Reader deals 2/3/14

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Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

Big favor: If you mention other sites, online coupons, etc, please include the link. Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.


  • Some finds from seachicago: “Found some good clearance at Aldi today (SW Chicago)! *Puffed corn (8 oz.), looks just like Pirate’s Booty, but haven’t tasted it yet!: 69 cents *Kids chewy fiber bars (strawberry pb&j, chocolate): 99 cents *cinnamon twists (3 oz.), looks like those things my kids love at Taco Bell!: 89 cents *raspberry applesauce, chunky (23 oz.): 99 cents Also saw some sort of Beyblades Warriors stadium toy marked down to $9.99 (from $27.99), and bought Dark Chocolate Delight chocolate/peanut butter blend (delicious!) for $2.49.”

Bed Bath & Beyond

  • Seachicago: “just saw a ‘self serve wrapping station’ at Bed Bath & Beyond (Chicago Lincoln Park). They have high-quality silver patterned paper, satin and chiffon purple ribbon, matching patterned tissue paper, and boxes and pretty plastic bags in lots of sizes. Also tape, scissors, etc. I didn’t wrap there, but took some home to wrap the gift later!”


  • Martha posts on Facebook: “for those looking for frozen chicken wings…Caputo’s has 4lb IQF bags for $7.49. Usually these run about $10 each at most stores. I don’t know if they are cheaper elsewhere this week, but I knew this was a great price so I bought 3 bags to put in the freezer.”


  • Susan on Facebook shares: “Gluten Free bread now at Costco in Bolingbrook! 2 loaves of GF, DF, NF, SF Super Seeded Mulit-grain bread by The Essential Baking Company. Loaves are a nice size, don’t need to be kept in the freezer and holds up well even if not toasted. Price was $7.99 for the 2-pack. Tried some this morning and really liked the taste and texture. Hope they continue to carry. Now if they would only start carrying GF frozen pizza….”
  • Tammi on TP: “Compared these to our Costco prices and Costco wins. The only advantage is having this delivered right to your front door.”
  • But DON asks: “Tammi, Is Costco better then Amazon with 20% off subscribe and save, delivered and no tax?”
  • She responds: “Might be very close to the same price if you get 20%. However, there are over 3000 more sheets with the Kirkland and charmin brand.”
  • Details from grandma g: “Subscribe and Save at 20% off is $17, $1 coupon is $16.00 final total for 48 rolls.”
  • She also says: “Didn’t realize they were bigger rolls. I’ll have to check that out again. And Amazon makes it easy to pull up all your orders for 2013 taxes at My Account…can’t rely on my memory for all of them!!!”


  • A reason to check your Sweet Baby Ray’s coupons from the 1/19 SS, from Shirley: “No size restriction on the coupon and is my newspaper insert. I mean no size restriction from my KC newspapers insert too”
  • Patty noticed: “There’s also a 50cent off Pillsbury Grand Biscuits [under 77477].”
  • From ellen: “nice new high values on too $1 choc toast crunch $1 pills cookie dough $1 cheerios dark choc crunch $1 /3 Yoplait greek”


  • From Cathy: “Update on the All detergent….RP2 has $3 off any 2 All. I bought 4, for $15.96, used 2 $3/2 coupons, paid $9.96 got $5 SavingStar and $3 ECB! net cost $1.96 for 4 or .49ea!!”
  • Julie B. warns: “I used a $1.00 colgate coupon and the register beeped at CVS, They had to reduce my coupon to $.75. I guess no more overage.”
  • Sandy K-G found: “Looks like at my CVS the Frosted Flakes are not included. Bought two boxes did the upload to ‘51‘ but the boxes were not on sale and did not trigger on my receipt for any ECB credit toward a purchase. No yellow tags on these in the store either.”
  • Same news from Valentina S.: “Same here,…I checked with the manager at Downers Grove CVS at 63rd and Main, and he said that Frosted Flakes are not part of the sale. I saw a large box of FF priced $5.99, but no 10.5 oz.”
  • A deal idea from Victoria: “If you need the [Jergens] 10oz (when you buy two $4 each) bottles for dry skin there is a $1 off coupon on and if you got a $2 off 2 coupons fromt the magaic machine like I did means you get paid $1!!”

