Reader deals 3/19/14

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Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

Big favor: If you mention other sites, online coupons, etc, please include the link. Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.


  • Kim found: “Aldi in Batavia on Randall has their big packs of 90/10 ground sirloin for 1/2 price with a freeze by date of 3/20. Regular price is $3.69lb. Most packs were around 2.5 lbs. I just left as there were 7 packs left”



  • From VB: “Cermak had 2/$0.99. I bought 2 bundles and paid $0.50.” She adds: “I m confused how it worked out that way though.”
  • DON reports: “Caputo’s – Naperville had bunches for 69/lb today” I saw that yesterday in Elmwood Park but it did NOT look good and I didn’t buy it.
  • Jane says: “Kroger .88/ lb. asparagus this week! For any of you that have one, that is. I just opened up my paper and found it. Love a deal on [SavingStar] where I don’t have to remember the Jewel card OR strong-arm them to scan it!”
  • Beth reports: “Vernon Hills Mariano’s currently has asparagus for $1.50/lb.” A new sale starts tomorrow though, so the price may change.
  • BethP says: “It was $1.29 at my Mariano’s store this morning – I would have bought it anyway at this price, so bonus with the SavingStar!”


  • Anne likes the Bath & Body Works hand soap: “I am glad to see they reformulated from the antibacterial soaps. Surprised it took them so long…”

Food 4 Less

  • Ashley comments: “The Kellogg’s Catalina for buy two get $1, buy three get $2, and buy four get $3 is also running at Food4Less. Makes them $0.50 each after printables, even less if you have points for KFR and use the $1.50/1 coupons!”


  • From Ashley: “Scrubbing Bubbles mega shower foamer 20oz is $2.49 after the instant and also part of the catalina, according to Meijer mealbox, if you buy one you will receive a $1 onyo through 3/24 (Sunday) Starting Monday, Meijer will be participating in the national catalina offer for Windex, Pledge, Scrubbing Bubbles, and Shout products. Buy two get $1 Buy three get $2 Buy four or more get $3 Also theres a printable for $2/3 SC Johnson cleaning on Targets site, it prints as a store coupon which Meijer will accept. For the Clorox products theres tear pad coupons at our area Walmarts for $5/5 Clorox brand products including Clorox, Formula 409, or Tilex, and it also has other coupons like $0.55/1 Pledge. For the Lysol items, you can use the $2/2 Lysol manufacturer coupon in the Walgreens cold and flu books. Theres a printable Air Wick coupon for $1/1 and $2/2 that would be valid on the refills. Also watch for buy one refill get a warmer free tear pads. Theres a $5/1 printable coupon for the Libman mops, but its a tricky smart source one that takes forever to print. People in the Sunday markets have reported finding the Mr. Clean liquid muscle included as well, so you could use the $1/1 coupon then. And lastly theres a $0.75/each Clorox bleach coupon which run $1.97 each which you can pair with the $2/3 Target Clorox bleach coupon.”

Online deals

  • Suzann shares: “I found a new bulk foods site in my quest for wild rice–IFS bulk. Granted their sizes are large but it works to split but if it is something you use a lot of – no problem. I spent at least 2 hours roaming their site. My previous seller was bought out by Sysco and no longer sold retail.”

Reader requests

  • Cynthia in Hot Deals asks: “My Dishwasher needs to be replaced.. Do you have any great deals or a recommendation on the best type?”
  • And jane asks: “I’m looking for a low-priced light-weight laptop that runs Windows 7 or above. Does anyone here know of a good deal? I am keeping an eye on tiger direct. Thanks!”


  • Tamara comments: “Have you seen the “Steps” with Balance Rewards program? I just found it today and have already earned 270 points! I got 250 for setting my first fitness goal and 20 points for logging a weigh-in. You can earn 20 points per mile walked/ran or 20 points a day when you log something. You can also earn badges which earn points for signing in every day, logging weights/workouts, connecting devices, and more. I like it!
  • She adds: “I paper log all my workouts and weigh-ins so I was able to go back and earn 690 points total. The limit is 1,000 for the month. I can’t tell how long this program has been around, but it looks like it used to be ‘Walk with Walgreens’ and then got converted over.”

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  1. Outlander says

    At Meijer check for clearance Snapware (not all kinds) and use that $2/1 Q from 1/5 that exp. 3/31.
    Bloomingdale Meijer was all out though, but I saw the tags there. I wish I checked while they still had them in stock. :)

    • Tina says

      I found some of the clearance Snapware at the Oswego Meijer yesterday morning. The cashier didn’t want me to use the $2.00 mq’s on the $3.99 containers “because you can’t use a coupon on a sale item”. SMH. When I questioned why then was I allowed to use coupons on the CB lunchmeat, her response was ” because that is food”. Double SMH. And she wasn’t a new cashier.

  2. Kari O. says

    Stacy, try Lowe’s online. I found 6 gallon containers for $2.49, 12 gallon ones for $2.99 and 30 gallon for $5.49 on their website ( searching under “plastic storage bins”. Sort by Price low to high. They’re not Rubbermaid but still very durable.

