Reader deals 1/3/14

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Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

Big favor: If you mention other sites, online coupons, etc, please include the link. Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.

Ace Hardware

  • Cindy’s plan: “I may be stopping in there tomorrow to get these [shelving units]! In the past there has been $5.00 $25 at Ace in entertainment books. Worth a check if you have one.”


  • Sarah recommends: “Beth Moore reading couponers: Rachel has posted a Beth Moore freebie each day for the past two and today I decided to see if there were any others available. I found a bunch more free Beth Moore books. Go to Amazon’s website and search “Beth Moore”. Then click on her Amazon page. Select “kindle” edition and sort from lowest to highest. By my count there are 15 books free including the two that Rachel already posted the past two days! Not sure why they are free or for how long. If you like Beth Moore this is a great deal because these books usually sell for at least $9.99 each. If you haven’t read Beth Moore, try her books and see if you like them. They are Bible studies and devotionals. I’ve enjoyed the ones that I have paid for and read before.”


  • If you are looking for gift cards, a reminder from Comicbob: “Wildfire is a Lettuce Entertain You restaurant.”


  • Sabrina reports: “P&G cats at Jewel do roll. They print as manufacturer coupons. I was able to roll it twice today.”
  • A deal from Elizabeth on Facebook: “I just came back from jewel and they had 7.5 oz boxes of tortinos pizza rolls 4/$5..paired with the 1.25 coupon on makes for free pizza rolls”
  • Lynette shares: “The St.Chales Jewel on Prairie took my $5/$50 coupon along with my Dominick’s Card for 10 % off.”
  • A Nature Valley report from Kelley: “Same thing happened in Batavia except it was only Protein bars marked $2.00. I talked to CS and found that they were the only ones that matched the ounce requirements in the ad. Bought 5, yet no Catalina printed. They did have tags advertising the Catalina though. I contacted them so we’ll see if they honor it or not.”
  • Something to look for from Tierza: “Went to load coupons on SavingStar and they have a healthy item of the week. This week it is 20% off bananas….up to $10. Pair that with the $.38 per pound at Jewel and that’s a GREAT price! Every little bit helps!”
  • Shandelle adds: “Yes, I see it in the iPhone app but not in the web. I also have 100% back on one single pouch or bar of Skinny Cow Dreamy Clusters, Divine Filled Chocolates or Heavenly Crisp Candy (.77 oz to 1oz); Exp 1/5.”
  • But Tierza says: “I loaded it thru my regular computer. It’s listed at the top of the page BEFORE the two columns if that makes sense. You have to click on the graphic and then another thing pops up where you can click the I Want It box. Hope that helps!”
  • Shandelle thinks: “Maybe a browser issue? I’m using Chrome on a Mac and still don’t see it. However, since I added it using the iPhone app, in the category drop down menu, there is 1 listed for Produce. When I select, nothing pulls up. But when I click on Print List, I see the 20% off Bananas and the 100% back on Skinny Cow both there. Who knows!”


  • Ashley says: “”The Nicorette 20ct gum…is $9.99 ($6.99 on sale this week) at Meijer so free with $10/1 TQ printable
  • Deals from Nikki: “For the Tide deal- see if you have a ‘reward’ for laundry in Mperks. I have $5 when I spend $30. (Thanks, ETC) Pillsbury crescent rolls were $0.99 for the 4 ct package. Makes them free with the recent $1/1 IP, if you printed it. That coupon expires 1/03 or 1/04, tho!”
  • Charlotte on Facebook found: “Sidewalk chalk, was marked at $0.74/5 pack, but rang up for $0.37/pack, normal price was $0.99/5 pack.”

Piggly Wiggly

  • Outlander comments: “I just noticed a sign for Piggly Wiggly in Carol Stream on the corner of Army Trail and County Farm, across the street from Walgreens. Don’t know when it will open, but I’m looking forward to it.”

Reader requests

  • One from peaches: “Has anybody tried the Progresso Recipe Starter? I noticed when Dominick’s was having their going out of business sale last month, that there were tons of cans of this stuff. If it was soup I would have taken some cans of it.”
  • Jane answers: “We have tried the tomato one and the basil one. I liked them both but my husband hated the basil one, he thought it was too strong in pesto flavor. (it is) The tomato one is fire roasted and good in chili type things, much milder flavors. I like pesto and parmesan but you really need to like basil to like the creamy white one. You can always donate some if you decide you do not like them? I gave some to my friend and she mixed it with jars of Alfredo sauce like Prego or Ragu and thought it was fine that way.”
  • SharonV asks: “Anyone know of someone who makes house calls in the western burbs to fix snow blowers? Thing won’t start and it’s way too heavy for me to get it. Into the car to take someplace.”
  • A tip from Kerry: “My mom says the first start of the season is hard on their snow blower. They went to ace and bought an electric start for like 10 bucks that you plug in somewhere on the blower to get it to start.”
  • Beth P. sends over: ” I am hoping to book a night or two at an Illinois indoor waterpark in March. Any tips or deals you know of?”
  • Kathy emails: ”
    This is my last month of my year long special rate with Comcast Internet(Performance) level and of course with the start of the new year comes the price increases, we are happy with the service so far but I cannot see paying $67/ month for Internet is there anything I can do to get a better rate other than threatening to cancel service. My husband needs the Performance level for his computer other wise I would be happy with the Economy Plus. I am not interested in phone or Cable and we own our modem. I know they did tell me once I could get the Double Play Internet with Basic Cable (1 box) for 49.99 but we do not want or need Cable.”
  • She is also wondering: “Second we started eating healthier last year and since many of the  food coupons in the Sunday paper  are for not so healthy items Whole Foods has become our main Grocery store for foods (other than Fruits,Vegetables, canned tomatoes, Pasta and sauces etc). We use the coupon books available at the store and like that we can print more online but I was just wondering if there is anything else I can do to stretch my dollar further while still eating healthy?? Although Jewel by my house has gotten much better as far as carrying much more healthier and organic food items but their everyday prices on those items need to come down.”

