Reader deals 3/18/14

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Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

Big favor: If you mention other sites, online coupons, etc, please include the link. Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.


  • Debbie recommends: “If you want a good book series for kids (especially boys) is the Redwall series. My son started reading this about 5th grade or so and quit reading about 8th grade or so. Then after graduating from college and taking a break for a few months before looking for his “real” job he started reading them again picking up where he left off! I think he read only 1, maybe 2, books before he found his current job. But he was within 2 books of catching up to the author’s writing the next book! He so enjoyed those books!”
  • Tamara on the SlimFast: “Have you had these before? They are tiny! I understand they’re supposed to be a snack, but sheesh. I got a bunch of them when Walgreens had a deal where you could get them for .49/box. Unless you reeeeeally like them, then I’m not sure it’s worth paying that much per box.”
  • Janie: “Ordered the necklace too, but it was a different seller for me. The seller I ordered from in November was cetrend. I am ordering again because my daughter really liked it. Amazon refunded my money for that necklace and 2 others with no problem.”


  • A tip from Lauri: “Check the Science Diet web page…they usually have coupons for $7 off a bag”


  • Samantha says: “I tried to buy a hotel deal in Lake Geneva (local to me) but it was listed under ‘Getaways’. I put in the promo code and it was accepted but the total was for the pre-promo code price. So, what I think happened is the promo code was accepted and saved to my account but not applied to that deal. I find that confusing so I didn’t buy the deal. My point is to double check whatever you are buying with the code.” The 20% code isn’t valid on getaways. It will only be valid on deals found under the “local” tab.
  • She adds: “I know but my point was that it accepted the code and looked like it worked but the price didn’t change. It said ‘code accepted’ I would have thought that Groupon would have not accepted the code and said ‘sorry it won’t work on this deal’. I only mentioned it because someone else said that with the last promo code it was accepted but then not applied to their account so they contacted group on and I think that’s what happened.”


  • A note to double check before buying, from Amy: “My Checkout51 offers doesn’t include the Triscuits. I know not everyone gets the same offers but I’m bummed nonetheless.”
  • From maggie: “The asparagus is on sale through today, so today would be the best time to take advantage of the new Saving Star offer. I believe it’s 1.99/pound.”


  • Kari O. suggests: “This is extremely YMMV but if you have a Foodsaver or have been desperately wanting one then check your local inventory. I got one for $53 that retails for $149 and even got a 2 pack of rolls for $7 that retailed for $19. And if you’re not opposed to a drive over the border the Kenosha Lowe’s had the same machine for $33.” And there are coupons here and here!

Loyalty programs

  • From theresa: “kelloggs extended the 3/17 extra 400 points with any 4 codes until 3/21 11:59:59 PST”

Product reviews

  • Rebecca on coconut oil spray: “I have not used the PAM, but Trader Joe’s carries a coconut oil spray. Unfortunately, because coconut oil solidifies at cooler temps, I’ve had to toss 2 cans of this before they were empty because the sprayer clogged beyond use!”

Reader requests

  • Caroline in Hot Deals asks: “Not looking for a deal but for banks that are offering free shredding days. Preferably near the O’Hare area. TIA”
  • Diane asks: “Has anybody ever tried one of those air duct cleaning companies?  Thanks!”
  • Amy responds: “Yes. They cleaned the vents and they tried to tell us that we need $1400 in repairs to our new furnace. We had to make a decision right then and there. Never again.”
  • Artie points out: “FWIW, has 166 positive reviews on Angies List


  • Susan posts on Facebook: “For anyone who likes the Simple brand wipes…at Target buy 3 at $4.99 (25 pack plus 7 pack bonus). Get a free 500 count QTips (some have a free sample of Simple face wash attached.) On there is a coupon for $2 off Simple products. With three coupons pay $9 for all four products and bonuses.”

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  1. Fran says

    I had the same bad experience with one of those Duct Cleaning companies. They cleaned the ducts and insisted on looking at our furnace. I told them no, but they kept insisting. Finally I said, “Either clean the ducts only for the price agreed to, or leave right now and get nothing. “. They finally did just the ducts and left. My furnace was brand new at the time, and I didn’t want anyone touching it and voiding the warranty. I will NEVER call a duct cleaning company again. EVER.

  2. jane says

    I’m looking for a low-priced light-weight laptop that runs Windows 7 or above. Does anyone here know of a good deal? I am keeping an eye on tiger direct. Thanks!

  3. Jen says

    We had our ducts cleaned a few years ago by Four Seasons. They were really great and helpful! I don’t remember them pressuring us about a thing, but then again I suppose it can vary based on the specific technicians you get.

    • jane says

      Did you feel like it was worth it, then? I’m sure we have a lot of dust built up in our ducts, even though we use good furnace filters.

  4. Janice r says

    I was just wondering we’re did Kerrie o find the food sealer at lowes kenosha so cheap? I checked there site and it was crazy expensive. I have been looking for a good deal on one.

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