Reader deals 3/12/14

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Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

Big favor: If you mention other sites, online coupons, etc, please include the link. Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.



  • LauraL shares: “The Chik-fil-a of Oswego is giving away a free breakfast item everyday this week. Plus all month you can make a reservation on their website for a free grilled chicken sandwich.”

Food 4 Less

  • Karalyn on Facebook found: “2 chicken of the sea cans of tuna for $1. I had a $0.55 off 2 coupon from the Trib which made them about $0.22 each! Herbal Essences shampoo and conditioner were $2.49 each. After the Trib coupon for $3 off 2, they were only $1 each!” But note, she posted this yesterday and the new ad started today, so prices may have changed.


  • Jennifer reports: “I bought 2 DiGiorno pizzas from Jewel last night and received a $1.00 cat”
  • From David: “A bit of insight on the tiny Tides – I bought some no problem at Naperville Jewel this weekend, but my County Market in Urbana has a cardboard display of them which prominently features a sign which reads “Trial size” along with their $1.99 sale price. So it might be that the warehouse considers these trial size even though the coupon rings through.”
  • Christina M. says: “I was told the Tide bottles were a trial size at the Ogden Ave, Downers Grove Jewel.”
  • Shandelle says: “Picked up 12 of the tiny Tide at the Jewel at Sheridan & Montrose and they took the coupons without question. Although customer service told the cashier to reduce the value to $.99 in light of the new register update that would allow coupons through at face value. I knew that was wrong but wasn’t in the mood to fight over $.12 when my bus was showing up in 5 min. I only saw 1 display on an end cap left at that store unless they had them elsewhere, too.”
  • PW’s take: “Try getting on a plane ith more than 3 ounces Those are not travel size….. heheheh”


  • From SoapboxTray: “Mariano’s Double Daze run this morning: Some items I noticed were good deals. .75oz Kraft Cheese (12 slices): $2.50 minus $1.50DD / 75¢ IP = $1.00 per pack Pearls Black Olives to Go 4pk (my kids love): $2.79 minus $2.00DD / $1.00 IP = 79¢ each All Progresso Soups are $1.99 so if you have $1.00 off IPs FREE on DD They have Horizon Mac and Cheese for $1.59 (I saw some new IPs for this) $1.00 off 3 = $2.77 for 3 or 92¢ each Planters Nuts are $3.49 all containers, there are $1.00 off IPs Dole Squishems are $2.50 each and there are also $1.00 of IPs Florida Natural Citrus Smoothie $3.59 there is $1.00 off IP use on DD and if you have the $1.00 on Savings star 59¢ smoothie. Pop Secret $2.99 there are $1.00 off IPs”


  • From Ashley: “Through Today: Buy two Kashi Cereal at $1.99 each Buy one Eggo Waffles at $1.49 each Buy two Special K cereal at $1.99 each – $1/2 Kashi printable – $1/2 Kashi Whole Foods coupon from January/February or PDF expires 3/31/14 – $1.50/1 Eggo KFR coupon – two $1.50/1 Kellogg’s Cereal KFR coupon = $2.96 oop and $3 onyo back Starting Tomorrow: If you buy four boxes of Kellogg’s Raisin Bran at $1.99 each – four $1.50/1 KFR coupon – two $1/2 Target coupon = FREE! plus you’ll get a $3 onyo back! If you buy two Raisin Bran and two others listed at $1.99 each – four $1.50/1 KFR coupons – $1/2 Target coupon = $1 oop and $3 onyo back!! If you buy four listed cereals not Raisin Bran at $1.99 each – four $1.50/1 KFR coupons = $2 oop and $3 onyo back!!” Spend your Kellogg’s Family Rewards points for the coupons she mentions.

Reader requests

  • Jane (in Bourbonnais) asks: “I have been carrying around those So Delicious $1 off any coupons in my purse for weeks now and never find it. I thought they had it at Jewel, but nope, then I saw it in last weeks Kroger ad AND on sale for $1 for the little cups but my store did not carry them! I asked at Ultra and they don’t have it there either. I have never even seen a Whole Foods store….so I guess I am not getting that yogurt! I even looked online to see what stores carry it in my area and they said my local health food/organic place did. I called them and nope they don’t carry it either. Has anyone else found So Delicious yogurt cups anywhere else besides Whole Foods? Thanks.” Rachel has found it at Pete’s Market and Mariano’s, anywhere else?
  • From Sanee on Facebook: “Has anyone seen any peelies out there for coffee creamer? Any kind… :) The only one I’m seeing to print is the target one! I’m critically low too!! hahahaha”


  • From liz: “check your email…I just received 7000 surprise points for sears and I only shop at kmart…yippee”


  • Christine shares: “From Christine: I have  found [Global Ttest Market] to send an inordinate amount of surveys.  Unfortunately, I do not qualify for more than half of them.  When I do qualify and receive points my reward is very small.  Beware, the rewards take some time to accumulate. I have found My Survey to be a better fit.


  • Something to look for from Shandelle: “If you’re a Target Red Card holder, keep your eyes peeled for a possible new mailer. I just got one today that included paper versions of most of the recent mobile coupons, including the $1 off fresh fruit/veg/meat and also a $5/$30 grocery purchase good until 4/23!”
  • SoapboxTray found: “Goldfish Mac and Cheese are still on price cut for 75¢ and there are 55¢ off 2 IPs making it 95¢ for 2 and we tried the Nacho Cheese and it was a hit with my boys.”
  • From Susan on Facebook: “Hi Rachel…just wanted to share bel vita breakfast biscuit…. $1 off 2 in 3/9 ss there are offers on ibotta shopium and checkout 51. Plus target has 10% off on cartwheel. They are $2.99 at my target. Make sure at least one box is the soft variety!”


  • Kelly posts on Facebook: “I have a 2 year old who lives and breathes Pringles. So I went to the new Walgreens on County Farm/Roosevelt Rd to take advantage of the Pringles deal and Grand Opening store coupon in the Sunday paper this week ($3 off any $10 purchase). The Pringles rang up as 4 for $4, not $5 as advertised! Used the $1 off 4 Pringles coupon and got them for 4/$3. Bought other stuff on sale so I could use the $3 store coupon. Ended up saving 55% on the whole order.”

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  1. Matt says

    The Sears surprise points had no purchase requirement for me. So I placed a Sears order online and paid with PayPal and then picked up my stuff at the Sears. I placed one order yesterday and then today they said I had more surprise points, so I placed a second order. There aren’t any other stores other than Sears/Kmart that are going to give you $14 worth of merchandise for free.

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