthday party, but while I know I’ve seen them in plenty of stores before I just visited four today with no success. (Apparently, they are a seasonal item. Not sure why.) I’d also be open to alternative ideas if you had any. It’s was intended to accompany the tea cups and custom tea bags we’re giving out in goodie bags as part of my daughter’s tea party-themed birthday party.”


  • From Krystle: “While you’re at Target dont forget to pick up some Special K Moments on sale for $2.50, plus there is a 50% off cartwheel. All the $0.75 off peelies were missing from all the boxes at my Target. But if you are a KFR member check your email, I found a bricks coupon for $0.70 off of 1. So after everything, ended up paying $0.55 a box! Also check your Checkout 51 offers this week, I had $0.50 back on eggs, and the $1 Triscuits offer reset. So after sale, mobile coupon, cartwheel, and checkout 51 my net will be $0.63 for a dozen eggs, and a box of Triscuits for $0.39 (minus $1 mfg printable) YAY!”

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  1. Jen says

    They’re not exactly known for being cheap, but I’ve seen rock candy at Illinois Nut & Candy on Dempster in Skokie many times. I haven’t been in there in a couple months though, so I can’t guarantee that they have it all the time.

  2. Jen says

    Oh, and forgot to say that you can make rock candy. It’s not hard, though the times I’ve done it, it doesn’t come out looking as pretty as the stuff you buy at the store. Google it and you’ll find a bunch of recipes–it’s often used as a kids’ science experiment.

  3. Rachel says

    I am so frustrated at Meijer in Bolingbrook on Weber. This week, both the cashier and the Customer Serive told me (not the first time) that I could only use one coupon per “entire order” because the coupon said “one coupon per purchase”. They defined “purchase” as “transaction”. I left the whole order even though I was in need of some produce, juice, meat and bread. They would not accept Target / Walgreen coupons either even though I contaected the Corporate. The manager called back and said if ithe coupons say “Target” or “Walgreen” on them, they would not get reimbursed. For that reason they could not accept them but “we do accept competitors’ coupons.” I do not see any point of talking to him after I could not make him understand Meijer’s policy so I just gave up. Is “one coupon per purchase” same as limit one coupon per transaction?

    • says

      No, it is not. One coupon per purchase means per item purchased — that language is meant from keeping someone from, say, taking ten $1.00/1 Pampers coupons and using them all on one pack of Pampers. I’d keep at it with corporate — sorry for the hassle!

  4. Shandelle says

    Regarding the $5 ECB deal wyb ANY 2 Eucerin at CVS this week, the $1.19 1 oz size was tagged for this offer and I picked up 2 yesterday (UPC 072140737634). I also had $2/2 any lotion without size restrictions that printed on a previous receipt so I paid $.40 after tax and the $5 ECB generated! However, I went back this evening with a friend and the tag was removed for that size and it was out of stock. Anyone know if this deal is still working or is CVS claiming it was a mistake? Also a lot of people reported it wasn’t working earlier in the week, but I found these in the regular lotion section and not with the travel section.

  5. Shandelle says

    Also at CVS, a store coupon printed on a previous receipt for $1 off Cheez-Its and the 6 to 7.5 oz boxes are on sale this week for $1.99. I stacked the store coupon with one of the $1 off any Kellogg’s family of products that they sent for St Patty’s day to the Family Rewards members. The store coupon auto adjusted to $.99 and I paid only $.04 in tax. Something to keep in mind if you’re lucky to get the Cheez-Its store coupon. :)

  6. Shandelle says

    Haha and lastly at CVS, I had gotten yet another coupon on a receipt for $2 off any Essence of Beauty fragrance or body product. I found EOB scented hand sanitizers for $1.99 and picked up 1 free tonight. The coupon was adjusted down for the penny. I know I have also gotten several coupons on my receipts for $1 off any pain relief purchase without size restrictions and the Advil PM in the travel area is $.99 so that is a freebie, too.

