Reader deals 3/10/14

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Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

Big favor: If you mention other sites, online coupons, etc, please include the link. Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.


  • A vote for gluten-free Barilla, from beth: “I have tried it & think it is pretty good! Much better & cheaper than the Glutino brand.”



  • From Kara: “Those who needs stronger prescriptions (about -3.50 or greater) will need to upgrade their lenses to medium and high index lenses. The coupon code PFP10 worked to get me the first frames free and 10% off my lens upgrade. The gold package (1.67 high index lenses) includes free shipping and anti-reflective coating and is normally $80. My finished pair with the lens upgrade, coupon code, free shipping was $72.”
  • Victoria shares: “I paid $79 for 3 years of eye exams with American’s Best (great deal considering I went 2 twice this first year and still have 2 years of exams) and then I did coastal for free glasses [with code FIRSTPAIRFREE] and zenni for sunglasses and extra glasses when I miss place them or my infant son breaks mine. I go to costco for contacts I do the smallest supply since I wear them I wear them infrequent. considering I may be paid a total $100 for eye exam and four pairs of glasses don’t think it’s too bad of a deal.”
  • Nancy’s experience: “I have an odd prescription that requires a bunch of “extras”: 1. a large frame to accommodate bi-focals, 2. plastic lenses to accommodate the weight of the lens (and eliminate the”thick” curvature), 3. protective finish  to prevent scratching (a huge issue because I am hard on glasses). As a result, I rarely do well at places that offer “cheap” glasses. It’s costs the same to go to a regular optometrist and run the claim through our insurance. My spouse, on the other hand, just needs simpler reading glasses. He does really well on these deals.”


  • LovinSavin sends over: “I went to Goodwill in Plainfield on Rt. 59 Saturday.  I brought my own bag and got $.05C off my order.  I didn’t know this.  The cashier said, all Goodwill stores do this.”


  • Lori S. comments: “Tried to use these [Mars Bites] coupons at K-mart, register would not take coupon cashier called supervisor over and was told because they say redeem at Walmart they would not accept them and also because it is a computer generated coupon they have been having alot of fraud (I suppose people making copies) so they also said that they will not take computer coupons. So didn’t get a thing after making a special trip to Kmart which is on Rt. 83 and St. Charles. Bummer :( Probably will not be shopping at Kmart anymore if they don’t accept coupons. No wonder they are closing stores!!”
  • Jane responds: “Well I just printed up the Mars coupon and it says available at Walmart, no logo or anything. I thought it had to say redeem ONLY at Walmart if you could not use it anywhere else. I think Kmart is wrong here. And about printables, if this is their new policy, I too will not be shopping there anymore. Why? When you can take these coupons and price match them AT Walmart in the future!”


  • A heads up from jennyh: “Just so you know the eggo varieties that qualifies is very specific. Its not all eggos. I bought Wafflers, and apparently those are not included as are many of the other varieties… Oops!”
  • Something to look for from liz: “for the stoffers deal at Meijer, I also found a store coupon on mperks…$2/3 frozen family entrée meals”
  • Something savinlikeu noticed: “The Kashi Q has reset. Print another if you are so inclined ;)”


  • Amber reports on the free after rebate paper: “I just did this today – there is a two coupon limit. I got 2 5-ream packs and now am getting 2 rebates back! 10 reams for free!”


  • From Jane, prompted by the free shampoo/conditioner: “Also, I see a $2 insert coupon off styling or treatment suave gold….I wonder how much those are at Target? I am bringing them both just in case.”
  • A find from rifat: “In Chicago, Broadway & Wilson, Crystal Light Peach Bellini liquid is on clearance, there was about a dozen bottles left. It is $2.02 each, I did three and got the $5.00 card. She punched them in at full price, it generated the card, I had to remind her that they are clearance priced. With coupons and $5 card, a m.m.”
  • Vivian in Hot Deals found that Kandoo 50 ct wipes are $1.25 through 3/15: “Looks like a good price!”


  • From liz: “went to walgreens to take advantage of the 5000 points for spending $25.00. without using my points or any RR, I paid $18.34 and got $18 back in points and RR!! Heres what I got..4 wet and wild nail polishes .99 each( $1.00 coupons), 2 Burt Bees lip shimmers $5.49 (used 2 $1.50 coupons and got 6,000 points back), colgate total toothpaste $3.00(used $1.00 coupon, got $2RR back), 2 Irish spring bodywash $7/2 (used 2 .50 coupons, got 4RR), bought 3 Mars easter candies $1.50/2 (used $1.00/2 coupon, got 1,000 points for buying 3)…6 RR back, and 12,000 points back…whoohoo! like getting it all for .34! the nailpolish is great to put in girl’s easter baskets!”

Whole Foods

  • From Tamara: “Another Whole Foods deal is on Stonyfield Organic greek yogurt 5.3oz cups. At my store they were $1.39 each and I used a Whole Foods coupon for $1/2 and a MFR for $1/2. This made them $.39 each which I think is pretty good for Greek yogurt.”

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  1. Tammy says

    I just used 5 coupons at Kmart today. 4 $2 ones and one $5 one, on l’oreal face creams. They weren’t scanning well, but she put them through.

  2. Outlander says

    Amber, how much was each Staples paper before rebate? How much did you have to pay out of pocket? Thanks.

  3. LauraL says

    The Chik-fil-a of Oswego is giving away a free breakfast item everyday this week. Plus all month you can make a reservation on their website for a free grilled chicken sandwich.

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