Reader deals 1/7/14

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Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

Big favor: If you mention other sites, online coupons, etc, please include the link. Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.


  • Margie comments: “I’m so shock no one has mentioned it! Marcus theaters has $5 movie Tuesdays all day and free popcorn! Why not brave the cold just long enough to do a movie?”



  • Kelley found: “$3.00 off Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal kitty litter is available at This seems to be a new product so hopefully we will see some sales on it soon!”


  • A question from ellen: “what sizes do the swaddlers come in?”
  • A response from julie: “They’ve extended them up to 5 only recently and I’ve seen them at Dominicks during the going out of business sale.. I still don’t notice much of a difference between the swaddlers and cruisers on the larger sizes.”
  • Comicbob adds: “Some cvs have up to size five. I know the one on rt 132 around 83 does.”
  • Mary shares: “This is a better deal than my Amazon mom price – $0.10/size 2, and $0.17/size 5 – versus $0.12/size 2, and $0.19/size 5!”

Dollar Tree

  • A heads up from Tara: “I believe there is a size restriction on the werthers caramels coupon and when I had previously printed these out to use at the dollar tree the bags they sold didn’t meet the restrictions.  Maybe the coupon has changed since I printed it in December but just a heads up!”


  • A heads up from Andy: “I went to trade my saved stamps for dinnerware and they didn’t even have one place setting of ANYTHING. They made no apologies, saying that they were out and there was no more being sent out. The service desk also said that “limited availability” means they don’t have to honor the stamps, even if it is still before the end of the program, Jan. 7.”
  • DON reports: “Just back from Jewel – I got several packs of the Buddig @ $2.49 bogo and used the $2/2 coupons…. they did ring up at $4.99 bogo but I showed them the ad and after price check etc…. they did not claim printing error with me – lucky I guess”


  • Christine comments: “Menards (Plainfield) has the lloyd’s barbeque on unadvertised special for 1.99. If you double dip the 11% rebate by buying a gift card first and then using it to pay……it’s roughly $1.51 and if you’re like me and if you can print more or haven’t used the $1 off coupons available…….just 51 cents. They had at least a 1/2 a freezer of each type (beef and pork) left and the sign said the unadvertised deal ran the February 28th (or probably until they run out!). Also, the cashier told me you can no longer purchase gift cards with mail in rebate checks. She said it’s a new policy change. Thinking it may have something to do with the 11% including gift cards (so you can’t roll your gift checks to gift cards just to get the rebate?).”
  • Julie also posted about it on Facebook: “At Menards Lloyds BBQ tubs are $1.99 until the end of February. There are $.50 peelies on some. There is also $1.00/1 on Stock up price!”

Reward programs

  • Sharon V found: “Recyclebank has a new reward for a 1yr subscription of Cooking Light for 360 points.”


  • A find from VB: “If anyone was looking for a kids karaoke machine I found 2 different hello kitty ones at Target being clearance out. I have had my eye on these but at $99.99 for the less expensive one I was waiting for a deal. (The other was about $120). You can use Cd or Mp3 you can record and hook it up to your TV so they can see the words and themselves (it has a camera). The more expensive one was only 30% off. But the$99.99 was 50% off! I bought 2 since I had promised my niece one and this will give them something to do indoors.”


  • A reminder from Mary Ann: “And tomorrow is senior day at Walgreen’s.”
  • Scott emails: “Today is senior day for AARP members at Walgreens, we are and are under age 50 but have the card….15percent off everything and walgreens products are 20percent off.  Worked well on items that are on register rewards.  They will not adjust coupons down though if they exceed the amount of purchase, so no overage and cannot even use the coupon.”

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  1. DON OCONNELL says

    I have to say – the ONLY way I would walk out of the Menards or any store for that matter with that LLOYDS pork or beef is if it was a money maker – YUCK YUCK YUCK

  2. Betty says

    Andy, talk to the store manager at jewel and see if they can do anything for you. The manager at my store let me substitute other Rachel Ray items for the plates.

