Reader deals 1/9/13

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Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

Big favor: If you mention other sites, online coupons, etc, please include the link. Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.


  • Michelle on Prime:  “I love my amazon prime membership. I also had the free one year and went back and forth. There are many items that are cheaper on amazon, and to have it shipped in two days and most times with no shipping is worth it. Also with Amazon prime, you have access to free downloads if you have a kindle and I have used the Amazon prime free movies – it works great. I actually split the cost between my two sisters and we have are own shipping and billing information on there, so we can both use the membership.” She adds:  “I meant to say no sales tax and free shipping ! Great for Christmas, birthday gifts, etc.”
  • Meredith likes it too:  “Comment: Amazon Prime is AMAZING! I earned my money back within 3 or 4 months. Free shipping and free book download is awesome. I always offer it to my friends to use as well. They just pay me and I send it to my house.”
  • As does Brienne:  “my Amazon Prime membership is TOTALLY worth it. I really take advantage of the subscribe and save to lock in things I use a lot at rock bottom prices. I have a newborn and it saves on wipes and diapers. I also use it for K-cups and lot of other household items. The free shipping on other items is great too. When you break it down, its only $6.58/month and I definitely save that and more!”
  • And Outlander:  “I also love Prime! Last Christmas I bought Kindle Fire and at checkout it offered me $20 off Prime so I took it. We watch free movies and shows on all the devices with the Amazon Instant Video free app. Since we needed new DVD player, I made sure to get one that streams Amazon (Sony Bluray). It works awesome!!! If anyone wants to just try the free month, I recommend trying during Christmas season (start on Black Friday:))”
  • Dawn M agrees:  “YES, YES, YES on the Amazon prime. I’ll order a $5 item and have it here in 2 days. I think I place 60+ orders a year on Amazon, I looked at previous years’ orders before and I love it!”
  • Don found:  “70 count Zyrtec is $1 more then the 60 countTo get the 70 ct, just switch to that size in the middle of the page.


  • Amy L. says:  “Keep an eye out on CVS clearance. At the Orland CVS on Wolf and 143rd. I was able to buy an i-Craig Speaker Tower for $17.49(reg $79.99)!!”


  • Christy says:  “Also, with regard to Studio Movie Grill–those of you who have kids with special needs, they offer a movie showing monthly (I think it’s the first Sat of the month for a matinee). Special needs kids and their sibs are free! Parents are just $5 to attend.”
  • On the Orlando-area getaway, Sara advises:  “Make sure to calculate the following when considering the cost: 13% tax and $12 resort fee per day not included”


  • A tip from Outlander:  “If you sign up for Payless texts you get Qs all the time on your phone too.”

Reader requests

  • From Kim Ann on Facebook:  “”Does anyone know of sales on Iams dry dog food this week, or the cheapest place to buy it? I’m running out fast! Thanks!”
  • And from MargieL:  “On a side note, does anyone know of the best place to buy a 2-day ticket to Universal Studios? We are planning a short vacation to Florida and will have 2 days for Universal where my son wants to see the Harry Potter section.”


  • Joyce noticed:  “Hungry Jack hashbrown potatoes are on sale for $1.25 and there were $0.50 coupons in last weekends paper (that double) making them $0.25 each.” Coupon is in the SS.

Shopping apps

  • Kelley shares:  “Here’s a tip for those who do not have smartphones: You can use the Wi-Fi on a smartphone, regardless of service. For example, my phone is too old to upload receipts on Ibotta. So instead, I use my roommate’s old, disconnected Android phone. Turn on the Wi-Fi and all apps become available for use. Works like a charm and no additional data service needed! Keep an eye out for them at thrift stores.”


Tanger Outlets


  • More clearance to look for from Michelle:  “Check target for Dunkin donuts gingerbread cookie coffee. I bought a bag last week that rang up at $2.39 but a few days later they were ringing up at 79cents! 75 cent coupon in 12/6rp.” I have heard peppermint mocha is also around this price if you can find it.


  • Sabrina checked out the new Plainfield store:  “Actually made it in the store today, however I had to park all the way down the strip mall to get a spot! Craziness! However, they had it all under control and there were lots of great deals. Got the Colgate and Skippy and of course TONS of great produce. LOVE this store! They also had store brand eggs for $1.50, tofu for $1.29, and green bell peppers for .79/lb. The only bad part of the trip was the check out lines…all the way down the aisles.”


  • A heads up from Liz on the ibotta deals:  “I had the optic white mouthwash & toothepaste and the speedstick deoderants. However, when I went to redeem and pulled up Walgreens as my store, they are not available. Just a heads up to make sure the products are available to redeem at the store you are shopping at. I checked and both are available to redeem at CVS.”