  7. Outlander says

    I found LOADS of different Kcups on clearance at Jewel. Some were Tully 12 pack for $3, also 36 pack Keurig variety for $8.50- for either one you can use $1.50/1 from 3/2 SS. Also Celestial Seasoning tea 12 pack Kcups for $2.50 (tea) and $3 (ice tea/ lemonade) – use $1.75/1 from

  8. Outlander says

    Kline Creek Farm in Winfield has a big variety of rock candy in their Visitors Center, $1 each I think.
    I think I saw them in Caputo’s too, close to the registers.

  9. Dawg says

    Tide says small bottles ARE trial

    By rachel at 12:15 pm on March 13, 2014 25 Comments


    Lilly commented this morning that Tide responded to her query on Facebook and stated that these small 10 oz bottles of Tide at Jewel are indeed considered “trial size.” So, no go now on free Tide at Jewel.

    I’m so sorry, guys. I never thought for a second that the 10 oz bottles would be “trial,” given that there are one load trial packets in the trial/travel section as opposed to these bigger bottles that are on the shelf.

    • Shandelle says

      Um, read the comments on that post? Incorrect. Tide confirmed on their facebook page that this is a legit deal.

    • Shandelle says

      Um, read the comments on that post? Incorrect. Tide confirmed on their facebook page that this is a legit deal.

      • says

        I’m not really sure what to post about that. I just updated the post:

        Update — Jill Cataldo posts that a contact at P&G confirms they are NOT trial size: From her site here “UPDATE: I have reached out to P&G and confirmed that the 10-ounce Tide is not a trial or travel size. The Tide coupons currently available in the Brandsaver insert and online are valid on this size.” I sure wish they would post something official on this, but that’s all the info I currently have.

    • Lilly says

      Seems it depends on who is answering the questions on Facebook! I looked for my post, but it was deleted :-( Someone else asked on the 18th and they received the same response I did, “The 10oz bottles are considered trial size.” Unfortunately, I could not find a post were they confirmed it as legit.

      I went ahead and emailed Tide and received the following response, “It is up to the store on how they are selling the Tide 10oz containers. If the store lists the product as a Trial/Travel sizes then the coupons will not be valid. If the product is not listed as that then you can go ahead and use the coupons.”

      Several people have called and were told since the bottles are NOT marked trial size you CAN use these coupons. I also got an email from the Service Manager at the Jewel I was shopping at and she confirmed that they will get reimbursed! I guess it depends on what you are comfortable with and if you are willing to battle over it!!

  10. Chris says

    Plenty of Tide at Jewel formerly known as Dominick’s in Homer Glen. Bought 12 yesterday went through no problem.

  11. Dawg says

    Are the mini Tide 10oz (6 loads) bottles considered trial/Travel size?

    Tide Great question, The 10oz bottles are considered trial size.

    Like · Reply · March 18 at 3:40pm

  12. Jane says

    Notice how the new coupons we are getting this weekend state the ounces required in addition to the no trial and travel sizes. I just saw a sunday preview. This is similar to the Herbal Essence-Gate!

    • Jane says

      Mar 23 Red Plum:
      Tide $3/2 Simply Clean & Fresh 40 oz, 50 oz, or 60 oz (4/30) ETS
      Tide $1/2 Simply Clean & Fresh 25 oz +, Downy liquid or Bounce sheets (4/30) ETS, pods, & downy single rinse
      Tide $.50/1 Simply Clean & Fresh, Cheer, or Era 25 oz +, Downy liquid, or Bounce sheets (4/30) ETS, pods, & downy single rinse

  13. juli says

    Not a coupon or deal related matter, but thought I’d mention it. Through 3-26-14, the U.S. Dept of Transportation is taking comments as to whether allow cell phone calls on planes. Info:

    • peaches says

      I hope they don’t allow cell phones. The crew does not want to see it happen either. I took Amtrak down to New Orleans last April, and they allow cell phones on there, and it is a 19 hour ride down there, and the person that sat in front of me got on their cell phone at 1:00am.

  14. Tracie says

    Just saw rock candy in 6 packs every color possible at party city. Didn’t see the price though. You could call.

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