Reader deals 1/5/14

Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

Big favor: If you mention other sites, online coupons, etc, please include the link. Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.


  • Vanessa reports: “Aldi in Glen Ellyn already has many of the SimplyNature products in stock. I eat a paleo diet, so I am looking for organic, naturally preserved, and non-processed foods all of the time. I was able to buy organic apples, apple juice, diced tomatoes, baby carrots, pasta sauce, agave nectar, honey, chicken broth (including reduced-sodium), pomegranate-plum juice, kale, spinach, bananas, and frozen fruit bars (I bought banana, but they also had coconut and strawberry). I was also able to find organic & antibiotic-free Tyson pork loin roast for $2.49/lb and SimplyNature Applewood Smoked Uncured Bacon with no nitrites or nitrates added (celery powder used only) for $3.89 for a 12oz. package. The best find for me, though, was the Simplynature uncured Black Forest Ham at $2.99 for 7oz. Applegate Farms (sold at Target and Meijer, too) has an uncured product, but for more money. The honey is a better deal than Target’s non-sale price of $3.99 for their SimplyBalanced 12 oz. bottl e, but I have also used a coupon and my cartwheel to get it at $2.85. The only place I have found the same type of bacon has been at Trader Joe’s for $4.49 and Meijer for $4.99. Sadly, the organic beef won’t be available until Wednesday, so save some for me!”


  • VIP COUPON MOM shares: “Couponing for 4 Facebook posted this deal Buy 6 Slim-Fast shakes 4 pack $30 Use 3 B1G1 from the 1/5RP Use 1 of the Printable Coupons above Pay $10 get $12ECB $2Money Maker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


  • Matt says: “America’s Best is the cheapest one by far. I think it’s around $75 for the eye exam and two pairs of glasses. Plus they will give you a copy of your script and you can send it to an online site to get it filled.”


  • Echo Dean comments: “Though many of the Everyday Essential products are farely good, not as good as the regular name brand items, but still not bad. I have found that the pasta side dishes they offer are for lack of better term, nasty, I would rather spend the extra money on name brand items that my family will eat than waste money on the Everyday Essential pasta.”


  • From Charlotte on Facebook: “If someone is looking for a good job, I can recommend applying for a job at Aldi. It’s hard work, but a good wage. :)”


  • From Kristin on Facebook: “Menards carries a few different varieties of k-cups (not the normal brands you see at other stores). Reg price for some varieties are $5.99 for 12 ($.50 each). Use the 11% rebate and get a decent deal. Buy the gift card and double the rebate for a great deal. Tried them and hubby doesn’t seem to care that they aren’t the regular k-cup brands.”

Reader requests

  • From Felicia in the Hot Deals group: “Does anyone have this [Tot Tutors book rack]? How hard would it be to switch out the fabric?”
  • And Naynay, also in Hot Deals asks: “anyone know where theres a good sale on tresemme? thanks”


  • Linette reports: “Target in Shorewood, IL has 90% off Christmas and 70% off Christmas food and candy today.”
  • Julie posts in Hot Deals: “I was oping at the Target ad and there’s yoga pants listed for $10. There’s a cartwheel Q for 15% off those yoga pants and a mobile q for $3/$15 women’s clothing (mossimo and 2 others). Has anyone tried this? It would make for CHEAP yoga pants if it works!”


  • Matt shares: “I’ve used both and have settled on H&R Block. Once I’ve completed my federal return, I’ve used the illinois website to file my state return, so I can’t say anything about state. These products are always on sale somewhere and I’ve seen the deluxe version as low as $5 if you are able to download software to your computer (I recommend a google search for ‘H&R Block Tax Software 2013: Deluxe $10′”
  • Jill’s experience: “I buy H&R Block At Home Deluxe software every year–I don’t download it from their website. It includes both federal and one state. You get 5 free federal e-files as well–I’m a freelance CPA and I file returns for family members. I like it because I can import last year’s tax data from the prior year–saves time inputting information. I print the state return and then use it to e-file on the IL department of revenue website for free. If you e-file a state return through the H&R Block software, it will cost you $9.95. I generally buy the software from Target. I’ve found great deals in past years at the beginning of February. They lower the price, give you a $10 Target gift card and sometimes there’s a coupon on the Target website and in the newspaper. One time I stacked an H&R Block rebate on top of all this–I think I ended up paying $5.00! Happy Tax Season!”


  • Kitty emails: “It Pays to be OLD! Tuesday, being senior day at Walgreens, makes for some nice MMs on the free items, and Finish dishwasher stuff for 56c ($3.19 less 15% less $2.15 MQ).  The Viactiv becomes a slight MM before tax….and a bunch of other good deals, I am sure.” She adds: “I thought the Finish at Wags was $3.19, but it’s $3.99, so my 56c calculation was incorrect…should be $1.24. OOPS!  Being old has other issues, I guess!” LOL!
  • And Katie sends over: “I bought a TON of 50 ft wrapping paper at 75% off ……made by Hallmark so it wraps and cuts nicely!  Many of the designs are not even xmas looking and we have lots of Jan bdays coming up!  $0.75! whoo hoo!  I also picked up tons of other stuff!  chocolate boxes…nice lindt, ghiredelli, and hersheys that can totally pass for valentines day for teachers!   Love shopping in January….my favorite month!!!  I also saw small trees, cords, wreaths, bags, ribbon, stocking stuffers, pedialyte, candles, clothes, some toys, coloring books, pens/pencils, ornaments, home decor just to name a few things.”
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  1. Charlotte says

    We use Turbo Tax, and just like with H&R Block you can import the information from previous years, making it a relative quick affair every year.

  2. Jean says

    In my Sunday Tribune there was a Grand Opening cover on the Walgreen’s insert with a $3 off $10 purchase coupon only good at 2817 N Clark in Chicago; 635 Chicago Ave. in Evanston and 28895 W. IL Rt. 120 in Lakemoor. Offer good 1/5 thru 1/18/14.

  3. Shandelle says

    The Target at Broadway and Sunnyside has all varieties of El Monterey single burritos on clearance for $.86 each. If you use the $1/2 printable from then you can score $.36 burritos.

  4. grandma g says

    Amazon has their 5W USB Charger (also compatible with other android and iOS devices) on sale again for $4.99. Helpful for those of you who received a Kindle for Christmas. Sorry, don’t know how to include the link!

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