Deal of the day

  • On Dave Ramsey, from maggie: “He is teaching great principles, a very good investment if you need to get (or stay) on track money-wise!”
  • And patti says: “I agree. It’s like joining Weight Watchers. You can definitely do it yourself if you have the motivation but his course offers peer support and keeps you on track and accountable.”

Dollar Tree

  • Spotted by seachicago: “Deals I found at Dollar Tree: someone posted earlier about the State Fair 75 cent q in the 1/26 RP. It’s 1 q/person, but I got a 2-pk. of corn dogs for 25 cents! Also, found “twin packs” of Betty Crocker Loaded Casserole boxed potatoes (9 oz.). Use with any of the 50 cents off 2 qs out there (, 2/2 SS, peelies), and you would have the equivalent of 38 cents/single box.”


  • Shirley says: “Hy-Vee has Yoplait 6 oz cup on sale for $0.50 each until Tuesday (2/4). Use $1/4 from and get it for $0.25 each. Wait! It is even better with the CAT that is producing. I bought 16 cups and received $1.25 CAT so it costs me $0.17 each after coupons and CAT. I don’t know the details of the catalina. It was a nice surprise.” There’s a national Catalina deal on Yoplait cups Yoplait yogurt cups (through 2/23): Buy 15-19, get $1.25 OYNO. Buy 20+, get $2.00 OYNO.


  • A reminder from Judy S. for those who got the $1.00/1 printable: “Buy 5 Progresso soups at Jewel, get a free case of Jewel water bottles. Thanks Jill Cataldo”
  • Carol reports: “I did the deal with 5 soups and the water came automatically off. With 4 $1 soup coupons I paid $1 for the 5 soups and the water!! Did at the Jewel in Villa Park.”

Loyalty programs

  • Tracey J says: “Got an email from Coke about double points for Coca-Cola/Diet Coke/Coke Zero 12 packs through 2/3. Also, for every three 12 pack codes I entered, I received 10 bonus points from Kroger.”


  • From Ashley: “This deal stacks: Buy three Suave body wash $1.50 each Get $3 instant savings (yes I’m aware it says $2.50 or higher but this for some reason is included at the register, but not tagged) Use three $0.50/1 or one B2GO (-$1.50) = Free! Clip the $5 when you spend $20 health and beauty reward….Buy 9 Tena pads at $5.20 and a $0.50 item (I chose clearance milk) Use 8 $5/1 coupons Clip the $6 wyb $40 in healthcare reward…Buy nine Nicoderm CQ mini patches at $5.87 each Use nine $5/1 $10/1 or $15/1 manufacturer coupons Pay nothing (low tax) Clip the $6 wyb $40 in healthcare reward…Buy five Nicorette gums $10.19 Use five $10/1 manufacturer coupons Clip the $6 wyb $40 in healthcare reward….Buy six Kraft salad dressing at $1.89 each Get $2 instant savings for “produce” (comes off instantly without it) Buy four Kraft brick cheese $2 each Use $5/10 Kraft items Valli coupon Use two $5/5 manufacturer centrella coupons (at Tonys and Caputos at registers) Pay $2.84 oop with $3 onyo back Make sure you clip produce reward because the salad dressing is considered produce, and is based off the $1.89 price”

Pete’s Market

  • Teri comments: “Pete’s Fresh Market has big tubs of Fage yogurt on sale for $5.99. has $1 off coupon and Checkout 51 has $1 back.”

Reader requests

  • Outlander asks a Keurig question: “Does anyone have that mini one and are you happy with it? What size cup does it make? Thanks!”
  • A response from chale1108: “We have had one for almost 2 years, and it works flawlessly.  No frills, just fill the tank each time with 6, 8 or 10 ounces of water, add a K-Cup, press brew and enjoy.”
  • Vanessa on Facebook asks: “Does anyone know when Kmart in Montgomery, IL is going to be marking down again? Was there the other day and it was only 10-30%.”


