Reader deals 2/6/14

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Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

Big favor: If you mention other sites, online coupons, etc, please include the link. Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.


  • From Cheryl: “Those cornbread crackers are crazy good. I found them on clearance 6 months (ish) ago for 99 cents, and got 18 boxes, lol. We are almost out. They are amazing.”


  • Shandelle shares: “If you use the Receipt Hog app, be sure to check the Rewards tab after scanning your receipts. Apparently they just launched a new feature where you can scan barcodes for extra coins! I think each scan was 2 free coins. I had scanned around 15 receipts recently and just noticed I had tons and tons of barcodes it wanted me to scan! I probably got an extra 100 coins from it! Also if anyone was not already aware, the same Rewards tab also sometimes offers you surveys about specific products on the receipts you scan which reward 10 free coins. I get a lot of those, too.”
  • She adds: “Also I noticed the barcode scanner for Receipt Hog isn’t ver particular. My friend saves receipts for me to scan and some of the stuff he bought were a little unclear based on the receipt (size/quantity/flavor/etc). I walked around Jewel tonight scanning items and got credit for all of it.”
  • Krystle shares: “I also have an [Checkout 51] offer this week for $1 back for ANY Milk-Bone Dog snacks. If you also have this offer and printed the $.75 off Target coupon (NLA), plus the $1/1 MFG from This can be a small $0.25 MM”
  • Checkout 51 offers can vary based on past purchases, but Jane says: “I also have sweet baby rays and skippy pb on my list at the bottom this week. I just did the eggs. I found them for $1.29 at Menards today.”


  • Something to be on the lookout for from Suzann: “I found Ozarka bottles in Kroger had $1off 2 hang tags. Ozarka is the Southeast brand for this company.” It is Ice Mountain here in Chicagoland.
  • And one to check for from liz: “if you get email from international delight..i received an email with an invitation to do a survey and a reward of $1.00 has creamers 2/$3 so .50. haven’t looked for cartwheel or target coupon so may get better.. check todays email”

Gift cards

  • Another place to buy them, from Don on Facebook: “cardcash is another”


  • Priscilla likes Picture People: “I picked up their last groupon deal which was the same but I also purchased a big framed 3 different pose picture portrait that came at a huge discount option for purchasing the groupon. It was esceptional! I love my pictures and they turned out great! And I walked out with them and didn’t have to wait to go back and pick them up. I went to the Bye Bye Baby location in Crystal Lake.”
  • And bonnie does too: “I totally agree with you Priscilla. I had my son’s HS portrait done with PP with this groupon last year…you cant beat this price and I love the pictures.. I need to get my daughters 8th grade pictures done, and will be purchasing this groupon again. I used to cringe when ordering pictures from school. They were usually awful and VERY expensive. I use Bye Bye Baby in CL too! p.s. I didn’t tell my 18 yr old son that we were going to bye bye baby!!!! heheheh (he would have never gone)”


  • Allison says: “Store closing sale- Hallmark in Bloomingdale Stratford sqaure mall is closing 2/24. Entire store is 40-50% off. Christmas cards are 60% off. No Valentine’s day items.”


  • Shandelle reports: “The instant mashed potatoes are on sale for $.79 right now making them $.04! Forgot to see for how long, though.”
  • And she says: “Also it’s all the Yakisoba brand products for $.59 not just the bowls. My store doesn’t carry the bowls as far as I can tell. I had tons of both types of those $.50 coupons and couldn’t use them all a while back when it was making 2 free but used up the stash tonight getting them for my college age brother & cousins.”


  • Nikki reports: “Flavors of Cheerios that I noticed that were included: -Honey Nut -Original -Peanut Butter -Multigrain -Frosted -Dark Chocolate -Dulce de Leche (There may be more, this is what I noticed/remember.)”
  • A tip from Priscilla: “Don’t forget to check your MPerks daily I have gotten a $2 and $5 dollar off any purchase both in the last 2 weeks.”

Piggly Wiggly

  • Lisa comments: “Piggly Wiggly has Nutella on sale for $1.99, so a buck each with coupon.”

Reader requests

  • VB asks: “Anyone have any uses for hydrogen peroxide? I read somewhere that 1 cup of peroxide with 1/2 cup of blue dawn works great on clothes and carpets for stains which I am going to definitely try. Any other uses?”
  • Mandy responds: “I use peroxide for disinfecting vs the diluted bleach I used to use, but, it will still bleach out colors and if left on and not diluted it seems to make holes in some fabrics. I keep it in a spray bottle near my kitchen sink to disinfect before and after I wash my veggies and after I clean out the sink from preparing raw meat and eggs. It takes blood out of fabric really well. I also keep a spray bottle in the bathroom and use it to clean the sink and the outside of the toilet.” And she clarifies: “I leave it full strength in the spray bottles. I spray it in the sink and let it dry, but, when I wipe off the table or counters, I spray it on a wet cloth so it’s slightly diluted.”
  • And jolynn says: “Don’t forget to get some for the summer!! It is part of the mix for getting skunk oil out of your dog’s fur. Well, maybe all the skunks will be gone after this cold winter…I hope!!”
  • Clara on Facebook is wondering: “Anyone know of a place that sells ground Bison for less than Costco $6/lb?”
  • One from Tammy: “This is off topic, but I was wondering if anyone has ever used a product called Milsek Furniture Polish and Cleaner. Looking for results specifically on kitchen cabinets. Read about it in a newspaper column, and was thinking of trying it. Thanks.”