  3. Matt says

    I would always recommend checking for laptop deals. A lot of the new laptops will only come with Windows 8. So the best bet is probably either a place like Microcenter (nearest one in Westmont, IL) that sells Windows 7 laptops or to buy one from directly from Dell or HP. HP recently sent out an e-mail that people buying computers from them were once again being given the right to choose Windows 7. There are also people that sell slightly used Dell Windows 7 laptops on eBay for around $300. It all really depends on your budget and if you think you might need a warranty or not. $300 for a PC laptop is about the minimum price for a new item.

    • Jane says

      I’d keep my eye on Target for any sales on laptops. I bought mine over a year ago and paid $250. Every few months it is about that cheap but even Black Friday did not beat that price. I have Win7 and its a Gateway….its basic but I’ve been pretty happy with it for my needs. I just saw a Dell laptop advertised in the paper today for over $500, it was better than mine but not twice as good! It too offered Win7, which surprised me. I figured you were stuck with 8, but I guess too many people do not like it.

      • jane says

        Thanks, everyone, I forgot about slickdeals, and even Target. I’m willing to try Windows 8, but thought 7 would be easier. If you like your Gateway, Jane, I might try the netbook that comes with Office installed—looks like a good price. I don’t have to have the sleekest, fastest, etc, and I love the netbooks because they are lighweight and come with keyboard attached. I am also looking for longer battery life.

  4. Shandelle says

    If you’re in the city and still looking for the small clearance Tide bottles for $.99, the store in Wrigleyville at Southport & Addison has TONS left by the north entrance. I went in yesterday and picked up 6 more, using up the last of my coupons. I did meet with some resistance, though.. at self check, the cashier told me that earlier that day someone tried the same deal and the manager said NO. She got the manager over for me and I explained that I had just bought 12 of these using the same coupons at the Sheridan & Montrose store less than a mile away several days ago, explained that they scan and that travel size are the single load packets… you can’t take 10 oz bottles on an airplane, etc. He argued with me a little but finally agreed to accept them. He stated he would take the coupons and contact Tide after I left so I guess this is YMMV even though I thought Tide posted on facebook that this deal should be legit because trial/travel products would be marked as such on the package and these ones don’t say that.

  5. jane says

    Cynthia, my family always liked Maytag for reliability (dishwasher, clothes washer, etc.) but I think they were bought by Amana—still good, I hope. When I replaced my 30+ year old Maytag, I bought another one at a local dealer who included free delivery and an extra year on the warranty. I would compare the usual stores’ prices online, and then check with your local stores (if there are any left) and see if you come up with a better deal.

    • peaches says

      Maytag was bought by Whirlpool. Apparently there were some quality problems before Whirlpool took them over a few years ago. Maytag was running into financial problems before Whirlpool took them over, and they were trying to cut corners. Since Whirlpool took them over, the quality of their products has gotten much better. Look at Bosch dishwashers, which are highly rated by Consumer Reports.

  6. susie says

    Does anyone know if there are any of the 10oz tides left in the south suburbs of Chicago? I haven’t been able to buy any yet, I still have all my coupons


  7. Beth says

    Regarding dishwashers: Avoid Kitchen Aid! I think they are in the Maytag family now after mergers. We bought one in December 2010 from Abt, and thankfully also purchased the extended warranty. That warranty more than paid for itself because the Abt repairman was constantly at our house. We had to get all-new electronics, motor and other fixes after only 2 years — all covered by the extended warranty. Our next dishwasher will be a Bosch.

  8. says

    Ok so I was excited for this Meijer sale before I even knew about the unadvertised deal!
    I was shocked to see tags advertising buy two Clorox Green Works, save $2 instantly in addition to them being included in the $5 instant savings deal. On their website they have coupons for $1/1.

    Bought two Green Works sprays $2.49 each
    Bought five Clorox advanced care bleach $1.98 each
    Bought one Tilex for $2.49
    Bought one 409 for $2.49
    Bought one Clorox spray for $2.49
    – $2 instant savings for the Green Works
    – $5 instant savings for sale this week
    – $3.75 for the bleach mperk coupon (says store coupon when I loaded it)
    – Two $5/5 Clorox brand coupons (includes Tilex and 409)
    = $1.60 for all

    Bought two Green Works wipes for $2.99 each
    Bought three Scrubbing Bubbles sprays for $2.49 each
    – $5 instant for this weeks sale
    – $2 instant for the Green Works
    – Two $1/1 printables for Green Works
    – $2/3 Scrubbing Bubbles manufacturer printable
    – $2/3 Scrubbing Bubbles Target printable
    = $0.45 for all

    Bought two Green Works sprays for $2.49 each
    Bought two Lysol Neutra Air for $2.49 each
    Bought one Clorox spray $2.49
    – $2 instant for the Green Works
    – $5 instant for the sale
    – Two $1/1 Green Works printables
    – $2/2 Lysol Wags book coupons
    – $0.75/1 Clorox spray peelie from the item
    = $0.70 for all!

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