Sam’s Club

  • Kelley says: “Sams Club sells the Cetirizine Antihistamine 400ct for $15.98”


  • From Ashley: “The Nicorette 20ct gum is $9.98 at Target so free with the $10/1 TQ printable And it is $9.99 ($6.99 on sale this week) at Meijer so free with $10/1 TQ printable”
  • Charlotte posts on Facebook: “Target clearance: Target in Bolingbrook had girl’s toddler underwear at 75% off, making them $1.18 for a 3 pack. Licensed, like Dora, Sofia, Doc McStuffins and Disney Princesses. They also had super cute 2 pack, 100% cotton, pyjama sets in toddler girl sizes for $10, making the pj’s $5 each after discount. They also had toddler girl seasonal dresses at 50% off, making them $10. They also had boys (not toddler) fleece licenced pyjama sets at 50% off, making them just shy of $9/set. Chima, Ninja Turtles and Skylanders to name a few. Winter hats were 30% off.”

Ultra Foods

  • A coupon matchup from Cindy: “I think there was a $1.oo off 2 lean cuisene in the Jan All You.”

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  1. Sabrina says

    Not sure how far west you are, but Farm and Fleets will pickup your snowblower and return it to your house for a small fee. The fee is added on to your repair bill at the end.

  2. Heather says

    Not sure if this was already mentioned but..The Target in Schaumburg (Higgins rd and Meacham Rd) had all their christmas clearance at 90% food was still at 50%. Not sure if it’s all the stores but there was some pretty good deals!

  3. Kari O. says

    I found out that if you’re short stamps Jewel will give you 50% off a piece for 10 stamps. Kinda stupid to of spent $100 on groceries and still have to pay $2.99 for a plate, but it is what it is. Could be helpful for some.

    • Shandelle says

      It seemed like the entire duration of the promotion, the cashiers were always giving me way more stamps than I actually earned. I shop at stores all around the city and they were all doing that.. I never spend more than about $30 in a transaction at Jewel and somehow earned one full place setting and then redeemed for several more plates.

  4. LauraL says

    For the reader who wanted a waterpark, try They usually have some cheap hotels with a pool. I think the only full waterparks are in Indiana/WI. (look under Wis Dells and hotels). Sign up for the emails because sometimes they discount their price by 70% and you can get super cheap rooms. Right now they have a 49 stay at a hotel waterpark in Wisconsin Dells.

    For the person looking for cheap organic merchandise, check out Meijer. They have a nice selection and usually the cheapest prices.

    • says

      I think Costco typically sells Lettuce Entertain You gift cards at a discount. He was just saying that is an option for someone looking for a discounted Wildfire gift card.

    • comicbob says

      Re: Wildfire. Someone had asked if they sold Wildfire gift cards at Costco. I replied that Wildfire is part of the Lettuce Entertain You chain so to look for those gift cards.

  5. Jeanne says

    For Kathy, I shop mostly at while foods now also too due to eating better. I found that Costco has many organic and all natural foods for cheap compared to whole foods. If you try Costco and then fill in the rest w whole foods or jewel and your coupons you should drop your bill.

    • Mandy says

      I don’t know what’s up with the banana coupon, but, if your near Bloomingdale Walmart, I paid .20 a lb. for banana’s today. Not sure how long they will be that price. Also, if you want a good price on Organic apples, the Caputo’s in Blgdle had 3# bags of Braeburns yesterday for $2.69.

  6. Aimee says

    Just got back from Jewel, and there are some good clearance toys there. I bought my daughter a basket full of play food for $3.24. There were also cheap action figures and Bubble Guppies toys.

  7. Judy Si. says

    Just saw on Hip2Save that there’s a free (100% back on Savings Star) Skinny Cow candy bar and there is supposed to be a B1G1 coupon in tomorrow’s SS. Use this direct link: I wasn’t able to see it in my account until I used the direct link. Now I have activated 31/32 offers. Still can’t see the bananas. If anyone has a link to the bananas, please post.

  8. Matt says

    Sharonv I know Kevin from All Small Engine Repair from Villa Park and I would never use anyone but him. He is honest, very reasonable with more than 20 years of experience and he makes house calls. He repairs small engines as a side business, so he’s not going to charge you an arm and leg to fix your snowblower like one of these shops will. A lot of the places will charge a $50 minimum just to look at your machine. Sometimes your problem may be a very small fix. Call Kevin (630) 317 4160. Tell him that Matt referred you. I would recommend him to anyone in the DuPage county area needing snowblower or any type of small engine work.

  9. Nikki says

    The pizza rolls were not on sale at the North riverside Jewel. Is the sale over? Or was it ‘select’ stores?

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