  3. April says

    Dollar Tree Werthers caramel is 2.65 oz. and coupon is for 3.15 oz+. So it won’t work.
    Muir Glen tomato paste was $1.29 at Whole Foods in Hinsdale and tomato sauce was $1.19. So even with store and manufacturer coupons it’s not free.
    If someone interested, you can print Kraft recipe makers coupon on and use them at Dollar Tree. I found different varieties in Villa park store.

  4. Veronica says

    Has anyone braved the cold to hit up target Xmas clearance? I’m wondering if there is still a lot left because people aren’t shopping as much as usual?

      • Veronica says

        Just went to West dundee there was absolutely nothing, not even An empty aisle that looked like it would’ve had Christmas stuff. Guess I’m the only dope that stayed inside the last few days and didn’t get to score any deals :/ oh well.

        • Marjie says

          I just got back from Target in Bradley. All Christmas decor was 90% off and candy was 70% off. There was still a decent amount of stuff left. I bought some new ornaments to go with the tree I got for 75% off at Walmart and some of those candy in the book things. I will take the candy out of the books and use them in Easter baskets. They also had plastic candy canes with red jelly beans in them. I picked those up for .30 and will give them to my kids on Valentine’s Day.

  5. Jodie says

    I went to the Jewel in Vernon Hills to redeem my stamps but everything was gone. The service desk had myself and others write on a notepad what we wanted to order along with our name and number. They said they would be placing an order that day and would call us when it comes in and the stamps would be honored.

    • Kari O. says

      The Fox Lake store had a shipment today (bowls, dinner plates, mugs and red/green small plates). I was able to redeem 8 pieces total but not the blue color I wanted. So I called Antioch and they’re expecting a shipment tomorrow. No guarantees on items but they are willing to let me exchange the items.

      • Shandelle says

        Andy, wow.. very sad to hear, but makes me glad I was redeeming my pieces bit by bit the past couple months. A woman in front of me at the service desk at a Jewel in the city had 4 completed scorecards and they told her there was nothing they could do except call other area Jewels to ask about stock and hold something for her maybe. Perhaps as others above suggested, see if they’re gonna get anymore in stock to fulfill demand or maybe offer discounts on other Rachael Ray product. :(

  6. Kari O. says

    Jewel in Fox Lake has 8 ct Starbucks Via on clearance for $2.78. Use the $1/1 and pay $1.78. They also had French’s Marinade Injectors for $0.25 use the $1/1 and it’s a $.75 MM. They’re Shopper’s Value Capri Suns were $1 for a 10 ct box as well.

  7. Shandelle says

    Had a couple new freebies in the 7-Eleven iPhone app yesterday. Any 20 oz bottle of TEN soda (7-Up, Dr Pepper, A&W, Sunkist) OR regular! A warning, the ecoupon would not scan for any of these products (TEN or regular) last night at 7-Eleven in the city. The clerk was nice and just gave it to me, and I’ve already submitted a ticket to 7-Eleven to fix it. The other freebie is for Pillsbury Cookies, which neither of the 2 stores by me carried. It’s a new product so it may not even be in the Chicago area yet. It’s hit or miss whether or not Chicagoland 7-Elevens carry the freebies in the app!

  8. julie says

    Check you MCM coupons and CVS mailed coupons for a possible great deal on Flintstones Vitamins or other vitamins from Bayer.
    I received a $5/$30 vitamin purchase coupon in the mail (2 actually, 1 good now until Feb 15, the second good after Feb 15th). I also got a $4/$20 vitamin purchase from the MCM.
    Flintstones are on sale BOGO 50% and the 60 count gummies and chewables are $8.49 reg price. (second one rings up at $4.24)
    Buy 6 @ $38.19,
    Use 3 $5/2 Bayer products (includes Flintstones) from the 1-5 SS (the one with the general mills coupons), $5/$30 CVS mailed coupon and $4/$20 MCM coupon and you are down to $14.19 with $6 ECB back for a net of $8.19 for 6 pack of 60 count kids vitamins, or in our house about a month and a half’s worth.

    • julie says

      Also hubby wanted to add that he is a bit ticked off at Bayer on the vitamins. We got 1 pack of chewables for our 3 year old and he discovered that his childhood favorite of the Flintstone’s car was replaced by the Great Gazoo.

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