  • A warning from Samantha:  “I actually bought this set before Christmas at Walmart and wanted to post that the quality of the roasting pan and rack is okay but the cookie sheets are terrible-really thin and cheap -mine were actually bent -I thought about returning the set but hate going to Walmart. Just wanted to let you know if anyone was tempted by the cookie sheets -I saw much better cookie sheets at Target on sale last week 3 for $11 -I’ve also seen some other roasting pans on sale for around $10.”

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  1. brienne says

    Regarding universal… There are tons of places down there that will give you free tickets if you go to a 90 min timeshare presentation. I always book first thing in the morning and you should also get a free breakfast.

  2. Robin says

    Hi Margie,

    If you have CashBack bonus dollars or points on your credit card to see if they have any partner deals with Universal. My Discover and Chase cards have offers for up to 50% off. I’ve used my Cashback bonuses on that specific deal before so make sure you read the fine print before you cash in. But it could give you a nice discount :)

  3. DON OCONNELL says

    Loved Tony’s , luckily was there before the massive crowds Sabrina mentioned….. This store is going to be a big hit with the variety and amount of product this store fits in this spot, something the old grocery store there did not do very well…. got the milk gall at $1.69 and the chix brst at $1.49….

  4. Jeanne says

    Costco also sells universal passes sometimes. I don’t know where your staying but universal sold some sort of fast pass like six flags. The pass was included if you stay on site and you got into Harry potter an hour before general public. We stayed a couple of nights there just to get in the ride early.

  5. michelle says

    Menard FYI – I was ready for a new Christmas tree, mine was 12 years old and only had part of it due to an accident of dh throwing half of it away. So got the 12ft floor model with all the decorations and extra lights for 40% of of the lowest price tag or you could say 50% off regular price. There was no box for the tree and i had to take it down but since a ladder was needed i was helped. There was about $200 dollars worth of stuff on it alone. I called around until I found a store that still had this tree.

  6. VB says

    Regarding universal go to they have a bunch of info on disney and other orlando places.if you sign up for their newsletters they gives you exclusive discounts on undercovertourist a ticket broker. Right now you can get 3 days for the price of 2 days. Also Expedia and hotwire. But definitely check out mousesavers. We are going at the end of Feb and have learned so much.

  7. April says

    Does anyone know how to unfriend someone on the Facebook?
    (My personal and coupon Facebook accounts got mixed up and I would like to keep them separate).

    • Charlotte says

      If they are a friend and not a business page, just hover over the friend check, and at the bottom should be “unfriend”. If it is a business, same procedure, just look for the “like” button rather than friend button. It’s up to the right, under the main big picture.

  8. Tiffany says

    Not sure where to post this so I apologize…

    Has anyone used the snip snap app? If so, have you had much luck with it? Thoughts?

    • Tara T. says

      I downloaded the Snip Snap app….and I have yet to use it. Has anyone used it with success? Do stores take it? Aren’t some of those coupons individualized and not just general? Totally not sure…..

  9. jane says

    Under “shopping apps” I don’t understand what Kelley is saying, but I want to! Can anyone explain this for those of us who don’t understand?

    • Kelley says

      Jane- Sorry to be confusing! You can use a smartphone’s WiFi even if you don’t have cellphone service on it. For example, I have WiFi in my house so I use a cellphone (that I do not pay cell phone service for) and just turn on the WiFi capabilities. It connects you to the Internet and allows you to use all apps. You just can’t use it as an actual phone. I do this because the phone I pay for is old so a lot of apps don’t work on it.

      • jane says

        I did not know that. What if I have wifi capabilities on my phone but don’t normally turn it on because I don’t have a data plan. Can I turn it on through my home wifi? Or do I need to find a used phone, like you said, at a thriftstore, and use that instead?

  10. Kelley says

    I’m pretty sure you can turn the WiFi on for free even if you don’t have a data plan. I know my boyfriend uses the WiFi at our house to save money because his data plan is limited. I would ask your cellphone carrier to be sure (so you don’t get charged accidentally). But otherwise I don’t see how it wouldn’t work. Good luck and report back your results!

  11. Jamie says

    Rachel can you (or anyone else) send me or provide me with the link to your crock pot chicken tacos? I’ve searched everything I could think and checked all 8 pages if recipes and can’t find it but I am looking on my phone which is tiny. I love this recipe!!! Thanks for everything that you do.

    • says

      LOL there are a bunch of them. Mine is 3lbs-ish boneless skinless chicken breast, packet of taco seasoning, jar of salsa, cook on low for 10 hours, shred, and stir in a generous dollop of sour cream if you are not gluten free. Others add things like black beans and corn, etc., so it’s very forgiving — jazz it up how you like :)

      • Jamie says

        Thanks! It is in the crock pot as we speak. I love this recipe but always forget to write it down because I think Ill remember it.

    • says

      You have to do the little activity things for an offer, then go to redeem the offers and you can see a list of stores — pick a store to see what active offers are available for each.

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