Reader deals 3/16/14

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Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

Big favor: If you mention other sites, online coupons, etc, please include the link. Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.


  • A warning from Debbie: “Beware when ordering this necklace! I ordered this last November 11th when it was offered then and I’m STILL waiting for it. We tried ordering it again in January because apparently they didn’t get the first one but now we’re just asking for a refund (as of last weekend) and waiting for that.”


  • Jane says: “Hey Rachel- I tried to buy the guac. that week but they were sold out and I ended up getting a rain check. $1.99 a lb. Well today I finally see guac in the stores produce section and it is a different one. It now comes prepacked in a 14 oz. container. I talked to the guy in produce and he said the other stuff used to come in huge vats and they scooped it out to sell and weighed them up like the one you bought here. Now he said they actually make the stuff right there in the store. I also tried it since they had huge samples out today and it is good but not quite as spicy as the other stuff (which was great) My rain check was for 2/ 16 oz. tubs so we figured it out by the ounce, and each tub came to $1.68. Have you tried any of it yet? Also, the new 14 oz. tubs are reg price $4.99! The old stuff was $3.99 lb….so another case of making the package smaller and raising the price. Do they think we will not notice that? I bet they had it 1/2 price to get rid of it so they could make the switch.” It was actually $2.99/lb before.

Just for fun


  • From letsshop: “If you use your GC from last time , its like 11% twice (:”
  • Debbie reports: “I went today and when I picked up the rebate form it looks like it will be extended till March 29th.”

Nutritional yeast

  • Denise shares: “We have two vegan kids, one vegetarian and one person with Crohn’s disease whose diet is limited (particularly during flairs) — we have been buying nutritional yeast from this site for almost 10 years, I think.”

Reader requests

  • From Andrea on Facebook: “Are there any better Frozen deals out there for the combo pack (DVD, blu ray, digital) than Amazon’s $19.96?”


  • Vivian points out: “There is a $5/$25 Apparel Q in the Target ad also.”

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  1. Martha says

    I should have asked before today, but what are the best deals out there for corned beef? I was going to get them at Jewel and get the instant $5 off for also buying Guiness, but the Bolingbrook Jewel said that their warehouse has been out for 4 days, and everyone in the area is all out.


  2. couponer4eva says

    I loved the original Guacamole that Jewel had, it was $1.99/lb since Super Bowl Sunday. The new stuff is made ‘on site’, in the back room, which I’m sure isn’t as cleanor monitored as a huge manufacturing facility. It seems like they’re hastedly piecing together some sort of restaurant like food service. I wouldn’t trust it’s cleanliness, and considering the price went up 250%, is it really worth it?

  3. Bridget says

    The comedian that Bunny mentions is Chicagoan Hannibal Burress (he now lives in New York). He stars in Comedy Central’s “Broad City,” a very funny, edgy show.

  4. Bridget says

    For Andrea on Facebook, Walmart has a Frozen gift set in its 3/16-3/22 preprint for 21.96. The description doesn’t say anything about digital, but it it is Blu-ray combo pack and also has an exclusive Disney Infinity Elsa figure too.

  5. jaymie says

    Does anybody have an internet provider they would recommend other than Comcast, AT&T, WOW, Xfinity and the usual big players? We are in Montgomery, near 30&47. TIA.

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