Reader deals 1/31/14

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Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

Big favor: If you mention other sites, online coupons, etc, please include the link. Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.



  • Something to look for from Artie: “Ad in today’s sports section of Tribune states “Look for a special offer of a Free Chicken Bakery Sandwich” from Dunkin Donuts. Offer will be good from 2/2-2/8/14″


  • Shirley found: “Use this $1/2 to get Sweet baby Rays BBQ sauce for $0.19 at Hy-Vee. Print limit is 1″


  • From BethP: “The $1/1 Tribe hummus was in the Jewel Big Book running 11/29 – 12/31 – hope that helps! It expires 2/1…”
  • From Erin, on the popcorn and soda deal: “Maureen I bought Diet 7-up and it worked. I tried to do the Palermo Pizza deal and they would not let me use the $2/2 because the pop was free with the popcorn”


  • Something to look for from Suzann: “Kroger is clearancing the Pillsbury refrigerated cookie chubbs for $1.00 (gingerbread, sugar and today I noticed that chocolate chip was included). There are $1.00 coupons off 1 (SS 12/08)–free cookies. At this price, one can experiment all one desires. Unfortunately, coupon expires today.”


  • A clarification from Andi: “For the baby rewards, you clip them in increments of $10, but you don’t have to spend in increments of $50 or $100 — it keeps a running tab each time you purchase baby items. Normally, if you would purchase $70 of diapers, you’d earn $70/$100 you need to clip a $10 reward. This week, if you purchase $70 in diapers, you earn $140. You will be able to clip a $10 reward and have $40 towards your next reward. So, no need to try to hit the exact mark…your spendings won’t be wasted. In mperks, the counter for your earned rewards goes from $0 to $100. Once you hit $100, you can clip a $10 reward. On the earn $10 for every $50 weeks like his one, the counter moves twice as fast on the $100 scale. If you spend $70, it counts it as if you’ve spent $140, so you could clip 1 reward and have earned an extra $40/$100 to get you that much closer to your next reward. So anything over that $50 spent is not wasted. If you spend exactly $50, it will count it as $100 and you earn 1 $10 reward. Maybe I’ve just made it more confusing!”
  • She also points out: “Unfortunately, that Target coupon requires a purchase of diapers AND a refill pack of wipes (not the small packs or tubs).”


  • Iris asks on Facebook: “Do any of you know if I buy 6 DiGiornos at Target, can I get three free liters too or not? This will be in combination with the cartweel and 2- Buy 2 Get 1 coupons. Thanks!”
  • Meg shares: “I found Impressions (from Isotoner) slippers for $1.94 in Target. But was marked as $6.48. originally $12.99. I just did the price check. Even target employees were surprised to see that price. Few other shoes like hello kitty and Merona were ringing at $1.49- $1.94.”

Ultra Foods

  • From julie: “Also at Ultra, the Pepsi 6 packs of 24 oz bottles are included in the 4 for $8.88. The $2/2 pepsi multi-pack bottles from the 1-5 inserts covers these as well. I’d recommend these over the minis, much better price per ounce”
  • Focadima comments: “My local centrella has a $5/10 kraft products man Q – Just thought it was odd that no one mentioned it yet. I am going to use it today to get some cheese and salad dressing :)” My Super Low ad had it as well.

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  1. Sharisse says

    I am confused on the Meijer baby deal. So right now I have a 1 point so I can clip a $10 reward. I was thinking if I clip that I will lose the chance to clip the next tier reward is a $20/$20 when you spend $100. I was going to buy more baby stuff today. So if I clip the $10 reward I’ve already earned and use it today to buy stuff can I still earn the next tier reward? Does that make sense what I just said? :)

    • Andi says

      You can keep earning even if you clip a reward. If you clip a $10 reward with your 1 point, you won’t have points left, but you can keep earning to get that point, and more, back, depending on how much you spend. It’s essentially a $10 reward for every $100 spent (or $50 spent in double weeks). You can wait to clip a reward for the next tier, but it’s still an equal percentage back no matter what tier. Also, the clipped reward, in my experience, rolls to help you earn more rewards. So, spending a clipped reward counts as cash spent towards the next reward. What you cannot do is clip multiple rewards at the same time. So, if you clip $10 today, but don’t use it, and you earn enough to clip another reward, you have to wait to clip that reward until you’ve spent your already clipped reward.

  2. Cassandra Hernandez says

    In response to the target pizza deal yes you can get 3 free cokes. I ran the same deal twice this week. hope this helps.

    • Yamagirrl says

      Yes, you can. I bought 9 pizzas & 3 1-liters. Used 2 b2g1 coupon.. Total was $17.95 than including tax was $19.01.

    • says

      Well, according to their policy, yes. They are now backpedaling on Facebook and saying things are up to the discretion of your store manager. So your mileage may vary.

  3. says

    Tried to use $3.00/2 Tide coupon on small 5 load bottles this morning at 63rd & Main, Downers Grove was told I could not use because they were trial size even though the bottle does not say trial, I was told, oh come on its only a five load, that’s trial. Told them I didn’t want them then.

  4. Shandelle says

    Iris, yes you can do that. I did that exact same thing. My Target actually allows me to use more than one Target printables, too. There was a $1/2 Target store coupon if you got that (no longer available). I bought 6 pizzas and 3 two liters and use all the same coupons plus Cartwheel and it worked just fine. HTH.

  5. Debbie says

    I got 6 pizzas and used 2 – buy 2 pizzas, get 1 free coupons and got 2 bottles free. One bottle came off with no problem but the second didn’t and I had to tell her so she took it off manually.

  6. Krystle says

    Iams cat food 3oz cans were only $0.59 regular price at my Target. So after cartwheel and $2/3 printables, ended up having $0.32 overage per set of 3 cans. Whoo hoo!

  7. Kari O. says

    I know the coupons expire tonight, but I discovered the P&G deal at CVS isn’t limit one. On Sunday it said my limit was reached, but after buying Kickstarts today my receipt said I had $30 left. So, I did the same 8 Pantene and 3 Dawn transaction again and out popped $10! Also it turned into a MM since I hit $50 in Beauty Bucks.

  8. Shirley says

    Hy-Vee has Yoplait 6 oz cup on sale for $0.50 each until Tuesday (2/4). Use $1/4 from and get it for $0.25 each. Wait! It is even better with the CAT that is producing. I bought 16 cups and received $1.25 CAT so it costs me $0.17 each after coupons and CAT. I don’t know the details of the catalina. It was a nice surprise.

  9. seachicago says

    Deals I found at Dollar Tree: someone posted earlier about the State Fair 75 cent q in the 1/26 RP. It’s 1 q/person, but I got a 2-pk. of corn dogs for 25 cents! Also, found “twin packs” of Betty Crocker Loaded Casserole boxed potatoes (9 oz.). Use with any of the 50 cents off 2 qs out there (, 2/2 SS, peelies), and you would have the equivalent of 38 cents/single box.

    Also, just saw a “self serve wrapping station” at Bed Bath & Beyond (Chicago Lincoln Park). They have high-quality silver patterned paper, satin and chiffon purple ribbon, matching patterned tissue paper, and boxes and pretty plastic bags in lots of sizes. Also tape, scissors, etc. I didn’t wrap there, but took some home to wrap the gift later!

    P.S. What happened to daily Reader Deals?!! It’s one of my favorite parts of the site! :-)

    • says

      Sorry! I was out of town helping to throw a friend’s baby shower on Saturday and just could not carve out time for them, then my flight was delayed yesterday, ruining my plan to catch up in the evening. They will be back today. Glad to hear you enjoy though :).

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