  • A heads up from April: “I went to Hanover Park Tonys today. They had 5 lb grapefruit bags for $2.50. Their add said it was supposed to be 8 lb bags They said that it,s probably a misprint”

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  1. Bunny says

    has changed their policy because on internet explorer I print a coupon once and it says that I reached the limit. Please help or explain this to me.
    thank you

    • says

      Manufacturers set their own limits on coupons. In most cases this is two on, but in some cases with some brands they will set a limit of one.

  2. erin says

    Bunny,so weird to hear that. We have 2 laptops in the house.Both use IE. On mine I can print two of each on On the other I can only print one of each and it says limit reached. OF THE SAME COUPONS! so I don’t think it’s company related. more like an old version of the printing plug in. Let me know if you fix it so I can too. thanks.,

    • says

      Wait, really? that is SO WEIRD. What happens if you open up another browser, like if you open firefox or chrome on the one that always gives you limit one — does it still say limit reached?

          • erin says

            Still one print only on firefox. Even when I print there first. It’s like it”s something on that computer .Thank you for helping to sort it out.

            • says

              that’s so weird. I have multiple computers here (and print out of FF) and don’t have that happen. Have you tried uninstalling the coupon printer completely and reinstalling it? I’m not sure what might be causing it.

  3. Judy S. says

    Bannockburn Dominick’s is at 75% off everything in the store. Hours are 10-6. They had lots of Tide and Charmin when I left today at 5:45. I wish I had known so I could have brought more coupons.

  4. jolynn says

    Regarding purchasing gift cards for a discount: Check out It lists all card-selling sites and the current cards available and the discounts. Also, the site can link you to each sellers’ guarantee policy. This site has everything in one place and it’s easy to compare prices!

  5. Barb B says

    Milsek Furniture Polish is now available online at Walmart. I went to Milsek online site and it links you to Walmarts website. Hope that helps!

  6. Shandelle says

    Tonight at CVS my receipt printed a store coupon for $3 off any 2 Speedstick or Lady Speedstick. I still had some BOGO coupons left so I checked the aisle and found a variety sayin they were $3 each wyb 2. So after the $3 store coupon and $2.99 from the BOGO I only paid like $.22 for both!

  7. Shandelle says

    If your Target carries the new Cheez-It Grooves, there’s 50% back on Cartwheel (Expires today!!) and subscribers to Kellogg’s Family Rewards should have gotten an email this morning which had a link to print $.70/1 Cheez-It Groove. Or you can use the $1/2 coupon from the 1/26 RP. Many people have said these are $2.50 per box at Target. So with Cartwheel and two of the $.70 coupons, should work out only $1.10 for both! Or with the $1/2 coupon you’d be paying $1.50 for both. And if you use a Red Card, you’ll shave off even more. :)

    • Krystle says

      I did receive the email from KFR with the $0.70/1 box of Cheese It Grooves. So after cartwheel and coupon paid $0.55 per box! I did this deal in twice, in 2 different transactions since Cartwheel is limit 1 per guest on this offer.

  8. says

    We clean ears with hydrogen peroxide. Pour a little in, listen to it fizz a while, then let it run out. Good for itchy ears and swimmer’s ear and it softens wax.

  9. Krystle says

    To the person who was looking for a Finish tab deal, starting 2/9 @ Walgreen’s they will be on sale for 2/$8 with 1000 BR. So after 2 X $2.15/1 and BR you are @ 1.35 per box or $0.0675 per load. 1 Days deal only as MFG expires 2/9.

    • julie says

      Krystle, you almost have it correct. It is 1 day only, but the coupon expires Feb 8th not the 9th, so to get that price, you’ll need a Walgreens that switches its registers over on Saturday afternoon/evening.

      You can try that deal or you can get the 32 count ($2.84 after coupon) at Jewel for $0.07 a load for the same price per load, a bigger box, and much less hassle that having to deal with Walgreens points system.

  10. Kari O. says

    Certain bottles of 100 oz Tide Total Care (black tops and black label) are ringing up for $5.08 in the clearance section. I found 3 unstickered at Mundelein and used three smart phones to get (3) $1/1 Tide from the CHEESY Target Mobile Coupon. Also stacked with the low value $2/3 Tide from Feb P&G. Paid $3.41 each. Not too bad for a big bottle of Tide!

    • Kari O. says

      PS: the Target in Mundelein had 5 bottles but only 3 scanned for $5.08. So, the other 2 still scanned for the stickers $10.xx price.

      • Kari O. says

        Mine have never had a problem (Mundelein, Gurnee and McHenry)! Especially when sometimes I use two different webpage codes (ie: CHEESY and BLEND). And the cashiers are usually the ones to remind me to scan my Cartwheel. I guess we’re lucky.

        • Shandelle says

          Mine is the same way! I almost never have problems with coupons or anything at the one at Broadway and Sunnyside in the city. Whenever I have friends with me who don’t shop at Target, I always have them text to get extra copies of the mobile coupons for me to use, especially the ones like $1 off fresh fruit, fresh veg, fresh meat. The best is when you have a combo of several devices with mobile coupons, Cartwheel AND Shopkick gift cards. lol. The cashiers are very patient there.

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