  • Krystle reports: “Iams cat food 3oz cans were only $0.59 regular price at my Target. So after cartwheel and $2/3 printables, ended up having $0.32 overage per set of 3 cans. Whoo hoo!”
  • She also says: “Select Milk Bones are also on sale for $2.50. So use the $1 printable mfg on, and the $0.75 printable TQ, pay $0.75 a box.”
  • Aimee posts on Facebook: “”I just came from Target, and the 8-pks of Target exclusive Pick-Your-Pack Crayolas are 79 cents on sale, plus you can use the 25% off Cartwheel to take them down to 59 cents. Great to hold onto for Easter.”

Ultra Foods

  • Diane suggests: “Check your expired printables.  I had one for $1 off 2 Kraft American singles.”
  • Krystle shares: “Ultra is participating in the national Kraft cheese blocks Catalina. Had a bunch of expired printable’s $1/2 Any Kraft cheese (blocks, crumbles, slices) and the blocks are part of the $1.38 Kraft sale when you buy 10. So bought 4 blocks, and 6 shredded cheeses used 5 $1/2 mfg’s, and rolled a $3 Catalina coupon from the nature valley double dip deal. Paid $0.52 each! Great deal IMO. Check you stashes!”
  • And a tip from julie: “For the Kraft Deal, keep an eye out for tearpads for Velveeta with a couple recipes and a $1/1 coupon.”
  • She also says: “I have had Ultra reject this [Centrella ad] coupon in the past saying it is the same at their buy 10, save $5 sale.”


  • From Cindy on Facebook: “Ran to walgreens today and they had some Axe products on clearance. There were sprays for $2.89 and face washes for $2.49.”
  • Kari. O reports: “The Speed Stick is actually $3.19 and the coupons are for up to $2.99. So, you’ll pay 20¢ for the two.” She follows up: “Tried a different store at they were $2.99. So, just depends on location. :)”
  • And kitty has observed: “Walgreens stores located near a Walmart tend to have the lower prices.”
  • Valentina S. shares a place to buy for the current Checkout 51 offer: “I got 2 Frosted Flakes on sale at Walgreens, $1.99 for 10.5 oz.”

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  1. Francesca says

    Regarding ultra rejecting the $5 coupon. Last year the manager rejected my coupon it was a similar kraft sale . I called corp. I told th that no where in the ad does it state that you cannot use coupons with this deal . They told me the manager was wrong for refusing it . I went back later that week and used it no problem

  2. says

    I did a price match at Target for Glade priced there $7.49 CVS $5 on sale ,forgot paper ,but they confirmed price in minutes and I used a $3 coupon balance $2.24 on a GC I had . Did a scan on receipt when I got home and within minutes 51 approved my $3 savings.Too much trouble sending pictures with old camera ,much easier with scan!

  3. Linda says

    I got the $.25 overage today on Colgate, but made sure I had extra things in my cart. :)

    I also got some Alexia fries and GoGurt today at Target. I had to go to customer service to get my $.05 for my bag and then checked my receipt again and hadn’t gotten my 25% off cartwheel offer for the Alexia. Went back and got $1 back. Whatever :)

  4. Victoria says

    Learned my lesson with the B1G1 at Walgreens check different stores for prices I ended up paying $.90 for two since they marked $3.89, when I am use to paying nothing …Ohh well, lesson learned. Another reason I am not a fan of Walgreens.

  5. says

    Meijer has a great deal on Maybelline cosmetics!
    We have a $3/1 insert coupon for any Maybelline face product.
    There’s also a $2/1 Target printable for any Maybelline face product you can stack with it.
    There’s a new mperks offer for $5 off wyb $20 in Maybelline.
    Many of the items are $4-$6 each.
    If you buy a variety of four products to get near $20 (ex: three $4.99 and one $5.29) $20.26
    -$5 mperks coupon
    – four $2/1 TQ
    – four $3/1 MQ
    = $4.74 to spend on the rest of your basket purchase!

    The $5 mperk also makes buying four of the $5.99 items free plus a $1.02 mm

    Make sure to clip the reward for health and beauty too! It is $5 wyb $30 this month for me, so if you spend $25 on this deal and one $0.19 after coupon pack of Tena pads you’ll earn the reward!

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